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Shen Teng in “Life of Flying”, are excellent acting skills, but also very funny ability, can be just right to bring the viewer relaxed and happy, but also very good to let the viewer feel the ideas and feelings to be expressed in the film.Many years ago, Han Han said, “A man is a teenager until he dies,” and he did. In my opinion, Han is a thoughtful, maverick, and passionate about life, literature, and business. As a successful writer, race car driver and careerist, with his love and desire for the film business, he produced his first film, “The Afterlife”, which, if memory serves, was not as well received as it should have been, but Master Han did not give up. After that, it was “Ride the Wave”, which was criticized and scolded before its premiere because the theme song was said to be macho and full of “straight men”. The third work of Master Han is “Life of Speed”. I’ve been looking through Weibo after watching the movie and I’m glad to see that it’s full of good reviews. The company has been making progress from “Afterlife” to “Life of Speed” and has been going beyond. The crossover director Han Han is finally going to really become the work for people to recognize, dissatisfied with the non-controversial director Han Han.

“Some people live the look, some people live the persona, I live the ability”.Zhang Chi’s opening blurb made me feel Han Han’s love and obsession for racing. Probably Han poured his full passion for the racing business into Zhang Chi’s body.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that when Zhang Chi was wearing a racing suit and carrying his son, he would gently pat the place where he had been “touched” by his son. At that time also just feel funny, after thinking, but also more than a few heartache. You say, that body looks worn by the son said dressed like a delivery boy racing suit, what does it mean to Zhang Chi?

That was the day he won five rally championships in his car, the most glorious moment of his life, and the closest to his dream. This racing suit is his testimony of those days, is the mark of his defiance for his dream, and is also the proof that he has come down from the altar to hang his lost. And now what? Because of his mistakes, the once-formidable racer in the racing world became a poor cook who bought fried rice in a stall for a living. He has not touched a car for five years, but his love for racing has not faded a bit. His five years of ludicrous practice process was not full of hopelessness? If he had the chance to ride in his beloved car again, how proud and confident would he be? But, for those five years of his life, this pride and confidence is only if.

“The good thing is, Zhang Chi has the opportunity to start over, find his old partner, get a driving license, get sponsorship, and repair his car …… Zhang Chi’s comeback process is extremely funny and full of heartache. He wants to save face, and he wants to succeed. When he faced his rival, facing once he refused to help his rival, to speak out to beg for sponsorship, his share of hesitation and stubbornness, and his share of compromise, in my opinion, is too heartbreaking.

Dreams are so sacred that everyone has them, but not everyone can have them.

“My time has passed, hasn’t it, young man?” Because of the age limit, I can’t fully understand Zhang Chi’s state of mind when he said this. But I can feel his helplessness, his resignation, and his sense of abandonment. As I said in my previous article, I was a repeat student, and when I sat in the classroom as a schoolmate, when I couldn’t understand their stems, when I was told that this class was different from ours, the feeling that it all didn’t belong to me but I had to accept it, would come out all at once and fill my whole body. I think the feeling of helplessness and abandonment I felt at that time was probably the same as the feeling he felt at that time. When the racing field for Zhang Chi, now become the world of others, the glory of racing no longer belongs to him, his part of the glory has passed, his time has passed, his youth full of lonely courage, in that one moment disappeared.

“Do not have to win, I just do not want to lose!” Winning is to win others, this loss is not to lose to yourself. Zhang Chi fell from the highest point of life, in the media’s divine assistance and slid down a few meters. Such Zhang Chi, has been praised by thousands of people, but also by thousands of people spit on. This tug-of-war can’t win Lin Zhendong, so what? And he lost himself, there is nothing left. “When a person loses confidence in himself, he is really outdated.” In fact, I think, Zhang Chi is eager to race, just to prove that he was a good racer, he has been a racer since the beginning, also counted to these years full of obsession, with aspirations of their own an account, but also to the young full of enthusiasm courageous self an account. I have never forgotten the dreams I had when I was young, and I have never lost the capital to dream.

Well. According to the general formula of domestic movies, Lin Zhendong should be a villain who is not a villain, but how can Master Han’s movie be a general formula movie. The film’s Lin Zhendong really wants to sponsor Zhang Chi, to repair Zhang Chi’s car, he also really wants to, and this once the king of the rally to compete, because he does not want his success back because Zhang Chi is not in the evaluation. He wanted to become the real king of the rally, this is his dream. But he still lost in the end, but he, lost the race, won the life.

“This film is dedicated to everything you love.” Life on the Fly is the story of dreams, which carries Han Han, Zhang Chi, Sun Yuqiang, Ji Xing, Lin Zhendong …… Many people’s dreams. The rally at the end of the movie is a great way to see people’s blood boil, because it is the moment when dreams come true. In fact, at the beginning of listening to Zhang Chi’s self-reporting I heard the selfishness of Master Han, and all the knowledge about racing in the movie, that professional, enough to see Han Han’s heart for the movie and his love for racing. What emerges behind this love of his is the love and pursuit of motorsports by tens of thousands of racers, but also the persistence and pursuit of dreams and the struggle against fate of these countless people.

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