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Line Walker2 The brotherhood of Louis Koo and Zhang Jiahui, how to see how addictive

This movie seems to be the director’s intention to create a “Hong Kong version of the spy film universe”, especially when the “IFF”, a hidden agency, but also makes me suddenly feel that this “Apostle series “may really have to keep shooting, and the Apostle 2” will be a good start, after all, compared to the “Apostle 1”, this time the director’s ambition is obviously more ambitious, for the special effects burned money than the first part to much, of course, also more beautiful and spectacular, to a certain extent, the overall look of the film are “thick and light “.

However, in this story about the terrorist traffickers organization, than the battle of wits between the police and bandits, exciting fights and the plot of the constant reversal, reversal, and then reversal, feelings Zhang Jiahui as Tao Cheng, played by Louis Koo Jinxian, the brotherhood between the two of them, is more exciting, and the director is obviously no more than the kind of caution we saw in “The Apostles 1”, this time fist and foot The big show, he is also very much focused on the transition between scenes and scenes and the transformation of character traits.

In particular, when Louis Koo’s Jing Jinxian, because his children are controlled by the “headquarters”, he has no choice but to betray his conscience and betray his master Yip Kwok Fan (played by Francis Ng), the scene in the “Changsha Hotel” where the three confront each other is a classic. Classic, is the essence of the film.

Like the “Gunsmoke” inside, A ghost (played by Huang Qiusheng), A Lai (played by Wu Zhenyu), Mike (played by Zhang Yaoyang), A letter (played by Lu Songxian) and a group of fat (played by Lin Xue) to help the big brother to complete the task, but was told that A letter and had an affair with his sister-in-law, must be eliminated, making the five originally unrelated to the men, after a life-and-death struggle became a difficult brother and brother to go through a severe test.

Good brothers, anyone who does not want to die, let alone die under each other’s guns, but the crossbow and sword is drawn, a touch of hair. The moment the gun was fired, the atmosphere was so thrilling that it took one’s breath away, the confrontation shot the gun, and finally did open up, “crackling” between the Shin fell to the ground, once let the audience think he really died, but it was just a bureau, fake death, in exchange for real life.

However, “The Apostle 2”, the director did not have to let Wu Chunyu as Ye Guofan dodged a bullet, live through a life, but also with great force, so that he died in the right place, but also reasonable, than the first elevator death, more imagery and sense of mission.

In the round-table negotiations, Louis Koo (Jing Jinxian) then facial expressions are also very much in place, bloodshot eyes, the body can not help themselves to the hard, are in the dialogue of the one by one show, the hands to play the magic formula, the message, but also for the subsequent development of the pavement, really, really, really like this section of the performance, even after the breakdown of the gun battle also came just right.

Thinking about the first part, Louis Koo was very unhappy because his identity was Zhang Jia hui “later”, and because he knew Zhang Jia hui’s undercover identity, he impersonated him and the police contact, fake undercover, also because the meeting was stopped at the door of the conference room, on the dark temper, and Zhang Jia hui mutual battle of wits and mutual injury or mutual protection, trance In the trance, I can’t help but think of “The Hero” in the Brother Xiao Ma (Chow Yun Fat), he also hated to be flattened, but can not let go of their brotherhood, could have escaped alone, but in order to save Song Zi hao (Dillon) and Song Zijie (Leslie Cheung) brothers, sacrificed himself.

He said: “you do not owe anything, I would never force my friends to do what they do not want to do, I have my own principles, I do not want to be stepped on for life, you think I am a stinky beggar, I waited for three years, is to wait for a chance, I want to fight for a breath, not to prove that I am great; I want to tell people that I lost something must be taken back! ”

And now the “Apostle 2”, Cheng Tao (Cheung Ka Fai) and Jing Jin xian (Louis Koo), two people’s love is still priceless, and “Apostle 1” inside the exact same shot, exactly the same edge of the crisis, Cheung Ka Fai was still beaten to the ground, Koo Tin Lok was still a knife against the throat, the last critical moment of the joint effort to defeat the criminals of the two people hugged together, died, is still Cheung Ka Fai.

Before he died, Zhang said, “I do not know how you have survived these past 30 years, but I know that if you had not turned back to save me, the one who was caught is me.” Instantly, I tears like rain.

If it is said that this love can be to remember, this love can be to regret, then the two brotherly love, this unimaginable love and righteousness, trials and tribulations, the body can not help and no choice, ask the world, there can be more?

God-like CP combination, also on the old Hong Kong films inside Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung, Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung, Lau Ching Wan, Wong Chiu Sang, Ren Dahua and so on these had co-starred in the classic film of the good brothers can be compared, looking at the creamy young man now, it is also difficult to find a very powerful combination, of course, the previous favorite Takeshi Kitano and Tera shi ma into the combination, but also every time a review can be admired and envied.

Even though this year, Louis Koo has played a lot of police films, criticism of the words are also a lot, but in “The Apostle 2”, I dare say, he really tried his best, not only performance hard, styling is full of points, a variety of blue suits not only handsome to not, look like Tony (Iron Man) like glasses, with his wheat skin and handsome face is eye-catching, simply can not look too good.

For the sake of his wife and children, not resigned to live, a great father figure, which happens to be the soft spot of many female audience friends, this kind of serious and responsible man, who does not love? No wonder his wife in the play would say, “No matter what you do, I will support you, husband”.

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