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The Best of Enemies Real communication, not so simple

This is a purely racist film about communication! Compared to other “racism” related movies I’ve seen before, such as “Green Book”, which focuses more on the friendship between white people and black people, this film is purely from the perspective of black people who suffer from unequal treatment of human rights, and tells the story of communication between black rights defenders and white KKK members, turning enemies into friends. The movie script comes from real life events that actually happened, which makes it more realistic.

Regarding racial discrimination, as a yellow person, we live in a country where basically the whole nation is the same race, this feeling is not deep. Most people, from the bottom of their hearts, will have some strangeness and distance from people who are obviously from different camps, and such feelings are declared but not sent, and are hidden. For Chinese people, after all, they are surrounded by yellow people of the same skin color, and without prior explanation, many people do not know the difference between each other and themselves.

But for whites and blacks in America, it is a clear-cut difference. We cannot completely deny the rejection of white people who have the right to choose who they want to be friends with as long as they do not go beyond human rights, but we must deeply realize that the root cause of this rejection is very deep. From the difference in skin color visible to the naked eye, to the difference in lifestyle and psychology, to the inner divide, these are not so easy to cross.

He said that at one time he thought he was alone, although he had a family, a wife and children, and the responsibility of being a man, but he still felt lonely, until he joined the KKK and became a member, he felt he had found an organization, we trust each other and encourage each other. Yes, often people need to fit into a collective, and then have a sense of identity in that collective, as if they have found a home. But joining a collective means having collective values, what the collective promotes, and what you need to practice to be a good member of it.

Ewart, the big black woman, used what special amount of power to turn enemies into friends? Sincere help. At the beginning, the black people in the elaboration of their miserable situation, someone once proposed, as white people you have not encountered the inequality we suffer, so you do not know what is pain.

But Ewart knows that white people are also ordinary people, and they also have their own life’s disadvantages and pain points. She sensed the plight of C.P. and seized the opportunity to come forward. And what’s even more remarkable is that she didn’t know whether it made any sense to help C.P., but she didn’t care about their opposing positions and identities, and simply from a parent to a parent’s perspective, applied for a change of ward for C.P.’s son with congenital dementia, so that he didn’t have to live with strangers, and daily mood swings and hysteria, a move that helped C.P. A big help. This action also became the key to the reversal of the whole situation, and it is this embodiment of equality, friendship and love of human light, so that the black people in the fight for their own interests, a white man, a former head of the KKK understanding and support.

In the end, on the question of whether to allow black children and white children to share a school, because of the “reversal” of the C.P., 8 votes to 4, the blacks won. The reasoning here may seem simple: if you lend a helping hand when others are in need, then others will give you the same support when you need help. But the more simple the truth and the simpler it seems, the more difficult it is for many people to do. Without a natural warm-heartedness like Ewart’s, without an objective stance on right and wrong, on things not people, like hers, I’m afraid it’s hard to let go of stereotypes and take this step.

Very often, each of us born in this world, not only with their own class, the same starting line, the same intellectual background to deal with people, we also have to and their own different personalities, different backgrounds, different status of people to interact, in the end how to deal with such people, there are many things worth summarizing and summarizing.

On the one hand, she has to face the senior management of the factory, and even foreign investors, and communicate with them about the implementation of the company’s system and activities, on the other hand, she also has to communicate with the front-line workers in the factory, to face their demands, to develop corresponding company strategies and programs, and to discuss with them the feasibility of the implementation of the plan.

Obviously, as a manager, she has to communicate with the top management and even the foreign headquarters, to show her good education and quality, as well as her professional knowledge of management, to write emails, to be able to make forms, to do documents, to summarize and report. But on the other hand, in the face of the front-line workers in the factory, she has to learn not to over-embellish and package, simple and clear to convey the company’s decisions, use their understandable language to communicate, use their way of interaction, such as the problems that can not be solved during working hours, go for a drink after work to alleviate conflict and anxiety.

The reason why the two opposing groups of people, black and white, sit down to discuss problems together in this film is the presence and efforts of a person who is good at holding bilateral meetings. The government was almost helpless in the face of the strong demand of the blacks and the strong refusal of the whites. The government officials, who were helpless, invited the masters of civil society organizations to contact the two parties and resolve the conflicts and contradictions one by one by electing representatives, negotiating and voting with each other.

So when we are in this world and want to advance something, it is not enough to just think about what we want to express. We need to pay attention to one thing, and that is to communicate with the kind of people, to talk in the language that the other person is used to. What you think you have said to understand, if the other party does not understand, then in fact your purpose has not been achieved, you are just covering your ears in self-satisfaction.

You think you are a gentleman, to do things euphemistically, to give others leeway, so always talk in a roundabout way, not straight to the point, you think this is in line with your identity behavior, but the listener? If the other party is just a big old man, or simple-minded, or used to accept orders directly, then you can hardly use your set of euphemisms, so that the other party to listen to understand what you want to express, the other party did not listen to, did not understand, your communication belongs to the ineffective. So when we communicate with people, we should not stick to their own identity and positioning, see people talk about people, see ghosts talk about this truth.

Communication is not limited to identity, position, as long as it is sincere for the sake of each other, can always be seen. The smart communication is to stand in each other’s shoes and express their views and opinions in a language that the other party can understand. The purpose of communication is never to express, but to make the listener listen and understand.

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