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Shoplifters The huddle of people

There are six members of this family, each from six different families with no blood ties. They are grandmother Hatsue Shibata, abandoned by her husband when she was young and by her son when she was old; father Tanaji, a construction worker skilled in various theft techniques; mother Nobuyo, who often steals customers’ accessories in the laundry room; sister Aki, who was left by her parents and ran away from home and later worked as an escort to make a living; brother Shota, who was locked in the car alone by his parents at a young age and was taken away after thieves and learned to steal for a living; and sister Rei, who was often abused by her parents and later learned to steal. The older brother, Xiangta, was locked in the car alone at a young age by his parents, and was taken away after being visited by thieves to steal for a living, and the younger sister, Lingling, was often abused by her parents and later learned to steal. This is such a family of six people, but what I saw was a strong affection.

Tianji and Xiangtai repeatedly meet a little girl at home alone in the cold winter night, hungry and compassionate so that they used a piece of hot cola cake to take the little girl home, in this family, the little girl is fed, and the love of the whole family, especially the grandmother, because the little girl bedwetting was disliked, the grandmother let the little girl sleep with her, good food are first try to eat the little girl The little girl became identified with and dependent on this family, so her name was changed to Ling Ling. Her biological parents did not even look for her after she disappeared for more than two months, nor did they report her to the police, so it is clear that she was an unwanted and superfluous child in that family. You will only beat you, is false, really like you, will hold you like I do. “It makes people tear up.

Tianzhi is very loving to Xiangtai, like a biological son, heart very eager to Xiangtai can call himself a “father”, but Xiangtai can not shout out, Tianzhi said with a smile, then next time. While rubbing Shouta’s hair lovingly, Nobuyo also said, “You can’t force it, so don’t call out if you can’t. Although she was also eager to get the name “mother”. After being rehoused by the police and sent to school, she went to visit Tanji because she missed him and stayed there that night. Tanji was afraid that Shota would be criticized by the teacher, so he taught Shota, saying, ”Just say that it was your uncle who forced you to stay, not that you didn’t want to go to school. After boarding the school bus, Xiangta shouted “Dad” in his heart.

What is a family? It is a social group of people with blood ties, usually several generations. The characters in the novel are undoubtedly in line with the condition of “several generations”: “Grandma” Hatsue, “Dad”, “Mom “Grandma” Hatsue, “Dad”, “Mom”, “George”, “Nobuyo”, sister Aki, children Shota and Tomori, six people, considered three generations, but does not meet the condition of “blood relationship”, because these six people have no blood relationship with anyone, such six people form a so-called “family “family”. The “family of thieves” family naturally inseparable from theft, thieves are naturally disgraceful and hated, but after reading the book, you can not hate anyway.

The family in a dilapidated compound surrounded by high-rise housing that was not demolished is finally exposed and then falls apart. One by one, the family members are questioned by the police, and the truth about their relationship comes out. “Later, George picks up a little girl named Tomori who is shivering from the cold. The six members, each with a painful experience unknown to them, come together to alienate each other and keep each other warm.

Eventually Nobuyo is sentenced to five years in prison. The police must think they have done justice by bringing Nobuyo, who “abducted” children, abandoned corpses, and cheated the elderly out of their pensions, to justice, by making Aki “understand” that the purpose of Hatsue’s life with her was “just for money The “family” is now a family of origin, and Aki is able to return to her family. At this point, the “family” is scattered, Aji went to live in a rented apartment, Xiangtai went to an orphanage, Aki has no home to go back to, although Ari returned home, but the body will inevitably be some more scalding scars it.

Justice is so pronounced, life is also so, you are wrong, but it does not ask you, where is your injury.

In this ”stolen” family, reflecting the desire for family, and the bottom of the struggle for life, is a tear, there is laughter, there is love of the film.

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