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Funeral Family Everything that enriches life except death is a great event in life

Seeing this drama, I feel that the more people grow up, the more they have to look away from the world. Life in the world, more things are helpless, old age, sickness and death or a person’s destiny, people are born naked, parting with nothing to take away, but always leave loved ones distress, sadness, regret, and even difficult to walk out.Today’s watching the life event this movie, the subject matter is relatively new, but also very realistic. Mo Sanmei, the main man, is a mortician, and Xiao Wen is a little girl brought up by her grandmother.

The beginning is sleeping next to Xiaowen’s grandmother passed away next to her, Xiaowen how to call grandmother can not wake up, she is still young, do not understand that called death. After the adoption by mistake and mortuary, Xiaowen asked the most is where grandma went. Asking more is also annoying, in the small Wen stirred up the main man to others for afterlife, the main man’s father was furious with him.

Later, his father said that all the undertaker has to do is to make those who depart as decent as possible, so that the relatives can say goodbye to them properly. The hero felt that Xiaowen was his calamity, and later when Xiaowen continued to ask where her grandmother was, everyone told her that she had gone to heaven and turned into a star.

The woman was sitting outside with her watch listening to her grandmother’s voice, while listening to the stars in the sky in tears, perhaps at that time she knew that her grandmother was not really coming back. There will always be a lot of regrets in life, unknowingly, there will be a lot of regrets, feel that they do not cherish enough, if there is a chance to start over, we must grasp the present.

The mortuary father also said in his hospital bed: “Life in the world is like a book, who have to turn to the last page, some people draw a period, some people draw an ellipsis. ” Until the appearance of Xiao Wen, a child who stubbornly let him hand over his grandmother. As soon as the film opens, Xiaowen’s grandmother has died, San took over the aftermath of his grandmother, and Xiaowen, who does not understand the death of the unknown, thought that his grandmother was hidden by San, so he has been chasing him, asking him to hand over his grandmother. In contact with Xiaowen. Mo Sanmei gradually changed. At what point did it change a little?

Perhaps Mo Sanmei also do not know, may be in the small Wen over and over again listening to the phone watch grandmother’s voice, miss grandmother’s night; also may be the uncle asked small Wen is to stay in the uncle’s house or continue to stay in the upper heaven, small Wen did not hesitate to choose the three brother of the moment; also may be small Wen thought he had gotten into trouble again, so try to get grandmother’s dance partner Grandpa Liu to raise 300,000 yuan for the three brother of the moment, in short Brother San cared, took heart, and with it began to change.

Just like what Master Mo said, finally found a thing that can make Mo San-mei on the heart. Xiao Wen is the one thing that makes Sango’s heart sing. Xiao Wen woke up Sango’s dormant heart and awakened his passion for life. From then on all his tenderness and care was given to Xiaowen.

He would make demands on Xiaowen, asking her not to call herself Laozi when talking, not to pick up the dropped rice and eat it again, thinking of attaching Xiaowen’s favorite red tassel gun, taking her to school to apologize seriously to the children, performing at the parent-child activity day with all his heart, and doing everything he could to fix Xiaowen’s phone watch with her grandmother’s voice on it. At this time, Sango began to take Xiao Wen seriously and began to take life seriously. As the saying goes: how you treat life, how life will give you back.

With the death of Master Mo, San began to take the funeral industry seriously, no longer see him in taking care of the deceased afterlife, hanging on the look, replaced by seriousness and respect, even for the patients who died in the infectious disease ward to take care of the afterlife, he slowly began to have a saint’s heart. The little man who was picked up by his birth mother also returned to his side, and life also gave him a female companion. So yeah, don’t be indifferent to life, find that thing that you can be attached to, rekindle the love of life!

Just like Master Mo said: life is like a book, who will turn to the last page, some people’s last page is a period, some people are ellipses. I understand the period and ellipsis, respectively, represents the completion of life and the abrupt end after the infinite emotions, we all want to complete life. Then we can follow the example of Grandpa Liu, Grandma Xiaowen’s dance partner, to hold a funeral for himself before he was born, to do many, many experiments in life, to experience life as much as possible to enrich it. So yeah, besides dying every thing that makes life richer and more exciting is a life event.

Because we want the last page of the book of life to draw a successful conclusion. So yeah, take life seriously, except death, every thing that makes life richer is a big life event.

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