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Biri Girl A story of rebellion

From this point of view, “Hot Girls at the Bottom” made me feel very much alive. When I watched the movie, I cried a lot and was very moved. I was moved by the love of my mother Akari for her daughter Sayaka Kudo, and by the faith and education of my teacher Mr. Tsubota.The success of the bottom of the hot girl’s comeback, without their own efforts is certainly, more indispensable, is the great love of the mother and teacher. As a mother, Akari has always been on Sayaka’s side. Always pay great attention to her daughter’s psychological feelings, in the case of her daughter being misunderstood by her classmates, unhappy without friends at school, and unable to negotiate with the school director, she proposed to her child to transfer to another school.

Seeing that my daughter liked the uniform of Mingland Girls’ High School and thinking that it was an automatic promotion type school, I supported my daughter to attend this school. There was no pressure to go on to higher education, so my daughter could just do what made her happy. When she entered Akebono Girls’ High School, Sayaka finally made good friends and began to pursue happiness without studying at all. Upon entering high school, she was assigned to the class with the worst grades and became the bottom student. When Sayaka was caught smoking by a teacher and threatened to withdraw from school, her mother Akari still supported her daughter. When her daughter was disciplined with an indefinite suspension and was lost because she could not go to college, her mother offered her daughter a suggestion: take another college.

No matter what happens, the mother unconditionally believes, supports and helps her child, and is her child’s partner. As long as she sees her child happy and joyful, she is very happy. Fortunately, Sayaka met a good teacher at the cram school. From then on, her enthusiasm for learning was ignited and she started to move towards a superior university. Seeing her daughter studying hard and happily, her mother still gave her full support. Even if she took out insurance, saved money, borrowed money, or worked overtime, she would do anything. Despite all these efforts, she didn’t focus too much on the final result and didn’t put too much pressure on her child.

Feeling the love of her mother, Sayaka was particularly moved and kept working hard as hard as she could. But because of her poor foundation, constant lack of sleep and mental stress, Sayaka began to suffer and lost confidence. When her daughter was discouraged, exhausted and wanted to be discouraged, her mother remained on her daughter’s side.

Mom’s unconditional tolerance, support and love touched Sayaka’s heart again and again, and became the biggest motivation for her daughter to strive forward.

In addition to her mother Akari, another key character is Mr. Tsubota, the good teacher Sayaka met. Because the teacher was also a poor student during his school days, he particularly disliked school and was often beaten by his teacher, so he was particularly understanding of students who could not keep up in school. Tsubota-sensei is very attentive and has a special method when teaching. He will guide the students differently, stimulate their interest in learning, and bring out more abilities and potential in them.

Even if Sayaka started out at a fourth grade level and scored 0 on a test, Tsubota-sensei would find something to praise her. Sayaka, who had never been praised by a teacher before, was very happy. Under Mr. Tsubota’s step-by-step guidance, Sayaka set the goal of getting into a top-ranked university.

He began to learn from the basics and experienced the joy of learning in a way that he had never experienced before. And under the influence of his teacher, he began to become a person with ideals – someone who works hard for the future of others. From the beginning, when Sayaka entered the tutoring class, to the end, when she succeeded in getting into her dream university, Tsubota-sensei supported and encouraged Sayaka and worked tirelessly. He is also a teacher and a friend of his classmates, and his mission is to achieve the success of his students, so that Sayaka can make a comeback from the worst student to the top student.

Watching this film, my biggest feeling is: the success of the bottom of the hot girl’s comeback, the mother and the teacher is a great credit. However, in real life, it is too difficult to meet a good mother and a good teacher at the same time, most people are not so lucky. For example, I am very similar to the bottom girl in many ways, bad grades, always beaten, no advantages, so what to do?

Fortunately, we are already adults and have the awareness, thought and will to work hard for a better self. Through this film, I learned more about the importance of unconditional belief, love and support.

It is not the most important thing to have such people around you, but how you see them. Seeking externally is too difficult, seeking internally is relatively much simpler and easier to do.

First, we need to believe, love and support ourselves unconditionally. We cannot influence what others say or think, but we know ourselves best and know what we want, where we go and what we need, and we are our own best companion and mentor. A person who is strong enough inside does not need to ask for anything from outside. At the same time, when we realize more deeply the importance of unconditional trust, love and support for our children, we can be more determined to give them such love and support. We can give this unconditional trust, love and support to ourselves, to our children, and to more people as we continue to enrich ourselves.

Secondly, the most crucial first step in Sayaka’s eventual reversal of fortune is: clarity of purpose.

Tsubota-sensei made a good agreement with Sayaka from the beginning and determined the target university, after which she began targeted teaching and coaching. When I think about myself, the fact is that I am not very clear about where I want to go at the moment.

I have only determined my dream and the general direction of my life, but I am still in the process of figuring out a clear and specific goal (orientation) and plan.

This is also from last year to now has been thinking about the problem, because understanding themselves, contact, looking for is a process. Like I said in the beginning, I have been ordinary and ordinary, even to start with step by step to develop habits, erect confidence, and move forward on the basis of a solid foundation. Persevere and you will eventually succeed. Happily, now I have become clearer and clearer about the path I want to take in the future.

Now I am also starting to look for a job, and every day after that, I will be closer to a clear position and my heart will be filled with anticipation. In the end, Sayaka got into the university of her choice, but of course it was her own tireless efforts and her belief that she must get in.

Many people do not believe in miracles, nor do they think that they or people around them will create miracles, but in my heart, I always believe. Because I believe, I have a dream, and only under the support of my dream, I become better step by step, and start to live my own life and be brave to be myself. Because I believe, so no matter what happens, what environment I am in, what level I am at this moment, it is not the most important, it will not become a factor that will hit me and affect my forward movement.

Believe that there is no worldly difference between people, believe that there must be a way to succeed, believe that the way is simple, believe that the highest level of wisdom is often the simplest, believe that everyone has unlimited potential and power, as long as they are willing to believe, dig, and discover. Live each day in the present moment with peace of mind, and let yourself improve a little today over yesterday, and a little this month over last month. When we live ourselves enough and make ourselves good enough, the expected look will come as expected.

Believe that the reverse can become possible. Go for it!


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