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Swan Song

This 2021 movie is a soft science fiction work about cloning, the story is not complicated, about the main man who may die at any time due to epileptic seizures and choose cloning for the sake of his family, hoping that the clone to take good care of his family to live on. The conflict in the movie is undoubtedly the real person and the clone head-on physical conflict this paragraph, but even the most intense conflict, the director also deliberately restrained the conflict in a controlled range, and not like other similar science fiction movies like the thrilling confrontation scenes.

In short, the whole film in the face of cloning such a huge ethical controversy in front of the proposition, as far as possible in the human reason to fight the impulse of human instinct, the whole film is shot with iphone 12max out, many shots of the processing is also very perfect, in the composition of many times visible in the shadow of balance, such as the hero and his clone in the same position sitting opposite, a wooden door along the center line will be the doctor and A wooden door along the center line separates the doctor and the main character, etc. Moreover, all the buildings in this movie are wooden and minimalist, and the sanatorium is located in the middle of a dense and secluded forest, with huge floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over a mirror-like lake and a smoky sky of the same color. These shots reflect the balance, love but restrained feeling, poignant but not sad tone is the most attractive of the film.

At the end of the film, the man sneaks home and hugs his wife and children one by one, quietly saying goodbye in a way they don’t know, which is lucky and extremely rare. Life is coming to an end, in the fear and doubt of tomorrow can have the opportunity to calmly and warmly embrace with the love of life, and honestly face the impending death, such a dignified departure is a lucky.

And such a farewell, not only need the hero himself to give up the “remembered” identity of the subject, give up the remaining time of life with the warmth of family companionship, but also need to clones because of empathy and make concessions – to bear the truth is revealed, and their own identity is not And because the clones themselves are made for a specific purpose, it is possible for humans to ignore their safety and even kill them at will when the conflict erupts. But this movie is not as violent as the usual cloning movies, but instead shows the clone as a person with a sense of independence, human compassion for others – because of this, the clone and the hero quietly changed clothes, so that the hero has the opportunity to meet with his family for the last time.

The man loved his family more than himself, so he could endure the pain of the rest of his life in exchange for the peace and happiness of his family. Although there was hesitation and uncertainty and even despair in the choice, the man used the power of reason to overcome his selfish self, or rather, he overcame his nature.

Once a man overcomes his nature in order to achieve some altruistic purpose, he has a divine nature.

Once the love for others and defiantly, this love is called divine love, pure love.

Leaving aside the ethical problems encountered by cloning technology in the present world, if we look at the film from the perspective of human self-interest and altruism alone, its spiritual core shows a face of eternal beauty.

This beauty is that no matter how big the inner waves are set off, what is revealed is just a pair of calm enough eyes. The rhythm of the movie flow has been very slow, lines, steps, eyes, plot, all very slow.

The sound and light are soothing and gentle, like a dream, or, it was all a dream in the first place.

This is probably the hazy beauty. In the quiet and soothing eyes, this beauty with the light of God is hidden.

If one were to follow one’s instinctive self-interest and walk on the path of pursuing present happiness, one would not have pain, but only superficial worldly pleasure; only when one overcomes this instinctive desire and suffers from the desire to pursue higher desires, can one produce divine beauty. Most modern people do not have this beauty anymore. Most modern people are too smart, too aware of the times, too know how to maximize self-interest, too self-interested, and therefore, too vulgar.

Whether it’s falling in love or getting married, it seems to be getting farther and farther away from that feeling of defiant love, but rather closer and closer to the actual weighing and weighing of pros and cons. The ability to love is gradually lost, and if we are the main man, how many of us can do it stoically alone towards the end of life, looking at another person to enjoy the joy of heaven instead of themselves? Most people should not be able to endure and make a fatal injury to the clone.

Accustomed to self-centered, or subconsciously can not overcome the strong genetically determined “self-preservation” consciousness, coupled with the modern man in the increasingly impatient, increasingly atomized social survival situation, making us more or less towards the “vulgarization”. And what will we do in the future, how to define “love” and “beauty” again, no one knows.

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