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 New Dragon Gate Inn

Whenever I think of the role of Jinxiang Yu, this music will always appear in my ears – “Forgetting him is the same as forgetting everything, the same as leaving Fang and Xiang behind, losing oneself!A soft woman, leading a few rough men, took root in this place where the yellow soil was flying, and a charming bones were stalking between the merchants, killing and crossing goods was a daily routine, and the buns stuffed with “ten li xiang” were steaming every day. One second, and the person across the eye flowing, the next second only for a word not close to the ear, a turn will be the knife down.

Looking at her affectionate gaze, I can’t help but think that if you take a character prequel, Jin Qiang Yu must have been just a simple and lovely woman from Jiangnan, but what kind of encounter would make her drift to this?

The law of survival in this desert is that there is no law, if it is not forced to desperate how will be willing to be washed by the wind and sand here every day, who does not want to go to a fragrant mist curling up with apricot flowers and smoke and rain in a beautiful place. Since there is no choice to find a way to live, the most effective way to live is to be more ruthless than the most ruthless people, gold inlaid jade did.

Gold set of jade is to have wine today is drunk today’s happy life, and right and wrong have her to completely comply with only one standard “mother I this person, ah, willing on a hundred lines, if not, a hundred knives on my neck, I also can not! . She understands and is used to seeing people’s feelings and warmth, these passers-by are like stones in the desert, they can not survive the temperature of the night, as long as a gust of wind will be their respective ends of the earth, will not meet in this life. If not for the sudden arrival of Zhou Huai’an and his party, the story of Dragon Inn would not have ended.

The Golden Settlement said, “You people are just passing through, you can leave when you reach your goal. We are all the same. No love, no righteousness!” In fact, she is not heartless, just did not meet enough to make her love people, she would rather hide their deep feelings only to take out the teasing side of the time, they are used to it, until Zhou Huai’an appeared. Never opposite the man to her are face like pleasing, this male from but never look at her, he raised his hand to caress another woman’s cheek when she declined to find, even though the candles are lit all over the world such deep love she has never experienced.

“People say that in troubled times you should not tell the love of children, but in fact, in troubled times the love of children is deeper.” The tacit understanding between Zhou and Mo and the tender love here seems too extravagant, gold encrusted jade grabbed Zhou Huai’an’s flute led to misunderstandings between him and Mo Yan, although she vaguely perceived that their party had some secret rush, but still close to pester Zhou Huai’an to stop their trip, this is her capricious.

Most of the female warriors in martial arts works will also be free from the constraints of ordinary women, more than the heroic spirit of the jianghu, but like Jin Xieyu such a frank and unrestrained but there is no one else. She showed love when the brutal unreasonable, but put down when never dragged, she threw back the snatched flute, “other people’s things, I do not care.” She looks more slutty but there is a line in her heart to keep. Such a bone-chilling style of people, that night in the candlelight to Zhou Huai’an face will even be a trace of shyness, which is again she will never easily show the simplicity of people.

The yellow sand indifferent devour not only the body and soul, in this heartless place for a long time seems to people will forget the feelings of this warm thing. After the bad fight and some fresh life buried in the desert, good and evil to be settled into a new cycle, but the living will continue to live. The wind and sand will wipe out what has happened here, making everything become unmarked.

Zhou Huai’an said, when the next batch of guests come you may have forgotten me as a passing guest, I do not have the courage to face this desert like you, I am out of the gate. Zhou Huai’an turned on his horse and left, his deep love for Qiu Moyan was like an insurmountable gulf, but such a deep love is also missed by Jin Xieyu, she lit the inn on fire, and said goodbye to this heartless place, and took the guys to chase along Zhou Huai’an’s way, she believed she could catch something if she could get close to him.

The success of a character, the so-called “burning” is not necessarily to be more explosive, but mainly to see whether it plays a role in the important point. The characters in this film are all very well thought out, the treacherous East Chamber Army, the righteous loyal generals and the righteous men of the rivers and lakes, their respective positions are clear and full of image, they are the silk threads pulled in two opposite directions, the gold encrusted jade dyed with fireworks and rubbed in between, is the force that neutralizes the flames of both sides, her smile is like the rain on this dry land, because of her jump off the whole film is more vivid, with a different The spirit.

Maggie Cheung won the 12th Hong Kong Film Awards nomination for Best Actress with this film, for her this is also a superb role, Qiu Moyan, gold encrusted, they do not need heavy make-up or bright clothes, a turn on the side a fly throwing eyes, rhyme overflowing out of the camera, those directors must also be in love with their heroines, they use the camera and the actors to talk about a not too long, but not too short, but enough to pass on the love of the world. Enough to pass on the love of earth.

The 90s in Hong Kong, Hong Kong *, and dare not say it is one of the best years, but must be the most fireworks rising place.

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