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Fireflies in the Sun We should remain kind

The movie starts off with an adrenaline rush as Xiao Yang’s Lin Rilang takes a hostage in a hospital with a gun, and soon the police surround the hospital. However, the strange thing is that Lin Rilang neither demanded money nor political purposes, he made two demands, one is for a heart and the other is for a journalist.Along with the reporter’s camera, the truth unfolded. It turns out that Lin Rilang is to save his son who is in urgent need of a heart replacement, but after all his efforts to raise two million, the result is that the heart has been taken away halfway, he was desperate, when he saw the gun on the roadside police, they took the risk, the scene at the beginning.

Lin Yilang’s wife overheard a conversation by chance and learned that the person behind the crime was the director of the health bureau, Panchai. Lin Yilang then demanded a thorough investigation of Panchai and the return of his son’s heart.

The people understand the truth through the TV broadcast and are outraged, demanding that the health director be severely punished.

The chief said that through his investigation, he found out that Lim Il Rang was a scriptwriter and that it was all directed by Lim Il Rang. The upright police officer, Sun Justice, did not believe it and arranged privately for someone to investigate the matter.

On the other hand, the chief arranged a special police officer to enter the hospital through the exhaust pipe to prepare for the operation, however, the special police officer unexpectedly fell down from the exhaust pipe by accident and was found by Lin Yilang and solved with one shot. At this point, everyone took a breath, originally thought not to kill Lin Yilang can do anything for his son, the plot reverses again. The crowd, who had just sympathized with Lin Yilang, began to verbally attack him again, demanding that he be severely punished.

The two sides seem to have fallen into anxiety again, when the mayor’s secretary general Sardinian appeared, he arranged for the police to send back the heart as soon as possible, and on the other hand, found Lin Yilang’s wife and reassured her that Little Bug (Lin Yilang’s son) would be ready for heart surgery soon.

The plot has developed to this point, it seems that the conflict has been resolved, the mastermind behind the health director has committed suicide, and the little worm is also ready for heart surgery. However, the plot reverses again. A bullet in his heart confirmed it. Fortunately, his son’s medal hanging on his chest saved him and allowed Lin to reveal the truth.

At this time, Sardinian panicked, and he strictly ordered the police to prepare a strong attack to kill the criminals. In the hospital, Lin Yilang accidentally found a cell phone with the donor’s number, dialed the number on it, and patrolled the ringing tone, he went to the upper floor of the hospital. The heart that should have belonged to his son was transplanted into another young man, and the one standing outside the operating room was the mayor.

On the other hand, the reporter who had just entered the hospital came out and persevered to track down the truth and got a recording of the mayor. The truth is that the real mastermind is the mayor, who used his power to snatch the heart halfway to save his son.

Looking at the successful heart transplant, Lin Rilang fell into endless despair, there is no greater despair in life than to give hope and then be deprived of hope, he angrily expressed the world’s injustice to him, “We are honest people, why is it always you who win”. The crowd said, “Some children are children, some children are not ordinary children”; a sentence of tearing roar buckled in the heart of every viewer.

At the end of the film, Lin Zhilang chose the greatest way to save his son.

He pretended to hijack the mayor to lure the police to shoot him, he chose to sacrifice himself and gave his heart to his son, and the special police officer who fell from the ventilation pipe did not die because Lin Yilang used a fake gun. The ending was shocking to watch, but also unexpected and reasonable. In addition to lamenting the greatness of fatherly love, I think the whole story is also discussing a question, what is goodness?

Just like Lin Rilang, took hostages in the hospital, including a pregnant woman in labor, he chose to let them out so as not to miss the delivery; he created the illusion of killing the police, just to get back his son’s heart, from all to the end, he did not hurt a person. Until the end, he chose to be kind and did not fall into the abyss of evil. In the film, except for Lin Yilang, the journalist who is determined to get the exclusive news, despite the risk to his life, just to expose the dark secret of power trading; the righteous police officer Sun Jizhi, when asked whether he is willing to block his life and future to fight with the dark forces to the end, after a moment of hesitation, said firmly, “Yes”.

Everyone follows the goodness of their heart, Lin Il-rang observes the goodness of not hurting others, and the journalist and the police officer observe the goodness of justice and fairness. As mentioned in the film, they may all be just a firefly in this huge society, in the daytime, it may be so powerless, however, in the darkness, everyone can see its faint fluorescence. This little light, can make desperate people see hope, can make the prodigal son caught in the darkness hanging on a cliff. What if it is millions of fireflies, gathered together, will illuminate the dark ugliness of society, so that we can all live happily under the sun of justice.

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