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Hi, Mom Take care of your Mom

The film begins with a very old-fashioned story about a young girl who has always caused trouble for her parents since she was a child, and who fails to achieve what her mother expects in the important college entrance exams. In order to make her mother look good, Jia Ling fakes her adult education and gets into a provincial undergraduate art school, only to be exposed at a celebration banquet held for her by her parents. Next, Jia Ling followed Li Huanying, who was silently pushing her bicycle, and blamed herself, saying “Mom, I was wrong, I just wanted to make you happy for a while.” The mother reassured her daughter that she would be successful in the future, and when the mother and daughter were thinking about the future, an accident suddenly happened and the mother was sent to the hospital for treatment. In the next episode, in order to let her mother Li Huanying have a different and better life, the daughter who came through tried to change Li Huanying’s life, even without herself in the future, to make her mother’s life more exciting and happy. However, what she didn’t expect was that her mother, who had also crossed over together, had been silently acting with her daughter, but did not follow her daughter’s arrangement to spark love with the official’s son, the factory manager, and still chose the original life path as always. When Jia Ling stroked the patch on her pants, she reacted to the fact that her mother never knew needlework before marriage, and immediately understood that her mother also crossed the line and didn’t mind her clumsiness and lack of success, but still chose her to be her daughter, and instantly ran away in tears to find her mother …… movie reached a climax at this point, and most viewers will share the feeling of being poked in tears. This is also one of the reasons why the show is high at the box office.

One, HI MOM Jialing miss you very much.I don’t think many people have observed that the film starts with the classic logo of the lion’s head, but there is no lion’s head, only “Hello, Li Huanying” on the screen, and there is indeed English on the bottom of the spike, Hi Mom. Her parents were very supportive of her love of literature and art since she was a child, but her mother died unexpectedly when she first enrolled in the Central School of the Arts. Jia Ling worked quietly alone in Beijing, defying hardships and difficulties, and finally became a famous comedian. She succeeded and became famous, but the person she wanted to tell most was not around anymore. With the wireless thoughts of her mother, Jia Ling made this movie by crossing over, which is the only fantasy left under the powerlessness. The first thing you can do is to go back in time to find your loved ones and find comfort in your memories.

Second, the place where there are parents is home.

In the movie, Jia Xiaoling, both in her early childhood and in middle school, always stood in front of her house and shouted, “Mom, Li Huanying, I’m home.” “Li Huanying, I got into the provincial art school!” A seemingly easy yell, but the deeper level is a sense of security and dependence on home, because no matter how strong the wind and rain outside, there is always a mother and father at home is a sheltered harbor, is their own backbone. The film also always shows that no matter at any moment, the mother is loving her child with all her heart, there is love where there is a mom and dad, and the place where there is a mom and dad is home.

What we can do for our own Li Huanying.

On March 8, Women’s Day, various media outlets launched special reports to find your own Li Huanying activities. There were those who wrote about their memories, and those who posted photos of their own mothers when they were young. At that time, I thought, “If we could really travel back in time and meet your mother when she was young, what would you most like to do? I thought that if I could travel back in time, I would persuade my grandmother and grandfather to continue to send my mother to school, so that she would not always regret not finishing her education later in life. Unfortunately, fantasies always have to face reality, as we grow up day by day, our Li Huanying is gradually getting older, we should cherish the days with our “Li Huanying”, care for her in every way in life, like Li Huanying in the movie expects her children to be healthy, guarding our “Li Huanying”. “Don’t wait until the day you shout “Mom, I’m home” but never get any response.

Jia Ling’s mother, Li Huanying, died in an accident when she was very young, which was a very sad event. In memory of her mom, Jia Ling lined up a skit in 16 years that was very touching. In this year, this movie was scheduled, and the movie was presented in a new and unique way, making the mother’s love perfect.

In that last scene, the plot reversed. When the movie was about to end, the young mother hugged Jialing, who was crying like a child in her arms, and the mother shouted, “Hey, Bao!” In her mind, she recalls her own mischievousness as a child, not knowing about accidents and not giving her mother face.

At the end of the film, Jia Ling drives a small car, a kind of convertible, and imagines her mother sitting on the passenger side of her car. But time pulls her back and the seat beside her is empty. The license plate number is named after the mother’s initials, and the movie is really heartfelt.

After the film ended, the big screen appeared above the group photo of the women’s volleyball team when mom was young, the young mom was radiant and heroic. If her mother saw it in heaven, how happy and relieved she would be.

Finally I would like to say that I like this movie too much. The movie is suitable for people of all ages to see, after watching people will resonate, after all, it is a real life story.

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