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The Assassination is actually a solid composite faux Hollywood-style film. There is no open type of hand to tear the ghosts, in addition to Jeon Ji-hyun left intact, participated in the mission are sacrificed. This is still worth learning from Hollywood as well as China. They also did not shout to avenge their comrades and tearfully attacked, their hearts only love the motherland.A total of several main lines: Anwarun and Hawaii Pistol’s Mary Sue love. An Wooyoon’s assassination mission as a captain. Lian Shuojin as the big villain of the stunt, asked the Hawaiian pistol assassination mission of the Anwarun team.

First of all, I really like the Mary Sue part. In particular, I really liked when Jeon Ji-hyun and Ha Jung-woo first met in Mirabeau. Jeon Ji-hyun came in with a gun on her back and went to the table and said in Chinese I want a cup of coffee too. However, the first sip felt a little bitter, but did not know what to do. This time Ha Jung Woo on the bar used the main character aura attraction method to draw Jeon Ji Hyun’s attention, and then took the spoon and started to add sugar, and Jeon Ji Hyun just learned one thing at a time. The two of them really laughed out loud when their eyes met.

The police called by the receptionist started to check the documents, and Ha Jung Woo sat next to Jeon Ji Hyun. The police questioned, and Ha Jung Woo put his hand on Jeon Ji Hyun’s shoulder and replied, “Honey, are our IDs in the room?” The police said, after a while, Jeon Ji-hyun leaned her head on Ha Jung-woo’s shoulder and answered in agreement. Then the police were detached by the intention of the police regardless of the Japanese hooligans. The first time they met, Jolie and Pitt hooked up, but here it was handled very oriental. The pace is not so fast, instead we can still be in suspense during the few seconds when Jeon Ji-hyun reacts.

Ha Jung Woo wants to know her name, but she won’t say it. Ha Jung Woo took off his scarf and hung it around Jeon Ji Hyun’s neck and said: It’s a pity that I didn’t know my wife’s name before I left. At that time, he was abused a face. And then later is also quite su. Ha Jung-woo officially appeared to assassinate the target after aiming at Jeon Ji-hyun waved his hand. The name “Anwoyun” was commissioned by Lian Shuojin to assassinate, in order to know the name “Anwoyun” to Beijing to find but Mitsuko. Afterwards, when the original plan to assassinate him failed, he saw Jeon Ji-hyun wearing his scarf and fell in love at first sight in slow motion. Jeon Ji-hyun does not know whether this goods is an enemy or a friend, of course, sudden burst of burst – -. Later, the hero was taken away together with the beauty, ate Jeon Ji-hyun a mouthful of tofu and then smoothly escaped. On the way to learn that Jeon Ji-hyun is an independent army so give up taking heads. The hospital took out the bullet and asked Jeon Ji-hyun why she was fighting, so she could return to her homeland? Jeon Ji-hyun not slow to answer: in Manchuria house leaking rain will not be mended because to return to their homeland why do you have to mend. The reason for this is to tell others that they are still fighting. The first time I saw it, I forgot what the original words said. After that, Ha Jung-woo went out and met the disgusting officer to get the wedding bodyguard task. As a matter of fact, the day before, he met up with Mitsuko, who was pretending to be Anwarun, without any problems. See you after the battle on the day of the wedding.

Secondly, I prefer the line of Lian Suojin. After all, a movie is not complete without a villain. From the time Anwar Yoon and Mitsuko separated years ago before the title appears, Lian Suk Jin occupies a major position. And the sign that makes the audience recognize him as he is is the missing finger.

The first betrayal was to interfere with the Anwaroon squad to receive the clearance mission; the second was the idea of a gas station for a car, leading to the failure of the initial plan of the Anwaroon squad (and then promoted to leather); the third killed the boss’s wife and cut off communications; the fourth wedding to catch the Hawaiian pistol and team up against; the fifth sewer cover ambush Hawaii and the old man. And finally the ancient Lian Shuojin time and again to accept the trial but are not guilty. In the face of accusations to take off his shirt with a wound to say he was in love, the masses of lightning-fast change of words to see my heart twinge. At the end, he finally knew that Mitsuko was actually Anwoyun and one of Mr. Jinjiu’s men who he thought had been killed but hadn’t been executed jointly. This part is actually a bit Agatha’s flavor, the so-called justice did not come in the trial. True justice exists in the hearts of those who ask for it, and they do the right thing for God.

Again, throughout the film should be the Anwarun squad and assassination mission. This is also the concentration of the main theme. Snipers, rapid-fire guns and demolition experts in the process of assembling is a more corny terrain. This is true of “Inception”, “The Thing”, and even “X-Men” and “Lord of the Rings”. But then we are eaten to death by this pattern. These people have a primitive skill and then throw their heads in the war. Anwarun’s sniper showed once at the beginning: quick reflexes, good marksmanship, and not afraid to die. The other two play a kind of foil role, which is mainly the laughing part. The first assassination before the rapid-fire gun met Hawaii after being wounded and lost. Here there is a very melodramatic paragraph: why castrate the pig. Later Hawaii also asked the old man this sentence.

Anwoyun has been shooting non-stop, there is absolutely no intention to hide or to escape, because she is fighting for her country. She couldn’t stop until she finished her mission. Later Mitsuko was killed by Kanginoku she had the temporary intention to impersonate Mitsuko. The brainstorming image at this time is like the bloody bride of “Kill Bill”, the white wedding dress is dyed red with blood. [Mitsuko was killed this paragraph is simply cruel QAQ wedding day speed gun a person to take out almost a floor of people, but finally want to try to stand up together to go back but can not do QAQ This is a spirit of resistance to the end, they are not afraid to die, they are afraid of failing to complete the task.

The Hawaiian pistol that people are scared of is actually seen casually in the face, that is, when Lian Suojin is looking for him to take the head of the Anwarun squad. The black man in Conan, even if there is a strong light is also a black, Hawaii can not pay attention to it.

Anvoyoon in the department store to leave an address, obviously hesitated, but still wrote. Although I know it is the plot needs but really feel so anxious to actually leave a clue so. Well, I’ve been tricked. The department store Mitsuko found Anwoyoon, and later the Hawaiian pistol was actually found by Lian Sukjin at the wedding.

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