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Fading Wave after the feeling: do not become “the old gun”

The movie is about a 20-year-old young man who was kidnapped because he scratched a rich young man’s luxury car and his father fought with the rich young man to save his son’s story, which is such a slightly sophomoric dogma plot. In fact, if you analyze it in depth, many movies have this kind of plot. So what’s so special about this movie?Special nature is in the main character Zhang Xuejun. The old gun is a young Beijing gangster, fought, hacked, into the bureau, very serious about the righteousness of many friends born to die, but because of the thought and the times out of touch and ordinary life in the small hutong, living all day to skulk and do nothing. In the eyes of people nowadays, the old man should belong to the “loser” in the eyes of the world. Neither rich nor powerful, but especially nosy, belonging to the typical death to face live suffer.

What’s so special about people like Old Gunner? There is no other special, special in the righteousness, this righteousness is reflected in all aspects of the life of the old gun. The social circle and life circle of the old gunmen is based on the love of the jungle. There is an impressive image in the movie, the old gunner needs to raise 100,000 yuan of money, looking around for people to borrow money for several days but did not borrow much money, folded so that the old gunner is very depressed. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Another point that reflects the distinctive personality of the old gun is to borrow money from his lifelong friend, Yang Huo. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The first thing he did was to take out 100,000 from the safe and slap it on the table. At this time, the old gun did not accept the money (or in the pretence), he thought that the fire was driving him away, the same behavior as the caller, so they left. The old gun does not accept the money has his own reasoning. The first thing you need to do is to go to someone’s home to borrow money according to his rules is not to mention money when you meet, especially to an old friend like Yang Huo who is not in regular contact. You should first chatter about family life, or have a meal to close the relationship before you can ask, otherwise it is against the rules. Naturally the old gun so heavy jianghu rules jianghu sentiment is never to do so, if he received the money then the old gun this person’s personality is not so distinct.

There are many other things that reflect the personality of the old gun, so I won’t say more here, you will naturally understand after watching the movie.

I believe that everyone has their own evaluation of whether the old gun is a good or bad person. I personally believe that such a character has been out of touch with the times, and it is this that has led to the poverty of the old cannon’s life. A person who can live better in the tide of social change, that must be the person who keeps up with the times. Those who can achieve something must be people who transcend the times. Of course most of the plot in the movie is just to highlight the personality of the old gun, but it is still enlightening to us.

If you think you’re up to date with the times, you probably don’t understand the root of the problem.

Everyone can be an old gun, or everyone was an old gun at one time or another. Especially when you think you are knowledgeable and experienced, and people around you praise you and envy you, this is when you may be an old gun. Because you are likely to have lived in their own set of rules, if you obedience does not seek change you will soon resist changing everything, reject everything that may make you look foolish, in fact, this is self-destructive. It’s like boiling a frog in warm water (in the broad sense) and dying happily in your comfort zone.

The smart thing to do is to always be on guard against becoming an old gun, which means we chase things or people who are a level above our own bull. Always learn new knowledge, not to be confused by external appearances and can not extricate themselves.

Always remember not to become an “old gun”, maintain the ability to pursue new things, and do not resist change. Only then can you see a different landscape.

The movie highlights the love of father and son, the sixth master from the beginning is for his son, from the beginning he went to the apartment building to look for his son also received take-out, you can see how much he loves his son, he knows he and his son easily cross, but he used his own principles to protect his son, know Bo know that his father is seriously ill, he only understood the deep love of his father. Rebellion is inevitably experienced by youth, but I hope that everyone can improve self-control, make the rebellion a little shorter, do not let yourself regret.

The Old Guns” is a Chinese masterpiece. The life of two generations, the disparity between two classes, the principle of a self, a jungle of love, justice and reason.

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