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The summer shill on Making Loneliness Not So Lonely

A very simple movie about children left behind in the countryside and the empty nesters. The story takes place during a summer vacation and depicts the summer life of a child and his grandmother at home. The children play marbles, catch dragonflies, pick lotus flowers, shoot slingshots, catch birds, and fight, all of which give people a feeling that the children are indeed children, but the left-behind children have more understanding, helplessness, and heartache in them.

A few details in the movie touched me and reminded me of my grandmother, my mom and dad, and my childhood. Maybe my mom can feel more deeply when she watches this movie, the mom generation is like us now, across a life stage, and can better feel the helplessness of the young people in our childhood. Life has no choice but to leave the children to the care of grandparents, to school age, received the city to study. It is logical and natural, but there is more heartache forced by life.

When I saw the movie, my grandmother gave two children corn stalks to eat, I thought of following my mom and dad to the corn field when I was little, very hot and hot days, they worked, my mom plucked corn stalks for me and took them as sugar cane to eat. The carefree age, do not know the bitterness of life, only feel the pure joy.

See the movie, the scene is very beautiful, very real, very real crop fields, fields and pools. When I was a child, my parents took me down to the ground, (far away from the Mang Mountains, near the Qinshui River) now I remember what my mother said: this has mountains and water, when the tourist play. I’ll smile.

When I saw the movie, my grandson was picked up by my father and returned to the city, and my grandmother came home alone, while a scene like this flashed in my head: I thought of a summer vacation, when my parents brought me back to my grandmother, and also called her to say that I should watch less TV and finish my homework. Grandma wouldn’t let me watch TV, I made a fuss, grandma gave me money, said, take the money to write homework, your mother explained I told you to watch less TV. I used to talk about this scene as a joke, but now when I think about it, the joke turns into a thought, and tears fall down.

See the movie, the grandmother worked hard in the field, see the grandson, smile on the face. I think of my grandmother, back home to find her in the field, she took a towel that has been used for a long time as a wipe to wipe sweat, smiling and packed up and I went home. On the way to meet the neighbors, said, quit, granddaughter home! Like a child.

See the movie, the father came back to pick up the children, the grandmother asked to stay overnight before leaving? Dad said no more, I’ll leave later. The grandmother said, okay, save me the trouble, despondency and disappointment hanging on the face, from the eyes flowing out. The same scene I have seen many times in reality, when I went home to see my grandfather, said not to stay for dinner disappointed, said at home to eat a meal, it is happy to go to the community to cut ribs, buy vegetables. Later, as long as home, try to stay at home more, eat dinner and then go, can accompany a moment is a moment.

Seeing the movie, the grandmother to the child clip ribs, the brain flashed out I went to grandma and grandpa, I said I went over in the morning, and did not say whether to eat breakfast at home. I arrived at 9 a.m., the two old mouths have not yet eaten waiting for me to eat together, grandpa ran to town by tram in the morning to buy me fish and pork and a few dishes. Breakfast drink a porridge, give me the whole big yellow yang porcelain bowl …… can not finish eating, I Sheng out, they said you eat less, eating, end the plate of pork head meat to my bowl.

Zhang Hanxiang first saw Yi Yi from the car at that moment, was her special and unique temperament charmed, he deeply know, this girl and others are different. Little fat always rely on someone to control, someone to love, they can recklessly bully Zhang Hanxiang, everywhere to find him trouble. Looking at the two of them always want to meet to fight the kind of scene, let us also associate a lot of their childhood “hate”.

Summer in the countryside, peeling corn, pulling peanuts, teaming up to steal watermelon, and then in groups across the waves of rice, these are all good childhood memories. Yi Yi especially likes the whistle that Fatty has in his hand, and Zhang Hanxiang, in order to meet Yi Yi’s small wish, even took his most precious ancestral jade pendant and Fatty in exchange, the young one, his heart is kind, but because of the long-term lack of parental care, not good at expressing it. There is a sincere feelings, is this childhood when the innocence of each other. There is no special intention, just want to leave the best to you, see you happy, his heart, the same. The final fat and Zhang Hanxiang’s friendship, but also because of the initiative to reconcile each other, a step closer.

The most difficult thing to let go of is the affection and the subtle companionship of yesteryear, whether to go or stay. Dad is coming to take Zhang Hanxiang to the city to study, and finally the day has come. Grandma was so excited that she went to the market and bought ribs and pork that she could not eat, and took Zhang Hanxiang to eat the buns that he had been thinking about, and she felt that Zhang Hanxiang was happy to finally live with his parents. How serious they are when they are together, how sad they will be when they are separated. These years Zhang Hanxiang’s company, has become a very important part of the grandmother’s life, he was naughty, but from the bottom of his heart love her, the family’s small and large farm work together to help do, really to go to the day, the grandmother’s heart is full of reluctance.

I called my mother and asked her what kind of people you envy. She answered me that her children are healthy, her family is lively, she has money to spend and something to do. But if you say you envy, I am also the envy of many people. I have two daughters, no worries about food and drink, and something to do.

The cycle of life, before I was a child in the movie, mom and dad is mom and dad, grandparents is grandparents, then we grew up, our generation became mom and dad, mom and dad became grandparents. If you can’t go back home, you can say hello more often and make them feel less lonely as much as possible.

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