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The Bravest the beautiful hero

“The Bravest”, a film adapted from a true story, is a huge investment, the scene is very realistic, so that people have a sense of immersion, in the feeling of the relentlessness of the fire at the same time let us feel the selflessness and greatness of the fire fighters.I was looking at the ratings to see, in fact, with great expectations to see, after watching it is very moving, but also very shocking, but not imagined the kind of sense of immersion, may be to give it too high expectations, leading me to look at the time will always be distracted, but still a very moving film.

The story is adapted from a true story, so it is very persuasive, firefighters are a very special profession, we are both familiar and unfamiliar, it may be a lot of our admiration and respect for a profession, but few of us have the opportunity to really understand the dangers behind their work, so this film is also to take the audience into their work, behind this ordinary and great job, more is to sacrifice the small The sacrifice for everyone.

One of the two scenes that impressed me the most was when the commander asked the soldiers who were party members and brothers to come forward and say: party members are brothers, they should work hard, there are brothers at home, the elderly have someone to feed, they should work harder, this scene, heartbreaking and moving. Or one is Du Jiang with a team member trapped inside the chemical field, short of water, that is, no weapons, Du Jiang let the team members to the family’s mother and father recorded video, say the last words you want to say, although the moment you join the firefighters, you know there must be sacrifice, but when the reality really comes or will be afraid, afraid of more than this blaze, and their own sacrifice, how to do family, but even if they will be afraid In the small family and everyone, or choose for everyone, as the secretary said, between the fire and the people, we are left. To all the firefighters and military soldiers, and all the people of the country for the safety of the silent pay tribute to the children!

Remember the spring Russian mountain fires spread to the territory of many firefighters to put out the fire, and now the typhoon hit many villages destroyed, many flooded, sent many people’s sons and daughters to fight floods and disaster relief. They are always so bold and strong for what reason, regardless of life and death, regardless of family and children? No reason, because they are soldiers, this is their responsibility, this responsibility gives them honorable action, but also the achievement of their greatness.

Suddenly remembered a saying, you think you take for granted the good life, in fact, someone is carrying the weight for you. I suddenly understood that this person is the military, they deserve our respect, reverence and gratitude!

Thank them for the sacrifices they make for us, and thank all those who have served or helped us, even if it’s within their duties, it’s worth saying thank you!

Speaking of gratitude, I can’t help but think of a professor’s words: “Thanksgiving education is not about sensationalism, but about care and concern without expecting anything in return, and about exchanging the child’s willingness to return the favor in a silent way.” I agree with him, and I also agree with his other words, “Love is non-utilitarian.” Teachers should love their students and parents should love their children in a non-utilitarian way.

When I came out of the movie theater to go to the bathroom, an older lady smiled and gave me a courtesy, and I also smiled and communicated with her, as if I had been baptized by the movie, I saw a very pure kindness, just from a stranger’s smile, but also made my heart warm.

This is a good feeling, although there is no moon after coming out, but listen to the night wind whistling in the ears, think of this moment in a country full of love and protection, to be able to safely at 10:30 in the night on the road, there are firefighters, people’s soldiers, police, doctors they are these warriors to provide us with protection and assistance, I am really moved proud that I am a Chinese!

The biggest tear in this film is the helplessness and fragility of life when a huge disaster strikes, the life and death situation of those who are like a retrograde line to death.

Firefighters are not born heroes, and the film is not a tribute for the sake of tribute, each fire fighter’s strongest beliefs and the most real life, no matter what lies ahead, whether it is bloodshed or sacrifice, they are righteous and never indecisive, they take the new era of emergency firefighting work as a faith, to save the people in the fire to help the people in distress as a vocation, but also call on society, pay attention to the use of electricity and fire. Let the firefighters’ skills are useless.

Mushroom cloud scenes, shattered residential buildings, panic crowds, paralyzed traffic, real human nature, all to the extreme, people want to leave before the disaster, with the retrograde firefighters produced a strong contrast, “Heroes of Fire” the film, to show us the relentlessness of fire, to show the good and evil of human nature, to show the choice of firefighters in the face of death.Fire is merciless, heroes are fearless! Although firefighters are only one of thousands of professions, but they are this society, this era, the most respectable and the most lovely people!Because the only fire, there are heroes.As long as there is fire, there will be heroes!The intention of this movie is very good, it is a sentiment, a tribute, for this, it is worth praise.

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