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The Great Gatsby Every person who believes in love is the Great Gatsby

In this movie I think the most maddening thing for me is that everything that happens is so coincidental. The first is Daisy and Gatsby ready to showdown with Daisy’s husband Tom, Daisy cowardly, and at the same time Gatsby can not stand Tom’s revelation of his life and thus out of control, and this time out of control but just scared Daisy, Daisy emotional, so they were on their way home, Daisy drove the car and killed Tom’s mistress who came out to stop the car (at that time Daisy and Gatsby drove a yellow car, Tom’s mistress thought The most breathtaking thing is that when Nick knew that Daisy and Gatsby were going to leave New York the next day, he was ready to tell Gatsby about it, but the words just came to his lips: “Go ahead and leave”. Not enough tragedy, in the next morning, the husband of Tom’s mistress to Gatsby’s castle to avenge his wife (Tom’s mistress just died not long ago, Tom happened to pass by, he told the emotional husband of Tom’s mistress, the yellow car is Gatsby’s), Nick called, Gatsby thought it was Daisy, ready to answer the phone, Gatsby was shot dead. And at this time Daisy family ready to leave. When Nick’s call came to Daisy’s house, Daisy was getting ready to go out, and the housemaid who answered the phone always claimed that the family had left and never wanted to give the phone to Daisy. So Daisy missed Gatsby’s funeral. I think this is the most unfortunate part, let alone whether Gatsby really wants to revive old dreams, but this too coincidental plot is really very crazy.

Maybe Daisy really did decide to have a showdown with her husband, but what’s the point? This woman was used to listening to her husband during her five-year marriage, and after she accidentally killed someone, she was more inclined to listen to her husband than to the Gatsby she once loved and still loves, and my poor Gatsby never got to wait for the call from the person he thought he loved, even though he died before He heard the phone ring. What is perhaps even more ironic is that only one Nick at that funeral was genuinely sad for him, the others just wanted to take the so-called money and jewels from the villa.

The lovers who met and loved each other could not end up together, perhaps in addition to not loving each other enough, that must also be a little short of trust. I can never understand Daisy’s cowardice, she may have loved Gatsby five years ago, but she still chose to marry Tom, perhaps the family has certain factors, but five years later Daisy, must only miss the lovers who fell in love five years ago, and is no longer deeply in love, her love is more because of her husband’s cheating, the regret of her first love, so she did not love so deeply, not as deep as Gatsby love. Five years of time, under the constraints of marriage, her love for her first love was worn down into memories, her husband’s cheating can only be exchanged for her darkness, she did not dare to ask her husband for a divorce, because she was cowardly and timid, no ideas of her own. When she was young, she had her mother’s guidance, and after marriage, she had her husband to make the decision, she never had her own ideas, but when she re-encountered Gatsby, she wanted not to divorce her husband but to “run away” with Gatsby, the proud Gatsby was not willing to run away undignified, but wanted Daisy to take the initiative and divorce Tom.

Under Nick’s arrangement, Gatsby finally met Daisy. After the awkward encounter, Gatsby, who was shaking with nervous excitement, finally showed his love to Daisy. From then on, they often dated secretly, and Gatsby canceled the party at his mansion.

Soon, Daisy’s husband begins to suspect that at the family party, Gatsby unabashedly shows his love to Daisy as he is determined to show it to Tom. Although Tom has a lover of his own, he is doubly outraged to see the demonstration of his love interest.

Tom forces everyone to go to a hotel in New York, where he reveals Gatsby’s academic background and his history of selling moonshine. The worldly and selfish Daisy cannot bear Gatsby and Tom’s arguments and questioning, and decides to leave, and Tom asks Gatsby to take Daisy home.

On the way home, they pass by the garage of Tom’s mistress. It happens that Tom’s mistress Myrtle is being beaten by her husband. When Myrtle sees Gatsby’s car and thinks it is Tom’s, she rushes down the road to seek help and is hit and killed by Daisy.

Nick tells Myrtle’s husband George that the car is owned by Gatsby, knowing that Daisy is driving and that Gatsby is unwilling to expose Daisy. He misleads Joe that Myrtle’s lover is Gatsby and is the one who hit the man. An enraged George arrives at Gatsby’s house, shoots Gatsby in the heart and then kills himself.

Nick holds a funeral for Gatsby, who finds himself the only person who cares about Gatsby and is truly sad for him. He tries unsuccessfully to contact Daisy, hoping she can come to the funeral. After the funeral, he finds himself looking past the eastern lifestyle and decides to return to his home in the Midwest. Guided by his heart doctor, he wrote the story of Gatsby.

And they don’t come back. All the bright, beautiful things can’t beat time, and they never come back. Gatsby loved Daisy to death, imagining that he could live with Daisy. He did not know that in fact, in Daisy’s eyes, a stable and luxurious life is more important than love, as early as when he joined the army, Daisy had already made the choice.

The novel is Fitzgerald’s greatest work, exploring depravity, idealism, impediments to change, great social change, debauchery; providing an in-depth portrayal of the Jazz Age and the Roaring Twenties, and is generally regarded as a wake-up call to the American dream.

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