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The Lion Boy is a film that depicts realistic Lingnan scenery, embodies the traditional lion dance culture and tells the story of a young boy’s coming-of-age.The film tells the story of a young boy who was encouraged by a young girl, Juan, when he went to see a lion dance performance in town. The story is not complicated, but it makes you realize the transformation from “sick cat” to “lion”.The story is not complicated, but it is deeply shocking. We witness the awakening of dreams, the hope of life, the resilience of life, the bravery of the heart, the responsibility of family, and the growth of mind and body in the body of young Ah Juan ……

The young man, like us, is an ordinary person, but even if the starlight is weak, it is still light, and as he grows up, he emits a unique light that illuminates himself and others.

In the film, Juan finds his friends Cat and Dog and convinces them to practice lion dance with him in order to form a lion team.

Like Chuen, Puss and Dog are inconspicuous in the town and are called “sick cats”. They also want to prove themselves and express themselves, and do not want to be “sick cats”, so they decide to practice lion dance together and go to Guangdong to compete.

In order to learn the lion dance better, they try hard to find a master for themselves and thus meet the former lion king, Salty Qiang. With perseverance, the three agreed to teach them lion dance, and from then on they began to learn lion dance officially. No lion head and drum, no matter, they can simulate their own lion head, using their stomach as a drum. With daily physical training, they became stronger and stronger as they practiced day after day, and got the qualification they had been longing for.

Inspired by the lion dance, the three friends work together for a common goal, without fear or trepidation. In the second half of the film, a sudden change occurs in the family of a teenager, Juan, whose father is injured at a construction site and becomes a vegetable, and his mother has to go home to take care of him. The family is immediately cut off from its financial resources, which adds to the misery of the already poor family. At this time, Juan resolutely took up the burden of the family and chose to go to Guangzhou to work.

Reality always catches us unawares, and teenagers are always forced to grow up. At this time, A-juan did not waver between reality and his dream. He persisted in his dream of lion dance while facing the difficulties of reality head-on. When Juan left, he set off on a bus to Guangzhou with the lion head his master had bought for him. He moved around and worked everywhere, but he kept the lion head with him and never gave up the dream of the “lion”.

Family responsibilities made him grow up quickly, and he worked hard to earn money and take care of his grandfather and parents. Juan only slowed down the pace of his dream, but never left it behind. Under the great changes in the family, he carried the family’s hopes on his thin shoulders.

Reality is cruel, do not forget the original intention, working alone in the big city is hard, A Juan can only sleep on the floor under the bed at the construction site; his body is also constantly adding wounds; even while working several jobs at the same time, did not let him give up the dream of lion dance ……

The cruel reality constantly exercised him, he was hard, but he could not retreat, because he no longer had the reality to rely on and could only support himself. He became more and more resilient and tenacious during the trials and tribulations.

One of the songs at the end of the movie was “The Man Without a Name” sung by Mao not easy. When the egg was over and the cast started to play, the audience was probably ready to go, when this song by Mao not easy rang out, making people listen carefully in their seats.

Mao not easy said, “the privilege of singing for the film “lion boy”, this winter to all those who have left home, those who have gone forward and those who have no name, as long as the drums can still ring in the heart, we are the lion.” I believe that after watching the movie, this song “The Nameless One” will move you.

Overall, the creative team of this movie worked very hard to deliver such an animated movie in less than 2 years, which I think is very excellent.

The biggest feature of this movie is that it is different from the previous domestic animation films based on myths and legends, and also different from the Japanese form of surrealistic animation, but in the fumbling of the adoption of a little Stephen Chow Hong Kong style, coupled with realistic scenes and character design, for the whole story interpretation based on reality, but in the final game, and add the film fantastic color, so that A-juan struggle to leap, this leap This leap is not only the leap of the characters in the movie, but also the leap of the lion, which is a metaphor for the leap of all ordinary people who work hard to live a happy life, and the image of the lion is also a metaphor for the leap of the motherland after so many years of persistent hard work.

The dream of the “lion”, he always remembered.

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