Military Movie

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

A woman has just prepared food for her husband and son, but she never expected that this would be their last lunch.A cold-faced killer enters the farm owner’s home and sits down at the table without saying a word and eats his own food. The two confronted each other for a moment, and the man decided from the other man’s strong aura that this person is not good, in order to ensure the safety of his family, he told his heart the shocking secret and tried to pay double the bounty to redeem his own life. However, the killer did not buy it. After learning that the soldier, alias “Bill Carson”, had a huge fortune of 200,000 military pay, the killer simply solved the man and his son, and also took away the man’s 1000 ransom money.

He returned to his employer’s home to resume orders smoothly to 500 bounty, and want to take the unexpectedly learned 200,000 treasure. In order not to leak the news, he did not do not rest a shot in the head, the employer in the death struggle called out the name of the killer “Angel Eyes”.

At this time was in the 1860s, the American Civil War was in full swing. Angel Eyes learns from an amputee soldier who is selling information that Bill Carson is currently in the Confederate Army and has a prostitute concubine. He then hid in the woman’s home and beat her violently to force the whereabouts of the man, but Bill Carson just before he left he pounced on the empty, Angel Eyes had to continue to pursue.

By coincidence, Angel Eyes came across a Southern Army wounded soldier camp on his way, and surmised from the cook that if Bill Carson had survived in the desert, he was most likely in a Northern Army POW camp. Although Angel Eyes was ruthless, he did have two brushes, and soon he became the second in command in the Northern POW camp. He colluded with the soldiers to make a lot of money while using atrocities on the POWs to track down Bill Carson, but what he didn’t know was that someone had stepped into the shoes of a man who was looking for him, and someone had gotten him.

Three ferocious-looking bounty hunters surrounded the cabin and were trying to catch a fish in a barrel, but the man killed them instead. The man galloped into the wilderness, but unexpectedly encountered a second group of three killers, the man was outnumbered and had to obediently throw away his pistol. The three men compared their portraits and found out that the man was Tuko, the thief whom the police had offered a reward of $2,000 to catch.

Just when Tuco was captured, a blond behind him said to the three men in a domineering manner, “Unfortunately, you don’t look like the people who can collect the reward. As soon as the words left his mouth, he heard three gunshots and three people fell down. Tuko was thanking Blondie, but he was not expecting him to be a bounty hunter. Tuko was tied to a horse and cursed at Blondie the whole way. Blondie escorts Tuco to the sheriff and gets the 2,000 bounty.

Tuco’s head was in a rope hanging from a tree, and his whole body was tied on the back of a horse, and the executioner was reading out to the people his evil charges. He was not only not afraid, but also smugly used the long list of crimes as a medal, while not forgetting to steal a glance at the beautiful woman next to him. Just as the executioner announced the hanging, a bullet from the shadows penetrated the rope hanging Tuco’s head, and the three sheriffs’ hats disappeared one after another, stunned in place.

It turns out that this is a good show he and blondie play, Tuco pretend to be captured, blondie get the bounty and then help him escape, and then the two 50-50 dirty.

This trick was tried and tested until another 3,000 bounty came to hand. Knowing that this trick would no longer work, the blonde abandoned Tuco in the desert, 70 kilometers from town.

Tuco woefully walked out of the desert and arrived at the town by crossing a suspension bridge. He hurriedly took a few sips of water, and when he looked up he was lucky enough to find a gun store. He skillfully assembled a handy revolver in the store and robbed the old man who owned the store of $200 by hand.

Determined to take revenge, Tuco finds his three old bandit friends and tracks Blondie all the way to a hotel. Inside the house, Blondie is cleaning his pistol while outside the house the Southern army is marching. The three bandits tried to use the noise outside to disguise their footsteps, but they were detected by the vigilant Blondie, and the three were quickly killed when the door was opened. At that moment, the cunning Tuco suddenly jumped in through the window and restrained the blond with a pistol, trying to hang him by the rope as he had done. Just as Tuco pulled the trigger, an army cannon suddenly blew up the floor, Tuco fell, and Blondie took the opportunity to escape.

Tuco cursed his bad luck, reorganized and rushed after him. He knew that Blondie loved to smoke cigars, so he eventually caught Blondie through the clues of cigarette butts along the way. When he thought of Blondie’s previous betrayal and torture, Tuco hated his teeth, so he decided to return the favor. He took Blondie to the desert, broke his water bottle, knocked off his hat, and forced him to walk hard in the hot sun and flying sand. But he rode a horse with a sunshade, drinking and eating meat, and even his own tub of footwash is unwilling to give Blondie a sip.

Before the appearance of cool and handsome blondie, now burned by the hot sun full of blisters, Tuco saw his inhuman appearance instantly lost interest in teasing. Just as Tuco drew his pistol and intended to give him a good time, a sudden clattering of horses’ hooves caught Tuco’s attention.

In the distance came a six-horse carriage, Tuco rushed forward to stop the horses, the car door opened a surprising four dead bodies. Tuko mumbled “bad luck” while scavenging the dead for valuable belongings. He fumbled to a box of cigarettes and was about to enjoy it when a corpse behind him suddenly began to speak, Tuke was shocked. It turns out that there is a person inside a breath of life, in order to get water to survive, he told Tuco his name is Bill Carson, and revealed the secret of the heartbreak slope graveyard hidden 200,000 gold coins. Tuco was about to ask for the exact location when the man fainted.

Tuco rushed to fetch water, ran back to the wagon but found that the man was dead, and the blondie he had ignored had somehow crawled to the side of the wagon and learned the key information about Bill Carson’s treasure stash. At this point, Blondie was already dying, Tuco was annoyed and anxious, thinking that the huge fortune within his reach could be lost, he had to save Blondie immediately.

The two men went in the direction of the buried treasure, and saw a large group of people wearing gray uniforms in front of them, and they were wearing gray uniforms, so they thought they were Southern teammates, and Tuke shouted “The Southern Army will win! The officer came closer and shook off the dust, but it was the blue uniform of the Northern Army. In this way, Tuco and Blondie were taken as prisoners of war of the Northern Army.

The coins glittered temptingly in front of his eyes, while Tuco’s feet wobbled more and more, and the rope around his throat tightened more and more. His clothes were drenched with sweat, he wanted to shout but could not, wanted to struggle but could not help, his eyes were full of tears, he was both angry and desperate. Just when he thought he was dead, blondie suddenly killed a shot back, the rope instantly broke, Tuke fell hard dog shit. As the saying goes, life and death are linked, glory and wealth in a flash, two words, exciting!

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