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The Kindergarten Teacher A tender and sad story

This film is about Lisa, a kindergarten teacher who has been working for more than 20 years. She is a very emotional teacher who enrolls in a poetry class in order to cultivate her feelings when her children finally don’t have to worry about them. Even though she worked very hard on her poetry, the verses that came out did not stir anyone’s emotions – including her own.She was at a loss when a little boy in her class, Jimmy, whose parents did not come to pick him up on time, and she was with him when she heard some lines suddenly come out of the usually quiet child’s mouth. Lisa was so excited that she wrote down the verses and read the child’s poem at a poetry workshop, where the class members agreed it was a high level poem and acknowledged Lisa’s creation.

Lisa then spent her working hours trying to find ways to record Jimmy’s pearl-like verses in addition to going to work. Moreover, Lisa realized that if she did not work hard to care for her child’s creative power and record these verses at all times, these wonderful sentences would likely fade away as quickly as a beautiful soap bubble.

So she contacted Jimmy’s nanny, Jimmy’s uncle, and Jimmy’s father (Jimmy’s mother had left Jimmy early), but she found that Jimmy’s nanny was a woman who cared nothing about guiding the child’s poetry, and that Jimmy’s father was busy and did not want the child to develop anything unexpected in literature; he did not want the child to grow up to work hard in the editorial department like the child’s uncle, with no He didn’t want the child to grow up like the child’s uncle, working hard in an editorial office with no success and low income.

So, Lisa chose to use her abilities to train her child to be a “Mozart” in poetry. She trained her child to look at things from different angles in the classroom, and she took her child to recitals in her poetry class without her father’s permission. The teacher of the training class felt that Lisa had recited someone else’s poetry before and did not meet the requirements of the class and did not allow her to continue her training.

Because of this recital, the child’s father transferred the child to another kindergarten. Lisa is still conceiving of the child’s future development, and she would give anything to raise this child poet, who is a child prodigy, for hundreds of years. She loves him, she loves his poems, and she wants to record as many of his verses as she can, yet give him a book of poems belonging to this child.

The ideal was rich, the reality was bleak. Lisa followed the child’s father’s car to Jimmy’s kindergarten. She sneaked Jimmy out of the kindergarten and took him to a very scenic place with mountains and water, hoping to stimulate the child’s desire to create. Not surprisingly, the child soon composed a poem, and Lisa recorded the verses. She hoped it would last for a while so that she could record more verses, enough for a book of poems, and that would be enough.

However, at night, when Lisa entered the bathroom to take a shower, the prodigy poet locked the bathroom door from the outside and then called the police herself on her cell phone, saying she had been kidnapped.

Lisa could not come out of the bathroom to stop the child, and besides, she truly loved the child. So, when she found out in the bathroom that the child could not tell the address where she was, Lisa immediately told the child the real address, and when the child finished calling the police, she only asked the child to open the door to let her get dressed.Next, it was the child was rescued and Lisa was taken away. The film ends abruptly at this point.

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