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Les Aventures d’Anthony Thanks for the encounter along the way

“Alice. is a person’s loneliness.” Anthony says that Alice is a lonely whale because it emits a different frequency than other whales, and no whale can read its happiness and sadness.We are all lonely individuals, just because we have society, relatives, friends and lovers, so we don’t feel lonely under the surroundings. However, one day, you and they are not on the same channel, they can’t hear what you say, they just pass by you, then what awaits you will be endless loneliness.No one is an island, all people are eager to travel together, if we are lucky enough to meet some people, something interesting happens, even if we end up going our separate ways, so what, the memory is still there, we are all happy. May Alice find his company.

“Anthony’s father: son, I do think that a person can enjoy doing what he likes is happiness, as long as you follow your own attitude, hold on to this passion well and be responsible for him, one day you will find that it will embrace you in turn.” We are always envious of children who can study abroad, but we also need to know that it is not easy to follow your dream across the ocean.

The big thing about dreams is that they are the things you want to do and the people you want to be no matter what. Not everyone has the courage to choose a dream, and when you choose to fight for your dream, you must spend a hundred times as much effort, because if you are not better than others, why should the opportunity choose you? If you have a dream, please take it seriously and prepare for it seriously, because you do not know when the opportunity will greenhorn you. When you are good enough, you will find that the dream is so beautiful and you are so close to it.

As Anthony was preparing to leave for Melbourne, his parents’ farewell and subsequent video chat made me hold back tears. The deepest love of parents is a constant topic. Our parents are our safe haven, maybe ever let them hurt maybe ever let them down, but in their eyes we have a different light, we have a beauty that others don’t have. So let go and fly forward, to be like an eagle spreading its wings and like a crow feeding back.

“I choose you, I like you.” If you can meet a girl named Xiaoxuan, then you are lucky. Just like Anthony, met Xiao Xuan, his life added a ray of light. But no love is no love, Anthony likes people not named Xiao Xuan, he likes people who can record all kinds of sounds, he likes people in Tokyo, he likes people who have someone he likes, he likes people named Xiao Xuan.

But I think Xiao Xuan will definitely get the happiness that belongs to her. She is very brave kind and beautiful, just that she did not meet the right person at the right time. I hope that the girl like the sunrise will be able to say I like you at the right time with the right person next time. Well, it will be, I’m sure.

“Anthony: I thought it would be hard to witness someone I like fall in love with another person, but I never thought it would be even sadder when I see someone I like lose someone. I wasn’t drunk this night, but my heart was broken”.

Going to a city for a person, but that person says he is leaving. Sakura went to Tokyo for Fang Jie, originally thought that this is to join the movie of Fang Jie’s life, did not think that still lost to reality. Maybe Fang Jie also likes Sakura, but unfortunately, the future and dreams, Fang Jie still chose the future, he did not have the courage to do whatever it takes for the dream. Sakura returned to reality after a big drunk, Anthony also smiled and Sakura hugged goodbye, although their hearts were broken, but in a different person’s heart. But like a person is originally no reason, like you, like you, like you, even if you do not like me, even if you have a favorite person, even if you are sad and sad for the likes of people, I want to put your suffering and pain all on me, you are responsible for laughing on it.

“Anthony: I’m about to fly, I may not be cool or special, so I won’t say cool things, just want to say, please don’t forget about me.” “Anthony: life is dependent on who you meet, accompany me with the silly little partners you have left in me what, I became this way, is not you give”.

Anthony is lucky to have met a lot of people along the way, a lot of people who gave him warmth and made him more determined ahead and more determined to dream. Because of his hard work, because of his bravery, because of his strength, he wore armor, drew the sword of faith, and cut through the thorns and thorns towards his dream.

Cry together and laugh together, can’t forget, I will walk well, I will laugh at life, memories are always there, you guys are always there. “Click.” To thank those who have been with the people, I am mentally handicapped for many years, you do not leave. So even if we are not together do not forget okay, you do not forget me, I do not forget you, we have always been always together. The Long Years with Anthony” – companionship is the warmest vigil in the world. By the way, and rabbit Buji, talk to yourself, I’m talking, are you listening?

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