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The Godfather

At the beginning of the movie, Vito Corleone gave me a very prestigious and capable elder boss inside the family, who calmly and steadily handled one after another people’s requests for help, helping people inside the family to set things right in a variety of ways to achieve their wishes. At his daughter’s wedding, he is a warm and affectionate father, kind and courteous to receive every person who came to his daughter’s wedding.

As the movie unfolds, Godfather Vito Corleone is assassinated on the street for refusing the request of a drug lord, and is almost shot and killed, and after being taken to the hospital for resuscitation, his body is seriously injured. In order to avenge his father’s death, Vito Corleone’s youngest son, Mike, shot and killed the drug lord and left the United States to take refuge in the village of Corleone, Italy. Father Vito Corleone’s body slowly ages after his injury, and his mob power gradually declines.

Mike in the village of Corleone met a beautiful girl and married with it, but did not expect his wife because to send himself in his car was assassinated by the people who assassinated Mike brutally, looking at the explosion in the smoke rolling car, Mike’s life also began a new turning point!

Godfather Vito Corleone, in order to allow his young son Mike to return to the United States, compromised at a meeting of the major families of the mob and agreed to the demands of the drug mogul gangs, but offered to keep his young son’s personal safety in the United States.

Mike finally returned to the United States, at the same time he found his girlfriend in the United States to propose marriage, after marriage, Mike became the successor of Vito Corleone’s godfather. After the death of the old godfather, Mike became the new godfather, and took out other gang leaders, so that the Corleone family rose again, and full of humane old godfather compared to Mike cold-blooded ruthless.

Vito Corleone godfather on his deathbed, and Mike said: “I spent a lifetime, learned to be “careful”, women and children can be careless, but not men. “This sentence also impressed me very deeply, the old godfather to do things carefully, tolerance and love for his family, so I saw a man’s commitment.

Although the old godfather was a gang leader, he treated his family and friends as if we were surrounded by a he respectable old grandfather, timely treatment and their different views of the gang leader, but also equal respect and courtesy, do things are also careful, calm and collected.

Although I am a woman, I learned three things from Godfather Vito Corleone in the movie “The Godfather”.

One, to keep his family in mind. The Godfather treats his family very lovingly. In time, he is very busy at work, but he also takes time to attend his daughter’s wedding and make time for his own family. In the face of his son’s mistakes, he patiently pointed out, in order to allow Mike to return to the United States, to return to their own side, to return to the family, the Godfather made the maximum concessions and sacrifices to other gangsters, his patience are because he is inside the heart, the family is very important. In the end, Mike was able to return to the United States safely and smoothly, leading the rise of Corleone again, without the old godfather to the enemy’s patience and compromise.

Second, calm and cautious. The Godfather is calm and rational no matter what kind of situation he encounters. Faced with his own son being shot by his enemies, the Godfather’s heart was grief-stricken, but he did not get carried away, but looked at the longer term. He did not incite his family to take revenge, nor did he instigate other gangs to use any diversionary schemes. Rather, at the gang meeting calm and composed to say their own ideas, he gave up the right to revenge for my dead son, for the sake of their own children Mike cut off the fight for personal safety. “Stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood. “Many people know this phrase and this truth, but Vito Corleone Godfather truly did.

Third, not to be controlled by emotions, but to see things rationally and solve problems with wisdom and ability. Father Vito Corleone said: “Do not hate your enemies, that will affect your judgment. “The pain of a gang leader’s heart is unimaginable when faced with the hatred and hurt of having his son killed, but Father Vito Corleone also said: “Stay close to your friend, but stay closer to your enemy so that you can understand him better. Do not bring personal feelings into the business world, it is not conducive to development, even if there is a solution that cannot be solved, rely on your ability, your wisdom to solve. “Very often, people will be all kinds of emotions to control their minds, and lose their minds, the film’s eldest son for his sister, a moment of impulse, they fell into a trap and ambush, was brutally murdered at the toll booth. And the godfather in the face of all the emotions can be rational long-term view of the problem, to find a solution to the problem, but the intention.

In short, I think a real man should be like Vito Corleone Godfather, pay attention to the family have responsibility, calm and cautious, do things with brains and wisdom!

There are many classic lines and details in the movie “The Godfather” that I should savor slowly. As a woman, I am often unaware of my own shortcomings, such as often being swayed by emotions, and after watching the movie, it made me realize that the reason why a great man is great is because there are many advantages in him that we should learn from, and using a male perspective to look at and deal with many problems in life can also make improve yourself!

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