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A Fool

The film begins absurdly and is full of Jagankean realistic shots. The appearance of the fool does not make people think he is a fool at all, but also makes people think that the giver and the one who wants the cake are known before. Fortunately, the fool is worthy of the fool, just because a few pieces of cake will follow the pull stripes, silly, the run to his front lying on the snow silly expression is simply funny.So, the fool was involved in the life of the family of Lajiazi and Jinzizi. The pure, kind and simple northwest peasant family with less heart began a life of constant trouble. In fact, such a life also has its origin. The son was off money was cheated, the spirit was easily invaded, and the involvement of the fool thus made things more difficult.

The pull stripes have been begging for the money given to the big head brother for the job, life is like a sack, in the outsider seems very difficult to believe and great broken he chose to believe, he was cheated very badly.

The fool has been following him, called Jinzizi mother. Sleeping in the sheep pen, from dirty vagabond to clean, the Lajiazi family is good enough for him, and even intends to accept him and him to live together.

If the story goes smoothly here, then the movie must be a heartwarming country affection movie, but it is a dark humor exposing the absurd reality of the movie, so the plot begins to change. A new scam is starting again ……

Lost and Found, it’s so absurd. The fool met the first of his so-called “relatives”, then the second and third wave of his relatives came to him, bringing great trouble to the family of the puller, he did not know why so many people rushed to want him when the fool had no use; he did not know which is the real relatives of the fool.

Instead of saying that these troubles are caused by those who came to “claim” the fool, it is better to say that they themselves caused, they are too kind, took the money to show their gratitude to try to return it and be scolded, in the face of the people who find fault with the power to resist, and even the courage to argue. Those so-called relatives did not come to make trouble for some days, they still feel panic and uneasy. They create trouble for themselves again. It’s absurd that these two kind-hearted farmers, who could never resist the scam, even voluntarily dug into one new scam after another.

The puller’s conscience was troubled, a sign of his goodness. He was afraid that the fool would fall into the wrong hands, and he also wanted to save face and didn’t want the so-called fool’s relatives to make a big deal out of it, so he made a lot of moves that were perceived as foolish, as if he was repeating the fool’s behavior.

So he went back to Big Head and chased his car all the way, running wildly, like a fool. He climbed into his car and climbed onto the front glass. Finally, the conflict exploded sharply and Big Head Brother hit him, and he didn’t fight back. Just like the angry beating of the fool after he went to see the village chief, Big Head Brother forced 50,000 to him and left. Pulling out the 50,000 yuan, he saw a tattered red plastic visor in the pocket of the wool coat he was wearing, and he put it on, metaphorically unraveling. He walked on the snow and he saw a group of dancing dames walking by who didn’t think anything was strange. Only, behind them followed a group of children who looked at LaBarb, called him a fool, and threw snowballs at him. It was like the fool at play was being bullied by children. I watched the shot of him being thrown by snowballs, like a zombie without consciousness, although not showing his face, but this feeling of panic.

This is the ending, and when this image played out, I felt like this was the ending, although I haven’t seen enough. But in fact, the ending could be more than that. Did Lajia really turn out to be a fool, and what will happen to Kinzie?

Every town and every village has a group of simple and honest people. Perhaps by nature, perhaps not very well educated. They are the good old people in the hearts of the villagers. Their human attributes are, hardworking, soft at heart, weak in defense and weak in attack. They are the group of people who can be easily deceived. Even if they are bullied, they do not have the ability to fight back too strongly. They have no way to be too flexible, so they have a strong dependence on people who are smarter than they are, and look for security from people they think are smart, but, on the other hand, they don’t have a clear ability to recognize good and evil. They think that everyone is the same as them, do not hurt and bully the weak, for the weak have strong compassion empathy. They are the group of people who are most often “killed”. They are the spoon in the heart of intelligent people.

Every town and every village has a group of smart people. They are the neighbors of Spoon. They are a group of people who are called wise and capable by Spoon. Most of them have the same IQ as regular people. But this is enough to give them the ability to swim in front of the spoon as a giver, crowned as an aid. Spoon has a small matter, look for him; spoon has a big matter, look for him; spoon has an emergency, look for him; spoon has a confusing matter, look for him. Of course, big people, even just the town of the village, are big people, honored it, busy. So, some, eat the meat and drink the wine to help not much; some, received a gift to take the money not to do; some, simply “bye-bye”, from this town this village to check this person, the next town next village goodbye. They are such a group of people, kindness written on the face, coldness in the demeanor, malice buried in the heart. They are such a group of people, there is a small evil no big evil, most people just want to keep a mu of land to live well, a part of the help in front of the push and turn back and envy and jealousy to say sour words, a small part of the people are just pitted with the big money of the small money of the monk cheating spoon. In their eyes, they are understanding people, only the spoon does not know themselves. The spoon that does not know itself is plagued by various doubts throughout its life.

People have good and evil, and whether you are a spoon or not has nothing to do. The spoon has no intention to do evil, it is the self-proclaimed not spoon people are doing evil. This is the ending, and when this image played out, I felt that this was the ending, although I hadn’t seen enough. But in fact, the ending can be more than that. Did Lajia really become a fool, and what will happen to Jinziezi?

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