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Children of Heaven keep running and you will definitely get those little shoes

At that time, having a new pair of shoes was something to be proud of. At that time, the classroom would leak, the blackboard was broken, and the children kept warm in winter by chopping their feet and huddling together at the roots of the walls.For a pair of small shoes and anxious, afraid to tell their parents, and afraid to tell the teacher, the siblings can only be aggrieved tears, or anxious running, such a very real mood, but also very heartbreaking. People have an impulse to send them a pair of shoes.

The brother took the shoes from the shoe repair store on the way home and accidentally lost his sister’s only pair of shoes. In order for his sister to help him keep the secret from his father’s chastisement, but also in order for his sister to be able to have shoes to wear at school, the brother and sister share the only pair of shoes. So, the two siblings took turns wearing the same pair of shoes to school every day. The sister ran home from school wearing shoes that did not fit her feet so that her brother could change his shoes to go to school (in the movie, the time of the boys’ and girls’ schools was different). The brother’s biggest wish is to help his sister buy a pair of shoes, so that he doesn’t have to wait for shoes to wear and always be late for school.

The brother was planning to go with his father to help the rich family’s yard pruning trees to earn money to help his sister buy a pair of shoes, but unexpectedly his father broke his bones in an accident when he was riding home, which is even worse for the already poor family. The story takes a turn for the worse when a long-distance running race is held, and as a prize, the third place winner will receive a pair of sports shoes. In order to keep his promise to his sister, the brother decided to participate in the race. When the race was nearing the finish line, the brother accidentally fell down. Fearing that he would not get third place, he got up and tried his best but accidentally hit the line first. His teacher lifted him up and congratulated him. He asked the teacher if he had won third place, and the teacher said he was a silly boy, you are the champion! The bigwigs give him an award and take a picture with him, but the brother’s face is full of disappointment because he can’t get his sneakers. At the end of the movie, in the face of his sister’s warm and expectant gaze, his brother rubbed his hands in embarrassment and did not say a word, his sister read his brother’s apologies and turned away. The brother took off his shoes, the soles of which had been worn out, and put his blistered feet into the pool, where the little goldfish swam over to kiss his little feet.

What the brother and sister did not know was that their father, who had earned money, had bought them both brand new shoes. Mom and dad work hard to create better living conditions for their children, brother and sister together for a pair of shoes to do everything possible. In this process the brother loves and cares for his sister, even when he is late and is reprimanded and misunderstood by the head teacher, he does not want to confess the dilemma of sharing a pair of shoes between the two of them. My sister did not ask for the return of her shoes to a classmate who found her shoes and was in a less fortunate family situation than she was. The classmate’s blind father picked up the shoes and gave them to his daughter as a gift before she threw away her even more worn-out shoes. Sympathy and compassion in front of such innocent children is cheap and powerless, children will not even understand the adults so flooded with emotions.

My childhood did not experience such a difficult situation as the one shown in the movie, but we also had our own little wishes. The shoes I wore as a child were basically handmade shoes, with a thousand-layer sole, and the upper was made of several layers of cotton cloth that were glued together with paste and then dried, ending up with a hard leather-like upper. Every time I wear new shoes are a little cramped, but when the new shoes are soft, they will be more comfortable. At first I looked forward to the moment of wearing the new shoes, even though it was very hard to wear and cramped, one person needed to carry the upper and one person stroked hard, but after all, it was new shoes, so I started to walk carefully. Later on, some of my friends started to wear the bright white sneakers, and I began to look forward to having a pair of sneakers with white uppers on a rubber sole that were not handmade but sold in stores. A child’s demands are always clear: I want this, I don’t want that, but they are also always easy to satisfy. When we get used to the comfort and convenience brought by social development and start to pursue something at a higher level, there may be a moment when we will be in a trance, how nice it is to be a child.

But it is often full of hope, just as we recall our childhood, laughter than sadness. The laughter was getting good grades on exams, the laughter was being the first to run back to the village after school, the laughter was jumping rope with our buddies, the laughter was the excitement of riding our bikes on the road to the big town for the competition. That laughter was also the praise of our parents who rewarded us for our serious study, just like the two pairs of shoes hidden inside Dad’s car frame at the end of the movie.

How wonderful, I really want to see the shot after the film that ends abruptly. That would be the siblings at home, seeing the new shoes their dad gave them, cheering and happy. Just like all the worries and fears in life, all the hard work, in the end, as long as you keep hope, as long as you keep trying, there will be a happy ending.

Just like those around me at the same age. The girl of the same age, so many years of continuous hard work, not only in Beijing to buy a house and a car, but also live in a large villa. Just like my former colleagues, years have passed and have been operating work ready to go public. They are all very smart people, and they are all people who keep on giving. Their efforts make me a little nervous a little scared, and a little anxious. But even more so, it gives me a direction to move forward. Keep trying girl, push yourself a little harder. Keep running, you will have the kind of life you want, you will get the pair of shoes you want to get.

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