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English Vinglish Learning English is something that knows no borders

The quality of the film itself is the most powerful brick in the wall.The film is indeed very reliable, the narrative is smooth and vivid, the details are warm and touching, neither deliberately sensational and stereotypical preachy, nor does it pretend to be mysterious and appetizing.The film also has a lively and humorous song and dance performance, which is standard for many classic Indian films, to relieve stress, the role of physical and mental pleasure, and the light-hearted and cheerful plot does not conflict

I remember watching an Indian suspense horror film, which actually also appeared singing and dancing scenes, so I have to admire the optimism of the Indian people, to give people a scare is just, but also forget to give people a surprise.

Maybe it’s because I love Indian movies, no matter whether the interspersed song and dance performances are abrupt or incongruous, I will not refuse to watch it.

In terms of specific content, the film is a “silent” story of a middle-aged housewife’s growth, including the various problems, entanglements and pains she experiences in life, as well as her expectations and tolerance for herself and her family.

In my eyes, the film is not “outdated” in terms of story content or presentation. Those who have encountered “white eyes” or “discrimination” on the way to grow up should easily feel the warmth and comfort from this kind of inspirational story – you are actually not alone.

The female protagonist in the film has been belittled by her family because she does not speak English. After going abroad alone, she is faced with a completely unfamiliar language environment, and she is under even more pressure.

In order to overcome the language barrier and win the respect of her family, she turns the pressure into motivation and takes out her own personal money to enroll in an English course.

Through four weeks of serious study, she not only made a group of foreign friends who encouraged each other and made progress together, but also greatly improved her English expression skills. She was even able to send her best wishes in English at her niece’s wedding, and by the way, she also talked about her personal feelings about marriage and family, which impressed her family and friends around her.

The main actress on the screen was talking so eloquently in English that my sense of urgency to learn was unconsciously heightened, after all, my English level is still at the “deaf and dumb” stage – barely able to see, but not to hear and speak.

I guess this movie should encourage many viewers to regain their confidence and motivation to learn English. Good films often serve as good examples, generating economic as well as social benefits.

This movie also has some intriguing details. On several occasions, the heroine communicates with the handsome French man pursuing her in their respective native languages. Although they do not know exactly what each other is saying, their hearts are connected and they are able to understand each other beyond the language barrier.

The handsome Frenchman and her family are a stark contrast. Although the latter shared her language, they did not really respect and understand her and often ignored her feelings. So much so that she has to learn and master a foreign language to change her family’s opinion and win their respect.

Perhaps the movie wants to tell us through these details that to break through the barriers in interpersonal communication, language expression is important, but it is obviously more important to actively build connections with others, learn to empathize and communicate with heart.

Than the specific content of communication, the other party actually cares more about our attitude when communicating. Remember that Luo Fat once said that the ultimate purpose of all communication is not to convey information, but to convey attitude.

There is always a shortage of thought-provoking golden phrases in good movies, and this movie is no different. The words of the heroine, who rejected the handsome French man in her native language, are worth recalling, probably meaning: if you don’t like yourself, you will even hate everything around you; if you learn to love yourself, everything around you will become attractive; thank you for teaching me how to love myself, and thank you for making me feel confident in myself.

Naive to think as I have Shashi day and night to learn English hard motivation, perhaps, today I can go a little further, watching Shashi from zero basis to shine at the wedding banquet, she also bravely to the newcomers in English to tell the blessing not only for her to win the people’s impressed, but also let her win back the love and respect of her family.

Realization of the situation we can know that the class of Indian girls is not very high, “Indian English” this film breaks the traditional Indian concept of social male inferiority, in fact, China’s scattered places also have this situation, just we do not know ………When Indian directors shoot the concept and idea that housewives can also keep up with the pulse of society, perhaps, you and I feel that India is really a very magical country.

You and I in this big world, just a small molecule, some of us choose to accept the fate of being swept into one equation after another, we are not by their own heart to choose to accept the role of natural principles, natural to do what should be done. We lament that these people have no way to get rid of the control of this force more curious about this force to make us live the criteria and motivation of what will be the standard?

Perhaps it is nature that gives us birth and a reason to live? And then we ourselves have to choose to actively break free from the bondage of naivety and become a person who constantly satisfies and enjoys ourselves soon?

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