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The 400 Blows the cold violence of childhood words that have no place, directly harming the child’s mind

“The Four Hundred Blows is a French phrase that means to beat a disobedient child 400 times to make him a good boy. As a slang term, it means “strong rebellion in adolescence”.The main character of the film: the young boy Antoine is indeed such a boy. Bored of school, lying, writing fake sick notes to skip school, stealing, adults do not let do things to do. So it will be, in fact, with the family environment and the parents’ attitude towards children has a lot to do with. Children do not feel the warmth of the family, home to hear the parents arguments, frequent parental scolding and reprimand, and at that sensitive age, it is impossible not to have problems.

This reminds me of another scene: I often go to a friend’s house to drink and chat, and I overheard his daughter sitting on the windowsill of her room several times, staring at the ceiling, looking hesitant and sad, and in the conversation with her parents, her words were full of fireworks. This child’s parents are not bad to the child, and the family does not lack warmth, but she still has her own emotions and anxiety. This is probably a kind of rebellious mood.

Therefore, when children enter the “four hundred strikes” age, parents should be the most nervous and fearful time, must be careful, must not be negligent, but also pay special attention to ways and means to help children safely through this dangerous age.

There is a French proverb: “A child has to be beaten four hundred times in order to eliminate the disaster, shy away from the devil and become an obedient child.” But adults who were once children remember that the more they are scolded, the more rebellious the child is. In fact, care and love is more able to make children put away their spikes, not to flare up, not to rebel, to become a good child of parents.

A classic black and white film, “The 400 Blows,” comes from this proverb. The beginning of this movie is a bit boring, and it is a black and white film, so it is difficult to let people continue to watch, but the film’s cheerful melody tickles the heart, and I always feel that there will be wonderful scenes later in the movie. This is a film about growing up, about a 13-year-old boy Antoine’s inner world growth of the film, perhaps when we watch it, more or less we will think that we were also that Antoine.

When the mother is not at home secretly use her eyelash curler, here to touch there to see her cosmetics; in school trouble dare not let the mother know, imitate the mother’s handwriting to sign. But we are different again, not at the age of just 12, 3 will steal money and books, smoking like an old bong, lying without changing their faces. More serious will not lie that their mother died, or see their mother cheating, the thought is only that she did not dare to reveal that they skipped school. In my opinion, this is not a young child, but an over-matured adult. Perhaps for us, we are happier than Antoine.

He was once well-behaved and understanding too, who made him that way? He ran away from home many times, wandered around in the middle of the night, was on edge to get a bottle of milk, and drank it in a hurry and was extremely lame. He decided to steal his father’s typewriter to sell it, and was not found when he stole it, but was caught when he returned it. Thus, Antoine was sent to a care home. What was it like for a 13-year-old to be sent to prison by his own family? Living there like a prisoner for a few days, with no one coming to visit.

He is just a child, even if he is rebellious and disruptive, he is still just a child. He will also be confused, sad, scared and lonely. No matter how calm he acts in prison, he is scared inside. In Antoine was locked in the car ready to send to the trusteeship, the shot is extremely long, the car gradually away from the city, buildings, people walking slowly backwards, looking at the car outside the bustling city of Antoine in tears, finally only he was left alone, this moment all his pretensions are removed, only his vulnerability, the desire to be free a heart.

I never understood why Antoine had to degrade himself in this way and hurt his parents’ hearts many times. It was only later in his conversation with the psychiatrist that he learned of his grievances. A child who was born far from his parents and learned at a very young age that his father was only his stepfather, it seems that all the cold arguments and not being loved and not being cared for are natural and justified. When every day the family argued because of him, never cared for him, and the teachers at school always disliked him. So he indulged himself, and no one loved him anyway. But then, his parents didn’t care about him, and they put him in a correctional facility, taking away his only freedom.

It is said that beating is love, but no one wants a beating to vent anger, but what is worse is cold violence in the family.

Do not care about the child, use language cold violence against him, directly hurt the child’s mind.

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