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Only Fools Rush InThe Young Man Chasing His Dream

The story begins with a handsome guy who falls for a pretty waitress. They both like to play with motorcycles, and for director Han Han, the inclusion of a racing dragster plot fits him perfectly. Han Han was originally a deviant, and when I read his book “Triple Door” a few years ago, I found myself in the text – loving the arts and loathing science. Of course, just because Han Han chose to drop out of school doesn’t mean that other kids with dreams at heart can do the same.

Ayo and Huan Song are also idealistic people who aspire to be great racers and to win every race, only to end up losing their lives because of motorcycles. Of course, it is not true that in order to achieve a dream one must pay with one’s life. Ah Yao could have chosen to refuse his boss’s request that he impersonate a singer to do the high-risk performance of leaping over the Pearl River. He knew he was gambling with his life, but he had no choice. Finally he fell into a blaze when he landed and crushed the motorcycle together, because there was a headwind, and the heroine was hit and killed is the ambush for this episode, just as Lin Haiyin wrote in an article “Dad’s flowers have fallen, and I am no longer a child”.

There is an episode in the film, is a few young people drunk, ran over to jump into the sea swimming to sober up, the results of a large cruise ship came, Huan Song’s brother lost his life. As long as people are not thinking, even if they are drunk, it is unlikely that they will jump into the sea to sober up, let alone several people jumping off together. But anyone who has written a novel knows that it is not surprising to be forced to add some seemingly unreasonable plot, because the human imagination is, after all, limited, in the emotional-oriented literary film, there is no need to be so rigorous. Next is the heroine found out that her brother owes hundreds of thousands of loan sharks, to work for him to pay off the loan, in order to avoid debt, A Yao took her to Guangzhou, exiled in this high-spending first-tier city.

The process of finding a job for Huan Song hit all sorts of walls, just because she was an unmarried woman, and could not drink and please the opposite sex, and bounced around, but ended up working as a waitress. And he continued to work as his motorcyclist, training and performing constantly, torturing himself to the point of exhaustion. His wish was to make her every time she lived in a house containing morning, to take him along to the rock where he caught crabs together as a child. Very simple and plain wish to put down roots in a foreign country, they just want to have three meals to eat as soon as possible.

For many young people who are heavily in debt, especially those like Huangsong’s brother who unintentionally took the wrong path of borrowing in order to realize their dreams, giving up their hearts is not an option, so they have to carry the thorns and walk on without looking back. I have some people around me who are drifting in a different place, rent and car loans plus raising a child, has long been unable to make ends meet. The so-called ideal three decades, probably is the person after the age of 30, it is difficult to have the ideal it. As the pressure of life increases, this age will advance. It is not uncommon for couples to argue over money when they reach middle age. It is true that it is happy to do what you like, but the tide of commercialization is not destined to retain too much of oneself, if Dawson deer young and promising, he would not necessarily choose to leave the world, and family and social problems became the last straw to crush him.

Perhaps young we think, for the dream and love, to go through the fire is not afraid. The film ended up with the couple both dying, sighing with emotion while some people complained, a happy ending can not be? Although the ending has regrets, but they have had, but also tried their best to chase, and finally returned to the stars and the sea, which is not a true reflection of life?

Many people leave their hometowns, home, for the sake of a few pieces of silver and busy, so much so that they miss the beautiful scenery on the road. Flying on the road of youth, teenagers think about the future, confused, painful, and occasionally see clearer and lighter, but happier.

Wandering at the intersection of youth and maturity, this film is a true reflection of us. After walking alone for a long time in the snow and wind, I realized looking back that my dream was not forgotten, but hidden in the deepest part of my heart, just like planting a tiny seed, watering it from time to time, waiting for it to take root and sprout. Do not want it to grow into a huge tree, even if it is a tender seedling, it can also block the reality of the storm, and grow slowly in the storm.

“If I had been young and talented how good it would have been, I could have been galloping down with you, looking up at the stars together, catching crabs in the cracks of the rocks together. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. “Maybe God is jealous of my insatiable, the realization of dreams and you, I can only have one of them. The tighter I hold on, the more I fear losing. When I fly over the Pearl River, we will be able to embrace the stars together”.

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