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The Mission Gunfire never dies, brothers never die!

Gunsmoke, in which the interpretation of brotherly love, can be considered a classic.On November 19, 1999, “Gunsmoke” came out, causing a huge response. Johnnie To won the Hong Kong Golden Film Awards and the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards with this film, and also sent Wu Chunyu to the position of the Golden Horse Film Festival. To this day, the Douban rating of 8.7, you can imagine, it in the hearts of fans of the status.In fact, the plot of the movie “Gunfire” is very simple, the boss of the association was assassinated, the boss’s brother, Ah Nam, asked someone to protect the boss and find out the mastermind of the assassination.

Ghost, Lai, Fat, Mak and Shin formed a bodyguard alliance, successfully escort, and finally kill the opponent to complete the task. However, when the mission is completed, one of the brothers has an affair with his sister-in-law, and it is inevitable that the brothers will kill each other. It is a simple storyline, but by Johnnie To with a unique approach – the static aesthetics of violence, the story will be perfectly interpreted. The close-up pistol, close-up eyes, frozen camera, with tense music, as if the arrow on the string, had to be sent, the tension of the atmosphere of slaughter, squeezed into your five senses.

The most classic scene, when the mall, five people escorting the boss. A ghost first reaction security is the killer, a hold on the boss, hand up the gun, the crowd teamed up to kill the killer. A Mak shot superbly, the back to kill the back road killers; A Lai fierce and bold, the first to kill the enemy; A fat thoughtful, followed the boss around, at any time to protect the law; A ghost and A Xin, good hands, agile reaction, back to the wall, and the other three into a horological position. The janitor pushed the cart over, and through the reflection, knew that there were two killers hiding behind the pillar, and the three reacted quickly. Turning to make a move, but found the killers equally agile and out of sight.

Ghost was the first to react that the cleaner had a problem and shot to kill. Newcomer Shin, a little slower, took out the killers two together. The five tacitly paired as if they had been comrades for years, but in fact they had only known each other for a short time and had gathered in one place for the same goal.

This one’s stillness, with tense and exciting music, as the camera moves, the kind of suppressed pleasure, as if the volcano is about to erupt, with the gunshots, gushing out. This scene has also become a classic that many fans have been talking about and praising.

The “Gunfire” is also very good at controlling the details of each place, through the details of each place, interlinked, the righteousness of the world, brotherly love little by little expressed. It is reasonable, but unexpected. The gun is very accurate Ah Mak, for hooking up with his sister-in-law Shin, end up grabbing, and then put down, back and forth several times, can think of Ah Mak’s tangle. You should know that Ah Mak, but with a pistol and other snipers just people. One side is a brother, the other side is moral, you let him how to choose?

The very few words of Fatty, in the car has been practicing the words of pleading for Shin, the whole film, here, Fatty chattered the most words. It can be imagined that the brother in Fatty’s heart weight. When the boss was assassinated and shot, Ghost left Ah Lai behind to protect the boss and escorted him to escape. Alai escaped back and beat up Ghost, but Ghost did not fight back. Because Ghost was really sorry for Ah Lai, so he was willing to be punished, this is the man, dare to do dare to do.

Later, Ghost knew that Ah Lai soon after the top, encountered a problem. He single-handedly, a piece of blade, for Ah Lai to finish each other. When the fearsome ghosts returned, the little kids, how dare to rebel. So the five chatted by the villa pool, Shin handed Ghost a cigarette, and Lai lit a fire for Ghost.

This is a brother, no need to say more, light the cigarette, on behalf of jianghu morality, on behalf of respect. Ah Lai has long guessed that Ah Xin and sister-in-law have a leg up, is Ah Xin came back from outside, drenched, by hand will take off the clothes and throw them on the table. Ah Lai smelled it out and hurriedly told Shin to take a shower and dispose of the smell. Even, in the end, knowing that he would be punished for not killing Shin, he still let him go, because he was a brother and gave up his life to save it. Even more interesting, is the five men in front of the office, waiting for the boss. The paper ball kicked on the floor, the paper ball was kicked around, and at this moment, although their faces were serious, their hearts were like children. This is not just a game to relieve boredom, but more like a bonding establishment. Just like when you were a kid, the boys played marbles in general, playing and playing, we all became good friends; and as we all play the game of chicken together, perhaps not familiar with the past, playing together in teams, the heart has established some kind of connection.

I think it is from this onwards, the five of them reached a kind of tacit understanding, heart to heart, without words of brotherhood has been built to complete. Ghost received a mission to kill Shin, who had seduced his sister-in-law. Ghost informs Fei that he has to kill someone tonight, and he uses Fei’s phone to call Shin. Fei doesn’t know who he is going to kill tonight, but with Ghost’s actions, he guesses that the person Ghost calls is bound to be the one to be killed. So Fei called back, only to find out that it was Shin. At the end of the film, the blanks that Ghost throws to Fei explain everything.

Suddenly remembered the lyrics of “The Ordinary Road” “I once crossed the mountains and the sea, also through the sea of people, I once had everything, the eyes are scattered like smoke. I was once lost and disappointed, lost all direction, only to see the ordinary, is the only answer”.

This seems to be a reflection of Ghost and other people, ordinary work, ordinary life, but behind the scenes, they all have their own jianghu gas. This jianghu gas like gunfire warmth, tenderness, in a glass of wine, between the smoke and incense, in the moment of life and death, emitting a million rays. You always say that the world is cold, human feelings are cold, that is, you have not yet met the group of heroic, dashing atmosphere of the Jianghu guests. May you also meet such a group of people, there is no so-called interest money, only long-lasting love.

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