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Artificial Intelligence Mommy and the Blue Witch

The movie is set in a time when there was a major breakthrough in human robotics and when people were trying to turn robots into people. A family, a couple, a son who is seriously ill. To console his wife, the husband goes to a robotics company and “adopts” a robot boy. The question posed by the doctor in the movie: “Robots can love humans without reservation, what about humans, will they always love ‘them’ too”?

The robot boy, let’s call him Little A. Little A is happily integrated into the family, but there seems to be no such thing as happy, because he is set up to “love his mother, and his mother loves him.” There is no doubt that he loves his mother. Unlike the unquantifiable love of humans, the robot’s “love” is a string of code, a programming, and his love is dead and paranoid.

So does Mom love him? The first 40 minutes of the movie, at least in my opinion, were a bit tedious, but the interactions between Little A and his mother and the raw and awkward part of his emotional intelligence as a robot with people were bound to show. I wanted to turn it off when the twist came – with the new technology, the couple’s real son woke up. But by this time the mother had also become attached to Little A. So the family of four lives together.

As the saying goes, a child’s words are not uncommon, and from the son’s mouth it is easy to see his contempt and arrogance towards Little A. This kind of vicious thinking of children should be common, as I recall my own childhood abuse of small fish and shrimp evil, no different from the son’s attitude towards Little A in the movie.

Obviously after the outbreak of conflict, human scheming and selfishness in front of the “innocent” little A exposed. All kinds of misunderstandings, conflicts …… let the mother choose to send the little A back to the company. But in the end is a woman, the mother unloaded the small A halfway to the jungle, she could not bear to send the small A back to the company, because then the small A will be completely destroyed, never exist.

To this point, I can’t help but despise a woman’s kindness, thinking that the plot afterwards must be the blackening of Little A, the whole family will not escape the disaster. This idea may also be the reason why the AI movies I watched before were more negative. However, the back of the plot is really hard to throw me a slap, I have to cover my face while shouting for Spielberg: “beautiful dump”!

In the later episodes, the family did not appear again. And little A also in the “robot destruction field” similar to the circus as humans to destroy robots for fun in the show found his partner “public relations man” robot, the two escaped.

The next plot development revolves around the search for the “Blue Witch”. Little A had heard his mother read the story of Pinocchio, and at the end of the story, the Blue Witch turned Pinocchio into a real person, and Little A understood that he was a robot, and he longed to become a real person, because then his mother would love him.

I wonder how an advanced robot like Little A can’t tell that it’s a “fairy tale”? Maybe it’s because the “desire to be loved by his mother” is too strong. But I know that this is destined to be a tragedy, the Blue Witch does not exist, he will always be a robot.

Back to the original question of the doctor, “robots can love humans without reservation, so what about humans, will they always love ‘them’?” Here I understand, the movie is more to highlight the first half, little A will not be bad, he will always love his mother. And he has found the way and logic: find the blue witch – become a real person – to get his mother’s love. This is the string of programming in Little A’s chip, the one that turns feelings into objective existence settings.

As one of the many details in the movie, “PR man” was arrested by the police before saying: “When you become a real person, remember to mention me to the girl”, it can be seen that he can never escape the setting of serving women, as little A yearning for the love of his mother. Public relations male robot Here, I am a little sad. Such advanced robots can never escape from the code, they bear all the malicious humiliation and betrayal of human beings, but will not take revenge, “robot into human” such human ideals, can not be achieved. The Blue Witch.

After the PR man was taken, Little A dived to the bottom of the sea and found his blue witch (a human-made sculpture) in the submerged city of Earth. Devotional prayers He prayed until the lights went out on the diving machine, until he froze to ice, until the aliens found him thousands of years later …… Thousands of years later, the aliens came to Earth And I, again, have that feeling of sadness. The human world, how many lovers “vows, until death do us part” before the end of life is already “full of absurd words”. The so-called eternal love, humans can not do, but the robot boy has done.

That string of arrogant human beings as “dead” code, in the span of thousands of years, when even humans have been extinct, how it is “alive”.

From another point of view, when humans did not exist, the primitive robot A was in a way “human”, right? Reading memories In the end, the aliens read Little A’s memory and realized Little A’s dream, although they could not turn Little A into a real person, but still used alien black technology to reunite Little A with his mother.

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