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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Yu Xiulian, this woman

Yu Xiulian and Li Mu Bai ambiguous for many years, but never stabbed the layer of paper, really just because the middle crossed a Meng Sizhe? I think not, because Li Mubai, Li Mubai himself did not have a clear inner. Xiulian’s feelings for Li Mu Bai have never been unconcealed. The turning of the eyes and the corners of the mouth smile, even if there is a trace of clear reserve can not hide the fluttering inside, Li Mu Bai could not not see. Is it because of senior brother Meng Sizhe? No, Li Mu Bai is not the kind of person who follows the rules completely.

When Li Mu Bai wanted to quit the jianghu, he did not avenge the murder of his master. He also had no intention of retiring from the jianghu after necessarily taking revenge, and the blue-eyed fox was just a later chance encounter. How he did it, he was planning to send out the blue meditation sword after going to his master’s grave to ask for forgiveness.

Wudang Mountain has never had a precedent of accepting female apprentices, for the sake of Jade Jiao Long, Li Mu Bai is also willing to make an exception. Wudang Mountain, the famous sect, the precedent is broken. Li Mu Bai said he did not dare to touch the calluses on Xiu Lian’s hands, and after meeting Jade Jiao Long, easily touch her forehead with his fingers, albeit in the name of passing the heart trick.

Li Mu Bai, on the other hand, has never made an exception for Xiulian. Li Mu Bai said, this retreat, I entered a very deep realm, my surrounding only light, time and space do not exist. I seem to have touched, the master has never pointed out the realm.

Yes, he reached a realm where he saw the dragon of desire that was churning inside. All this time, he was careful to hide it. Finally, it could not be contained and had reached a point where it was unbearable. As for him saying that he touched a realm that his master had never instructed, it was not that Li Mu Bai was higher than his master’s realm, but that his master, Jiangnan Crane, had also encountered the same problem. Because the blue-eyed fox said, Jiangnan Crane even into the room latitude, but also refused to pass on the kung fu to me. He died in the hands of a woman, not at all injustice. Jiangnan He and the blue-eyed fox between the absolute more than the surface of the Wudang master and steal the secrets of Jiang Yang Avenue so simple.

Jade Dragon is even more angry, Wudang Mountain is a tavern whore kiln. All signs indicate that Jiangnan Crane is also afraid that is also defeated in a word of love, he himself is not tamed on the death, and how to point out the disciple. After Li Mu Bai saw his desire, he came out of the set, down the mountain, to send out the blue meditation sword. He wanted to pursue his original heart and break through the shackles of the Taoist moral code. However, he is confused and frightened, and falls on the specific event of breaking through the barrier with Xiulian, and is not determined.

He loved Xiulian, but Xiulian was never the woman who could calm his inner desires. Xiu-lian: If you come, I’ll wait for you. Li Mu Bai: Maybe.

Yu Xiulian compared with the Jade Dragon, she lacks the aura. The aura here is not a derogatory term, but only the comprehension of the sword. Sword, the characteristics of the sword walking light spirit. Xiulian, walking in the jianghu, relying on people familiar, speak of faith, righteousness. Jade dragon’s jianghu, is a heroic chivalrous girl dream, is casual and dashing to create the end of the world. Xiulian go dart board, travel south and north never miss, she wants to mellow, to humane practice, her spirituality used in these jianghu mundane matters. Despite all the 18 weapons are proficient, but with the halfway house of Jiao Long a comparison is just barely support. On the surface, the dragon is the advantage of the sword to release its momentum. However, sword law both human law, jade auger dragon’s spirituality and the lightness of the blue meditation sword two such as water and milk blend, each other, the momentum of unstoppable.

So, when Li Mu Bai met Jade Dragon, met this extreme pure sex spirit character, his deep inside the tumbling dragon got a vent, he could not control himself, to tame Jade Dragon. The unruly Jade Dragon had been “half cloud day” Luo Xiaohu tamed, tamed the Jade Dragon Xiaohu, the rolled up the sheets, a rousing love. And Li Mu Bai is not a small tiger, he is the outstanding generation of Wudang school masters, he could not let go, so he took the way is to take Jade Jiao Long as an apprentice, in the name of the master to tame.

These, in fact, this is nothing to do with Xiu Lian. Xiulian is an ordinary shrewd woman in the earthly world, like a grain of dust, not destined to enter the depths of Li Mu Bai’s soul. She has only been careful to maintain everyone’s face at all times, carefully maintaining the ambiguity between her and Li Mu Bai.

In a war between men and women, Xiulian is at a disadvantage and has no power to fight. Li Mu Bai and Yu Jiao Long are the ones, the two are equal opponents, they are the chess match. One is a master of the Wudang school of swordsmanship and martial virtue are high to no end, one is a young lady in the official’s boudoir, only on the status, in fact, to say some irony. Both are in search of their own hearts, they confront each other, one to tame, the other to escape all the shackles, a battle destined to be painful yet exciting.

Xiulian to have the spirit of the Jade Dragon everywhere carefully but everywhere to maintain, perhaps because they can not let go of the chains, and the dragon can throw away everything to go after the freedom of hate. So even though she saw Li Mu Bai’s unusual to Jade Dragon, still defending Jiao Long, again and again can not get down.

Xiulian is a patient woman, to others, to the Jianghu matter, but also to Li Mu Bai. The face of Li Mu Bai’s dragon, she can not get down, she is waiting, has been waiting, waiting for Li Mu Bai tame the dragon inside, waiting for Li Mu Bai to let go of his own hands, waiting for Li Mu Bai to return. Li Mu Bai, be patient, Xiulian. Jade Dragon: Do you want the sword or do you want me. Xiulian: Can’t lay hands on it.

What is growth? Growing up is a dragon in your heart, but trying to do the appearance of Xiu Lian. Because, everyone’s heart is crouching tiger hidden dragon.

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