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A Guilty Conscience The most poisonous is the heart

Recently, I took the time to watch a movie in theaters, “The Toxic Lawyer”, a Hong Kong-made legal movie with a 7.6 rating on Douban, which has set a new box office record in the history of Hong Kong movies for 100 years and is also the first Chinese movie in Hong Kong to gross over 100 million. Wong Tze Wah has also become the public focus recently with the film.Wong has introduced Stand-Up Comedy to Hong Kong and named it dongduxiao (meaning standing up and telling jokes), making it a unique Hong Kong version of talk show. In the eyes of the public, Huang Zihua is eloquent, wise and humorous.

In many shows, he himself will “poisonous tongue” play the best. So, from this aspect, this “Toxic Lawyer” is simply tailor-made for him. The most toxic is not the lawyer, but the heart.

The emotional line is in the lawsuit in the advancement, little by little out of the wire, this line brings me more emotion. A simple summary is this: the Chung family is a Hong Kong political and business family, Zhong Nianhua is the first lady of the Chung family, married to doctor Zhong Jingyi, who became the son-in-law of the Chung family. Married for ten years, Zhong Jing Yi has a family outside the home for eight years, but also outside the “illegitimate daughter”.

On the night of the murder, Zhong Nianhua saw that her husband had not come home, so she went to his outside home with a key that she had prepared in advance to find him, and also to find the “third party” to ask for justice, but to her surprise, when she arrived, there was only a little girl sleeping at home. The little girl woke up and saw a strange woman in the house, and was dropping their family portrait, so she ran to stop the woman, and ended up falling down in the pushing and shoving, and her head was hit by the sharp corner of the table, and fell in a pool of blood.

Zhong Nianhua saw the trouble and rushed to call Zhong Jingyi, who came back in a hurry to see how badly the child was hurt, and afraid she would wake up and tell the truth, fed the bleeding child two bottles of mineral water, then called the child’s mother. Mom Zeng Jieer came in, the two sent the child to the hospital, the result was naturally not resuscitated back. Zeng Jie’er was sued for “child abuse” because of poor supervision.

The case was taken up by Lin Liangshui. Who is Lin Liangshui? It is a disillusioned lawyer who resigned to go to the law firm after being transferred to a judge, and this is his first job in the law firm. The first day of the trial, the testimony of the witness was not formed in black and white, and there was a little bit of shoe shine for the gentry in the heart.

As a result, the witness opened the trial directly against the water, and the first day and he said the exact opposite, directly hit him by surprise, but also let him lose a complete. The female lead was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

The unlucky lawyer, Lin Liang Shui, came to the darkest moment of his life. For the first time in his life, he was kicked in the face and caused an innocent mother to suffer a jail sentence. Afterwards, he was discouraged, hanging out in nightclubs and drinking, creating all kinds of opportunities to find a fight, using body pain to express his heartache, until he was seen by his friend who is a police officer (played by Pauline Lam), and after a profound conversation between the two, he came to his senses and started a career of fighting for the underprivileged and fighting for justice.

But he has not forgotten to give the heroine to reverse the case, that is his career “shame”. After that, he found the truth of the case through various means, and appealed at the right time, and the final court session was the climax of the play. The opposing side, the Zhong family, has come up with various killer tricks to control everything by controlling the jury, fighting with the judge, using big-name lawyers, and keeping the media away from the case. Lin Liang Shui, on the other hand, does not play by the rules, first playing the secretly taken videos and recordings to give everyone a preconceived judgment, and then making the witnesses reveal themselves through cross-examination. Lawyer Jin’s reversal in the trial also contributed a big laugh.

The most dramatic thing is that, in the face of questions, the foreign-looking, fluent in English, Zhong family law Gu Dong barrister, he will follow the “unspoken rules” to tell their own. And did not lose the original intention of the chief prosecutor Jin Yuanshan, but unexpectedly with him to play a big show, the scene of the “talk show” type of debate, into the justice and hegemony of evil, the truth and procedural correctness of the debate.

She grew up as a model and wanted to have a sheltered home, and then she followed Jong Kyung-il. The first thing she didn’t know was that there were a lot of holes behind this kind of peace and quiet. When she knew that what really cost her daughter her life was the mineral water that her child’s father filled her daughter with, how much concentration of anger should she have? The person who sleeps with her, actually hide snake scorpion heart, she must have how much regret and hate?

So, “Poisonous Lawyer”, the most poisonous is not the lawyer’s tongue, but the human heart blinded by interests and love. In this way, Zhong Jingyi is actually more poisonous than Zhong Nianhua.

So, girls, humanity can not stand the test, they are the most reliable. Don’t forget to love again, always shine your eyes, be able to protect yourself and your family’s sobriety on earth.

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