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Capernaum Mortals at war are experiencing a life without laughter or tears

I want to sue my parents because they gave birth to me. The film reflects four issues: 1. war has displaced people; 2. lying and pretending is a means of survival when food and clothing are difficult to maintain; 3. the most sincere desires of people are often the most basic and simple under adverse conditions; 4. not all children owe their parents, and it is better to be born without children than not to be born at all.

If you ask where the biggest tear in the whole film, it is definitely the end of the film the little boy that far-fetched and bright smile, really, the suffering smile is too pure, not mixed with any desire and expectation, it seems extra touching and heartbreaking, at that moment, I shed a tear, really too bitter too bitter. The whole movie, it is difficult to see the little boy’s smile and tears, life has been this ghost, laughter and tears and can not change anything, there is nothing to look forward to happy or sad things, because has long been numb.

This movie is about the people who were born in the war country to escape in other countries to face a series of survival problems. In the film, always a sense of powerlessness oppression firmly pinched, like a crazy little beast inside to break out of the cage, but even after breaking out of the cage, but found that the outside world is still the same, dirty, chaotic, everywhere is oppression. All resistance is just futile, all struggle is not the antidote.

What people are looking for is just a living, like ants, living one day at a time. On the contrary, the reality, I think those who want to be dissatisfied, those frustrations of life, but it is not worth mentioning, many are full of nothing to do blindly think blind to blindly calculate.

Is there a villain in the movie? No. No. I can not think of anyone who has a particularly big evil, the parents of the boy’s biggest fault lies in the blind trust, always thinking that the next generation may be able to bring a good life for themselves, but did not think about what they can not give their children, bring their children only suffering. But are they evil? Not really, only a substandard parenting

The little boy looks much younger than his actual age, and his long toil combined with malnutrition has left him thin and bony. In order to survive, he did not have the opportunity to watch cartoons, nor did he have the opportunity to go to school, he had to deal with all kinds of people every day, to do a variety of hard work. The most valuable thing about the boy is that he can distinguish between good and evil, even in such conditions of survival, still did not lose the courage to live, treating his younger siblings, there is still a tenderness and warmth inside.

There are several characters that I appreciate, one is a lawyer, as an unmarried mother, her existence probably met the boy’s expectations of all motherly love. This lawyer is also a refugee, no identification, had to make a false identity, so as to seek work to support their children, no matter how hard life is, she is not willing to give up her children. After being arrested and imprisoned for not having an ID card, she cried in the toilet while milking her cow, a heartbreaking helplessness that only a mother would understand.

Another character is a little girl selling garlands, also at a young age, are living into a small human being. Know how business should be done, see people talk, see ghosts talk, also a face without joy and sadness, the deepest longing of the heart also buried in the deepest corner. The future is a dark path full of thorns and fog, I do not know if there is light at the end, I think there should be light, so to go forward, I do not hurt or confused, I just want to keep walking to the place where there is light.

The little girl said a sentence that touched my heart, she lowered her head, as if muttering: “I will have my own house when I get there, others need to knock when they come to me, I will open the door if I want to, not if I don’t want to.”

Such a desire is so simple and pure, just want their own side of the world, seeking a trace of peace and shelter.

The more suffering people are, the more they probably understand what is most precious. In the refugee aid place, people asked him what he wanted, and the little boy thought: “I want some bread and milk.”

It’s all about survival, life is forced. Just like the people walking in the desert, you give him more gold, but it will not help, just a burden.

The whole movie is very controversial is the parents of the boy, because no identification and can not find a suitable job, the father spent his days drinking, the mother will hope in the gods, in short, is the typical representative of poverty. When it comes to their children, they always say, “I thought I would have a better life in the future because I have many children.” Always hoping that their children will bring them a good life, it’s like marrying their 11-year-old daughter because they want to raise the rent and take a few chickens from someone else, without asking about life or death. The little boy said in court, “I hope those parents who can’t afford to raise their children don’t have any more children.” Then to his own mother, he said, “The child in your womb will be just like me.” The unspoken words are probably, “Suffering, numbness, loss of all joy and tears, forced to live all day long, no dreams, no hope, powerless, depressed for life.”

If you can choose, probably some parents will not have children, in fact, life is like a lake, you never know what kind of abyss and mud buried under the surface of the calm bottom of the lake, and what kind of waves and surges. Every country, every home, large and small, always the same, do not envy and do not celebrate. We are just spectators, but every story protagonist, once a spectator. Grateful to the motherland, grateful to parents.

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