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Room A story about mother’s love

Room is an American film based on the novel of the same name, directed by Rennard Abrahamson and starring Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay and William H. Macy in a drama.The beginning of the movie is a mother with a child living in a ramshackle basement, when I started to watch it I have been curious, this eye mother is suffering from what? Why do you want to take the child to live in this small basement? Why lie to the child the whole world is only this room so big, all the things are also in the room, the people and animals shown on TV are fake. The only animals in the world are cockroaches spiders and rats, the ones they would see in the room? How do they get all this food without working when they have all the necessities of life? Will there be a day when all this food is eaten? Will they go out after eating? With a head full of doubts, I continued to watch the movie.

Later learned that their food is dependent on a man to “receive” and every time the man came to have sex with the heroine, I thought the heroine is a sex worker, as the plot unfolds I overturned their assertions, because she will take the child in a small room fitness, read to the child every day, education, and will be able to tell the child that the outside is space. And would be able to tell the child that it was space out there, that what they saw on TV was fake, and that it was the same man who came to deliver food every time.

Until the child’s fifth birthday, she told the child the truth, when she was 17 years old in order to help the roadside difficulties of the uncle, thus being the other side of the abduction home, after being locked up here for seven years (during the other side also gave birth to the child Jack). The password to this room only the man knows, she has been living here for seven years, seven years she has never stepped out of the room, several attempts to escape were in vain, and suffered more harsh and harsh treatment, and even feel that their own death can only die here, until then I know the truth.

In the case of poor Joey, the arrival of little Jack brought her hope for life, just like a little angel, breaking her original life as a walking corpse. In order to better protect Jack, Joy would always lock Jack in a small closet before the arrival of old Nick, not allowing them to meet and talk. friends, but Jack never managed to shout to the aliens, however, what he did not know was that the reason Joey lied to him to do so was so that people from the outside world could find them so that one day they could be rescued, an idea that proved to be a pipe dream.

After the man cut the electricity to the basement due to a conflict, she was even more determined to escape. She started to use the power outage to make the heating not work, made the child hot with boiling water, and waited for the man to come and take him to the hospital, but he only promised to buy medicine and was determined not to take the child out. Her hopes of escaping were dashed, and then she came up with a way to make the child play dead so that the man would take him out and bury him. And teach the child when to escape, how to escape, and what to do after escaping, and eventually the boy managed to escape and save his mother with the help of the police. But because they were locked in the basement for a long time as long as seven years, they have a huge trauma in the body and psychological, after all the efforts and treatment, the mother and son out of the gloom, and live a normal life.

After reading this story I have a few feelings, one is about social security – human trafficking, although we live in a seemingly peaceful society, but in the unknown corners still hidden killing machines, so at all times can not let down your guard, must learn to protect themselves. The second is about the mother’s love, the mother is great, from the child’s birth on the positive guidance of the child, although from birth to 5 years old has been living in a small, dark basement, but the child is very smart, imaginative and good habits, but also particularly polite. The basement is not accessible to people, the mother taught her to say hello to every object, and then once the two of them went back to see the room, the child left with every object politely goodbye, psychologically unaffected by the environment. Thirdly, the girl’s family was well-off before she was abducted, but her seven-year miserable life of being abducted and repeatedly violated made her irritable and hostile to everyone, depressed and once tried to commit suicide, but her family always tolerated her until she came out of the shadow.

This story made me realize that sometimes one cannot choose one’s own situation, but how one faces a difficult situation is one’s own mastery, no matter what the situation is, we must think long and hard, and not give up the hope of going to the light and keep trying.

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