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A Beautiful Mind The wind of love comes through the window and from then on it’s a

Director Ron Howard, starring Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany, Adam Goldberg, Judd Hirsch, Josh Lucas, Anthony Rapp, Christopher Plummer and more. But what is it about “A Beautiful Mind” that enjoys such high praise? Let’s take a look again together without harm.From the opening scene of the film, we can see the male protagonist John Nash fiddling with the cups on the table at a party by the light of the day, and the light successfully projected onto Nelson’s tie. Only to see Nash mouth said: “Your tie is so bad, there must be a mathematically sound explanation.” Harm, this man is too much of a character!

Not only that, but he was also looking for an extrapolation to “define” the activities of the pigeon family on campus while feeding the pigeons. He said, “Classes dull your brain and destroy the creative potential.” Perhaps this is genius, for whom the ordinary activities of mortals are a waste of time, and who needs to spend his time on more meaningful things.

In the Chinese drama “Basic Law of Genius” that aired some time ago, Pei Zhi is a mathematical genius, and even the originally smart Lin Chao Xi is only a mediocre qualification in front of him. I am reminded of the math class representative who sat across from me in high school. Once he was asleep in class when the teacher called up to answer a question, he opened his mouth and said “C”. That was the correct answer. Well, I have to admit, the light of genius is no matter how can not be stopped, even if it is sick, even if it is sleepy.

Love also has to be “Chosen” for Nash the great genius, “relationships” is a “road to the West.” In college for the first time and the girl to talk to, he said frankly do not know what to say in order to each other and his bed, can directly cut into the topic of sex.

Hahaha, forgive the audience unkindly laugh, after all, that is not his fault, just that we do not know enough about his way of expression. The same straightforwardness shines through when you meet Alicia. After the hero expresses his feelings, the wise heroine gives him a passionate kiss and starts their happy life from then on.

True love and miracles coexist. After Nash knows he has schizophrenia, he has in cooperation with the doctor’s treatment, injecting insulin and eating related medications, but it still affects his normal life. It made him unable to work properly, take care of his children and continue to love his wife when he decided to give himself up. His wife, even though powerless, devastated, and even desperate, chose to support her husband with true love, encouraging him to pull himself together, believing that a miracle would change from the “heart”.

Over the next few decades, Alicia helped Nash try again and again, little by little, to fight the disease. Despite the illusions that accompanied the rest of his life, his life was finally on a normal track. At the Nobel Prize ceremony, he said to his wife, “You are the only factor in my success, and you are the only factor, thank you.” As some people say: I like you, just like the wind has gone 800 miles without asking for a return. Alicia’s love for Nash was destined to last a lifetime from the moment she opened the window in class.

The prototype of the hero of the movie “A Beautiful Mind” is the famous mathematician and Nobel Prize winner John Nash. Over a period of more than twenty years, Nash suffered from severe schizophrenia, producing various hallucinations. For example, a little girl would appear in his consciousness from time to time. For ordinary people, it is difficult to cure schizophrenia. And how did Nash cope with it? After many years of hallucinations, he found that the little girl in his consciousness, who had not grown up, was still so small, which was very illogical.

Therefore, whenever there is a little girl hallucination, he actively told himself “that little girl is a hallucination” ……

Throughout his life, Nash was not able to get rid of the various hallucinations, but he learned to distinguish that hallucination and even tried to adapt to the existence of those hallucinations.

Although Nash was struck down by schizophrenia and was close to a breakdown that lasted for more than twenty years, he learned to live with the hallucinations under the careful care of his wife without breaking down completely and miraculously survived as a normal person.

There is really nothing we can do about many demons, but Nash chose to reconcile with his demons, and the three people he imagined were exactly the shadows in Nash’s life, unable to overcome them then learn to ignore them. Peaceful living is not only reconciliation with the demons, but also reconciliation with themselves, serious life feeling the moment, is the real beautiful soul.

The film finally Nash has been teaching at the school, originally he was not teaching students, but then reconciled with himself to life light, the name and profit also light, even if the Nobel Prize has been the heart of the Nobel Prize are treated with a calm heart, but also with others to joke about their illness, it can be seen, Nash is really frank.

There is a scene to watch and want to laugh and very heartbroken Nash, see a stranger, Nash is not sure if he imagined out, asked a student can see, and repeatedly confirmed. The final award ceremony, Nash confessed to his wife: “I can stand here tonight, all thanks to you, you are the factor of my success, and the only factor”.

Thanking his wife at the Nobel ceremony.The film Nash can not accept their own ordinary and give rise to hallucinations to prove their importance, real life also has a lot of such people, not willing to be ordinary, do not accept the reality of their own, and their own confrontation while tormenting their own mind, so learn to accept themselves, accept their own imperfections, you will find that life will become better.

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