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The Solutrean The Healing and Touching

The story takes place 20,000 years ago in the ice age, the Earth’s environment is harsh, the weak and the strong, humans not only need to fight with extreme weather, but also need to fight with fierce animals to survive on Earth.The young Koda is the son of a tribal chief, because the hand-polished stone dagger is the sharpest, in a group of teenagers stand out from the elders allowed to join the hunting team, in order to sharpen his will, the best also received a fat beating, and finally can follow his father and clan to go hunting. Hunting is a new journey for him who has never been out of the country, which is also dangerous. In a hunt Koda was crazy bison top into the cliff, the crowd to find the body of the unsuccessful father grief to build him a grave. He miraculously survived and met a wolf, Alpha, in the process of surviving alone. After the initial attack and defense, to the middle of the battle of resistance, and then to the final tacit cooperation, never leave, a wolf and a person finally returned home after all kinds of difficult challenges.

I. Growth comes with loneliness and hardship Koda’s first growth was that game. The dagger he polished was not just a dagger, but represented that he had the basic skills to survive in the wild, and being beaten fat was also to tell him that he needed strong will and endurance to get out of the house.

Following the footsteps of his ancestors on the journey, there are directional markers and white bones, meaning that hunting is never easy. His father asked him to kill the animal that was held down, he did not dare, let him drill wood for fire, he also could not be born. At this moment he had not been able to appreciate the cruelty of the world until he saw his companion being carried away by wolves under the eyes of the clan.

Later, he fell off the cliff and was abandoned by his clan, so he had to become brave, and every fight and struggle was a growth for him. He learned to dress wounds, fight with beasts, find food, survive in a harsh environment, step by step are incredibly difficult, time and again more brave and strong.

Growth is to learn to endure pain, overcome fear, can not defeat you will make you stronger, this is a road of no return along with loneliness and hardship.

Second, people and animals sympathize with each other This wolf, named Alpha by Koda, is the Alpha dog since it was eventually traced to the earliest dog. Father called the wolf king Alpha, and Koda called the wolf accompanying himself Alpha. This different naming system illustrates the qualitative change of the wolf from outside my group to walking with me and being a member of my tribe, and the curtain of the great drama of harmonious coexistence between man and animals is drawn. Koda’s kindness makes him unwilling to leave the injured Alpha alone to die naturally in the wilderness, feeding it water, helping it treat its wound and carrying it away. The change of environment and situation gives one man and one wolf the ability to complete the essential change of social relationship. The social type attribute of wolf as a pack animal instinctively comes into play, from hissing, to silently looking at each other, eating and drinking games together, to playing happily with each other, cooperating with each other in hunting, avoiding risks, and even hugging and sleeping in the cold night, the wolf becomes a dog, and the teenager metamorphoses into a man. Companionship, hunting, house-sitting and games are still the relationship between dogs and men to this day. The modern urban audience, especially those who have pets at home, feel that the initial warmth of the relationship between Koda and Alpha is so beautiful and romantic, from being wary of each other, testing each other, gradually approaching, and finally sublimating into companionship.

Koda was attacked by wolves when he was dealing with his wounds by the river, and he climbed up a tree with difficulty to hide. He sat in the tree all night while the wolves waited on the ground. Eventually the wolves scattered, leaving a wounded wolf, and Koda in the tree was relieved.

However, he was moved with compassion for the wolf that was going to bite him to death. He could not bear to kill it and gave it a dressing for its wound and named it Alpha. One man and one wolf slowly let down their guard and became good partners in mutual understanding.

When Koda fell into the icy river to be swallowed by the ice water, Alpha followed him closely on the ice and finally pulled him out; later Koda asked Alpha to return to the wolf pack, but Alpha chose to stay by Koda’s side and find the way home with him.

Without Alpha, Koda would have died in the snow and ice, and without Koda, Alpha would have died for sure, not to mention giving birth to a litter of wolf cubs by the warm fire.

Three: Always fear nature In front of nature, human beings are always humble and small, no matter in ancient times or in the era of rapid development of technology nowadays. The tiny power of human beings is still not worth mentioning in front of nature. We can blow up mountains and rivers, kill earth’s species, and destroy the ecological environment, but each time nature strikes back with harsher means, and each time we pay a huge price that we cannot bear.

Plagues, volcanic eruptions, mountain fires, extreme natural weather, each coming will knock us down, if the ecological environment to destruction, the Earth’s ecological chain to destruction, even standing at the top of the food chain of human beings will cease to exist, all the glory and civilization, all the years of ice and fire will be gone.

As a small individual, from the little by little around us to do, love the environment, respect for nature, protect our common home!

Although the film does not stand up to careful scrutiny, some of the story logic and plot connection is not perfect, but it does not affect it is still a film worth watching, every frame is beautiful, the story is simple but moving and reflective!

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