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The Battle At Lake Changjin II Fight for the motherland

Why was there a war against the United States and Korea? Why did the Chinese People’s Liberation Army cross the Yalu River and dare to fight against the most advanced American army in the world? The answer is given in the words of Tan Ziwei (played by Duan Yihong) in “Watergate Bridge at Lake Changjin”, for the glory of the soldiers.What did the soldiers who fought in the war against the U.S. and Korea want? The 7 company, as an ace penetrating death company, only survived with Wu Wanli (played by Yi Yang Qianxi), but because they were soldiers, even if death was so close, they would run to death without rebellion.

Each and every one of the men in the 7th Company took the initiative to die, and they died for the right reasons. They sacrificed themselves for their comrades and played a profound role in the direction of the whole battle. Their actions have brought a great shock to people, why we have a good life nowadays, it is because they used their lives to pave a good future for us.

Pinghe (played by Han Dongjun) as the 7 Company’s marksman, has been the 7 Company’s most valuable long-range firepower support, should have been hiding in the rear of the team Pinghe but in order to be able to blow up the Watergate Bridge as soon as possible, his own flesh and blood as a shield to block the tank before the tank, he was ruthlessly crushed by the tank, but he also successfully destroyed the Watergate Bridge explosives to the best location. It was because he used himself as a “fuse” that the Suimen Bridge was blown up for the first time, greatly slowing down the retreat of the American troops.

When the tank ran over Pinghe’s body, our hearts were gripped together, how painful it should be, but in order to ensure the completion of the mission, Pinghe completely cared about their own cone of pain, after all, the opportunity and timing missed, it is difficult to appear a second time.

Yu Congrong (Li Chen) as a member of the 7 company artillery platoon has been the 7 company to attack the city as an important “weapon”, for the safety of the entire company, he volunteered to become a “live target” of the U.S. bombers, and eventually he was shot into a sieve, not even a whole body! In the end, he was shot as a sieve, not even a whole body left.

But in front of life and death, he did not hesitate, but if he hesitated for a second, all the soldiers of the 7th Company would have been directly wiped out by the American bombers. This is the awareness as a soldier, the smallest sacrifice for the greatest value, even if such a sacrifice is their own lives are not resigned to.

Mei Sheng (played by Zhu Yawen) as the instructor of the 7 Company has always been the one who stabilizes the heart of the 7 Company, Wu Qian (played by Wu Jing) is more “Yang”, and Mei Sheng’s “Yin”, is the best “tie” that will firmly string the 7 Company together. The “tie”. In the first bombing of the Watergate Bridge operation, it was Meisheng saw the trap of the U.S. Army, and did not let the entire company was completely wiped out, but let the entire company played an unexpected effect, the entire company with higher intelligence crushed the U.S. Army, Meisheng is the brain of the 7 Company. Before entering the Battle of Watergate Bridge Mei Sheng’s eye has been wounded, but he has been involved in all the actions of the Watergate Bridge, in the U.S. Army to repair the Watergate Bridge, the 2nd action of the 7 Company, Mei Sheng only drive the captured U.S. military jeep, allowing himself to serve as a fire collection point for the final action of Wu Qianli.

Mei Sheng was a wounded soldier, but he participated in all of the Suimen Bridge operations intact, and even ended up being the most critical part of the second bombing of the Suimen Bridge. An ordinary person in real life eye injury, are difficult to act normally, let alone Mei Sheng or in the life and death of the battlefield.

What kind of awareness a soldier has is really touching. What is the glory of a soldier, the soldiers of the 7th Company gave the answer with their own actions. As the company commander of 7 Company, Wu Qianli was always the one who rushed to the front of all the battles. He always protected his brother Wu Wanli and all the people of 7 Company, but he watched his brothers of 7 Company die one by one in front of him, and finally he also went with his brothers.

But before he died, he completed his mission perfectly and blew up the Watergate Bridge again. He was able to stand up to his country and all the men of 7 Company, but he was only sorry for his brother Wu Wanli. However, I believe that Wu Wanli went through the battle of Changjin Lake, he understood Wu Qianli, he admired Wu Qianli, and he worshipped Wu Qianli.

Every man of the 7th Company died generously in the face of death without a moment’s hesitation, and they even felt supreme glory before they died. Their fearless spirit left people not only touched, but deeply shocked, because they sacrificed themselves for others, the spirit of sacrificing the ego to have our country’s takeoff nowadays. History will not forget them, the people will not forget them. The shock they left is not only left in Changjin Lake, not only left in Korea, but also left in the wheel of history. Through history, across a century, we will still be deeply shocked by their feat, and we will still be deeply impressed by their feat!

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