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Looking Up What is the right thing to do to raise a child from a school dud to a school bully?

The film deserves to be interpreted from the relevant aspects related to parenting and child psychology. The male protagonist Ma Haowen, also known as Ma Fei’s father, keeps exposing golden words, every sentence is like a parenting expert or parenting psychologist telling parents to tell society how to better love and educate their children.This article today is not from a professional film review perspective, but from the psychological perspective of parent-child education to analyze.

I feel that the director and star Deng Chao must have done a lot of homework on child education for this movie, child psychology is probably understood, after all, he and Sun Li are parenting models.

As a child, Ma Fei was often bullied by his partners because his father was in prison.In an article by renowned psychologist Wu Zhihong, he writes, “In the 1980s and 1990s, when the economy was difficult, the father, Ma Haowen, was able to create a loving, supportive and inclusive environment for his children from the beginning to the end. In psychology, this environment is called an embracing environment. This is a concept that British child psychologist Winnicott came up with after studying tens of thousands of mothers and babies. This is what I think is the greatest educational value of the film.”

If the family happens to provide this psychological “holding environment” during the child’s development, then the child will grow up to be no worse off.

What is a supportive environment?

A supportive environment is one in which the child is given enough understanding and care to get over the hurdles of frustration.

The Power of Belief Adults need to be encouraged and supported when they encounter adversity, let alone a weak and helpless child as a minor. In the movie, the father, Ma Haowen, creates such a supportive environment for his son, Ma Fei, so that he grows step by step from a school dropout to a school bully and becomes one of China’s first cosmonauts.

The bridge he designed collapsed due to jerry-building, and he was jailed for seven years. On the day he was released from prison, it happened that the school dregs child was expelled from school, and he made a bet with the head teacher that his son would be able to stay in school and continue his studies if he reached the top 10 in his grade on the final exam.

So in the child’s learning and growth, Ma Haowen constantly gave him affirmation and encouragement, “Do not believe the words of your teachers, you are the smartest kid on earth. ”

Do what you like when you grow up Ma Fei said, “Dad looked at me with that adoring look, so I mistook me for the teenager Stephen Hawking himself, and suddenly had the urge to learn.”

The child’s courage to follow his dreams comes from his father’s constant affirmation and encouragement. He told Ma Fei in a firm tone that he believes you have the ability to do anything in the world. He told the child that Tsinghua University is just the process, not the goal, and that you must know what you like to do and work hard for what you like.

He told the child that life is like archery, and dreams are like arrow targets, if you can’t even find an arrow target, what is the point of drawing a bow every day?

Dad encourages Ma Fei to follow his dream.Mr. Li Zixun, our famous psychologist on parent-child relationship, said that letting children do what they can do and slowly guiding them to do a thing well with a beginning and an end will help them a lot in the future. In the future for the child to solve the problem of ability development, will have more happiness when they grow up.

Deng Chao constantly takes his children to feel the world and experience different things, such as observing the grass and visiting model aviation exhibitions, to teach them how to overcome and face difficulties when they face them.

During a very heavy rainstorm at night, the son was encouraged by his dad to rely on his own strength to find a way to escape from the flood that was about to submerge him.

Dad searching for his son in the flood Ma Fei ended up with excellent grades, but he followed his heart and gave up the exam that would have given him the top prize, and eventually grew up to be one of the first astronauts who could travel to and from space.

Ma Haowen led by example and taught his child the spirit of not admitting defeat, and the child wrote a note, “Dad, like you, never admit defeat.”

Later, when the spacecraft malfunctioned on return from space, Ma Fei, who was waiting for death to come, found this note from years ago in the globe he carried with him.

This note supported Ma Fei to repair the spacecraft, rejoin Earth’s orbit, and return safely to Earth with another astronaut.

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