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Slumdog Millionaire

The film tells the story of a slum boy named Jamal who participates in a program called “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and wins 20 million rubles. What made him become a millionaire? I kept asking myself. Later, I understood. His experiences from childhood explained every right answer, however, they were not happy. His kindness, his persistence in the beginning, made him a millionaire.The background of the second question is what he experienced as a child, the riots in the slums and the tragic death of his mother, which alludes to the difficult life of the Indian class of people. What shocked me was that when all his relatives passed away and his house collapsed, he took responsibility for everything and came to the aid of a girl. This is perhaps the innate goodness of people.

At the last moment of becoming a rich man, the host wrote the answer “B” on the mirror, suggesting that it was the right answer. I think this is not a simple question, but the choice of his life orientation, whether to choose the right answer or adhere to their own? In the end, he did not choose the moderator’s answer, but chose his own inner answer “D”, the result of the big reversal, the moderator’s answer is wrong, is to test him, he insisted on their own victory. In fact, in the end, it was his insistence on the original intention that made him a millionaire, which is the most wonderful scene of life. This also made me understand that when doing anything, you have to follow your heart, and when at the crossroads of choice, stick to yourself and guard your original heart in order to succeed.

Jamal seems to me to be a person who has a goal in mind and works towards it. When he was five or six years old, he was locked in the “toilet” by his brother, but when he heard that his favorite star Amida was coming, he didn’t hesitate to jump into the cesspool to get his autograph, and ran all the way to his idol with his body full of shit to get his autograph. He fought with his brother Salim for the sake of his beloved woman Latika, even insisted on going around to look for her every day after he lost contact with Latika, told her firmly after finding her that he would be waiting for her at the station at 5 o’clock every day, and went to the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” in order to prove to her his unwavering determination. This shows how brave and fearless he is, and how he persists in his struggle for his goal. Is this not what we should strive for? In real life, how many people can really be brave towards the goal, persevere, when people who do not know you labeled you, fearless, do what they want to do, not be defined?

The film is finally framed in the scene of Jamal and Latika happy together, this pair of childhood sweethearts because of the cruel dark reality of constant separation from childhood, Jamal suffered a lot of hardship still did not give up looking for Latika, and Latika sunk in the world in the end did not forget the love in the heart, and finally to be able to lovers finally married, is indeed very gratifying and moving.

However, Jamal and Latika’s happy reunion is to Sherem’s life for the price, if Jamal know brother Sherem for him after the sacrifice, he will always live in the guilt and self-blame. Jamal has been blaming and resenting Sherem for abandoning and betraying Latika before, and will only truly forgive his brother Sherem after finally learning the truth, right?

Jamal and Sherem grew up together, struggling to survive in the dark world of the slums, looking for hope in the midst of suffering. Reality is cruel, but even if how to sink and struggle, Jamal never gave up his goodness and simplicity, Sherem heart that guardian of the light of humanity has not been erased, the cruelty of the human warmth that is hidden.

Sherem’s guardianship of Jamal, Jamal’s obsession with Latika, Latika’s trust in Jamal, the three musketeers always retain the simple and valuable light of humanity in their hearts, so that they still feel warmth and hope in the dark world of suffering, and still grow up tenaciously in the face of adversity, the spirit of facing the dark reality but never say die is really admirable.

Slumdog Millionaire” truly captures the darkness and cruelty of the real society, the real life of the Indian class of people who are suffering, and the ideals and innocence that are never put aside in this cruelty. As long as we have a goal in mind, towards the goal of continuous efforts, the flower of dreams, one day, will quietly bloom. The bumps and bruises on the road to success are the necessary trials and tribulations of growth, the thorny road, adhere to the original intention, adhere to the goodness of the continuous forward. All the hardships are given to you by God, the best wealth!

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