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The Cuilt The Train to Humanity

The story of “The Way of Sin” is similar to the movie “Murder on the Orient Express”, in the form of a suspense film, the film is very revealing, revealing a kind of Western film noir flavor of the last century. The story of the past is like a knife stabbed deep into the chest, so that people do not feel the pain, only the cold. Her mother, Qiu Hong, could not stand her father’s domestic violence and chose to run away from home. As a result, she was ostracized by her classmates at school, bullied by bullies, betrayed by her best friend, and even subjected to more cruel treatment. …… She was so devastated that she finally ended her short life on the operating table. Every image of the movie hits the heart, makes people angry, but makes people powerless, every image makes people see the ugly reality, everywhere see blood, everywhere point to the society, let you in the anger a little quiet down, even the cry is not left. The theme of the film focuses on school bullying. Domestic violence and other social problems, to start a story of redemption and redemption. The abusers are well-dressed in the sunlight, but in the shadows they are hiding their filth’, which is shocking but can’t be helped. The perpetrators never know how much harm their crimes have brought to others, and the dead cannot die in peace, and the living cannot rest in peace. Another girl began to decay after the death of Xu Nannan, taking drugs and ecstasy… Step by step, she was heading towards the abyss, perhaps only with the numbing effect of alcohol could her inner turmoil be slightly relieved.

Zhou Xinxue, who pulled her best friend into the pit, Han Jiabin, the abuser and onlooker of Xu Nannan, Qiu Hong, the mother who left her daughter, Lao Zhao, the pedophile businessman, Liu Xizhi, the female forensic pathologist who revised the autopsy report, Director Wu, who forced down the scandal, and Liang Xia, the reporter who distorted the facts and reported without checking the facts, the movie depicts everyone very well. The film’s portrayal of each person is spot on: Zhou Xinxue’s sorrowful neuroticism, Han Jia Bin’s conscience, Qiu Hong’s regret as a mother, Liu Xizhi’s pride and conceit, Director Wu’s morality, hypocrisy, and lack of teacher’s ethics, and reporter Liang Xia’s opportunism. A character can not be shaped by imagination, society exists before we look for a typical to portray. One person in the movie was able to shed light, but in reality there may be thousands of people who are similar victims. The cleaner we see, the dirtier it may be behind it.

While watching this movie, I also thought of another similar movie “The Melting Pot”, in which there is a line that says, “We still march on, we can’t change the world, but we can choose not to be changed by the world. We may be bystanders to violence once, and you can’t guarantee that you won’t be the perpetrator next time. The truth is always there, but we can’t see it, the cries are loud, but we can’t hear it. Many people think they are defenders of justice and can pay a lot for it, but there are times when you are easily swayed, and more often than not, there is nothing you can do. We can’t dream that powerful groups have a conscience and are moral, you can only hope that you are strong enough to defend your most basic rights.

The intention of the movie plot is undoubtedly great, the adaptation of the play makes it more localized, restoring the times and society, we are in the face of evil, silence is already a tacit agreement, and the disguised criticism of the victims, but also aiding and abetting, falling into the well. We are angry not only the acts of the beast, but also the beast is at large, justice is nowhere to be found, for the teacher is not respected, for the official is not correct, for the doctor is not virtuous, for the charity is not good.

After watching this drama, I found that it is not the horror films that are frightening, but those real life events. The movie does not point to any event, but it will make us endlessly associate with the child abuse incident of Red Yellow Blue in 2017. How will the government handle such a thing when it happens? How will the public opinion go? And what will be the end of the child? The ugliness never stops staging in a dark corner, “I have a long telescope, always able to reach out and see your home, I can know what you do and what you say.” “You go find me another girl with a ponytail, you’ll be relieved.” What makes people desperate is not the world they lived in, but the country you still live in, but we always believe that justice is never absent, and we can see the light when we cross the darkness.

The film as a whole is more topical than its film and television, the cinematography and editing are also very good, not completely flat storytelling, occasionally set off your inner waves, so that you have nowhere to vent your anger, society is a train, with all kinds of people, shock, cruelty, truth, humanity, even if it is more desperate, do not give up the possibility of starting over, even if it is more helpless, do not give up the opportunity to reveal the truth. Do not give up the opportunity to reveal the truth. Look in the mirror when you are bored, and see if the soul that is imprisoned in your body is still intact as if it was born.

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