Educational Movie

After the Storm

The first thing you need to do is to find a lost pet, follow the cheater, earn a small salary, pay the rent, and pay for your son’s living expenses to your ex-wife. The company’s main goal is to provide a better solution to the problem of the problem. Take your son to buy a lottery ticket, expecting a child’s luck to win the jackpot, telling him that if he wins the lottery he must share half of it with his father. The company is also a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of the United States of America.

The place where Yoshitomo bets on bike races is like the place where Kikujiro takes Masuo.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The first of these is a novelist who won a literary award 15 years ago and has been silent ever since, unable to come up with a decent work. Writers are a difficult profession, and some people may only have one work to shine in their lifetime, but Rondo did not give up.

The place where Rondo lives is filled with books and bookshelves, and the work of the detective agency is called collecting writing material, and also writing on sticky notes as a record when talking with the subject of the camera and hearing sentences like “Where did my life start to be abnormal?

In life, he is a scoundrel, gambling and muddling through, but he is not willing to make any compromise on his cherished dream of being a novelist. Each side, is the real Ryodo, but also let his wife and he together and finally separated the reason.

He was approached by a publisher about writing the original book for a gambling comic, but he refused, saying, “I’m working on my next novel. He did not want his reputation as a novelist to be tarnished in any way.

When talking with his son, Ryo said that it is not the success of his dream that matters, but the life that is illuminated by it.

Ryodo is like his own father, a man he hates and wants nothing more than to be. The father does not appear, and has been dead for more than six months at the beginning of the movie. From the descriptions of the crowd, we know that the father also loved to gamble, buy lottery tickets, lied about borrowing money, and muddled through a life that his family did not love. However, after his death, what everyone remembers is that his father was a good writer, and his mother complained about throwing away all his clothes but still kept some. Ryodo stole his father’s ink stone to pawn it, and was told by the owner that his father proudly brought his novel to the neighborhood, saying that it was his son’s first edition work and would definitely appreciate in value in the future. And Ryodo finally did not want to pawn the inkstone after all.

The son of his father, Ryodo is a young punk raised by an old punk, who said he hated his father the most, but lived as his father did. No one is black or white, father, Ryodo are such people, seemingly can not do anything well and can not rely on, not good people, nor bad people, want to make life better, but unable to change themselves, to the family a lot of trouble. This time, Yuwa Yeshi has captured the look of more complicated people and closer to the normal face of life. No wonder the director said, this is not a family film, through the family, he would like to reflect the society.

After losing his marriage, Ryodo wants to be a good father and get back together with his wife. On the day of the monthly father-son reunion, he plays a trick and drags his son Shingo to his grandmother’s house, and the grandmother tacitly calls his former daughter-in-law Ringside to create opportunities for them to get along.

The grandmother played by Shiki Hirin is the most heart-wrenching character. The mother of the Yokoyama family in “The Walk” loses her partner this time and lives alone in a residential apartment, raising many plants on the balcony, irrigating the trees as if they were her sons, looking at the scenery from the balcony when there is nothing to do, occasionally going to the teacher’s house with a group of old ladies to listen to Beethoven’s symphony, and even the supermarket has introduced a home delivery service from the third floor. The grandmother introduces Ryodo to the symphony teacher and is proud of her son’s status as a novelist.

One typhoon night, Ryota, Shingo, and Rinko all gather at Grandma’s house, and Grandma is happy to make noodles, spreading old people’s pampering and letting Rinko and Shingo stay for the night.

Shingo talks to Grandma about the lottery and asks her if she can buy a house if she wins the lottery, and if mom and dad can live together again and bring Grandma over to live with them, and Grandma nods tearfully and says yes. Ryoko said when she argued with him that a lottery ticket of 300 yen was a dream. How I wish that Shingo’s dream of a lottery ticket could come true.

When Ryoko said that it was no longer possible with Ryoko, the grandmother sobbed and kept saying how it had become like this. Faced with her son Ryo-tachi, she nevertheless kept reassuring, “I have lived to such an old age, and I have never loved anyone deeper than the sea”. For the mother is firm, the grandmother’s thin body, more powerful than the son who is 189 tall, begging her son must watch herself grow old, seemingly to accompany, more like giving her son encouragement to live.

The teacher is really a god acting, compared to the “step” when the teacher is much older, 70 years old, between the speech has been with the sound of gasping, movement trembling, so that people can not help but feel pain, but also true to the performance of the late old man and everyone has the appearance of grandmother, I hope the teacher can live a long and healthy life, continue to be on the screen, cooking delicious dishes, speak as if it is very remarkable words.

On the night of the typhoon, Ryota takes his son to the park slide where he played as a child, hides from the typhoon and eats snacks, and Rinko comes looking for him, and the family sits in the tiny slide track, looking for the lost lottery ticket together in the rain, and being able to get along so warmly, Ryota and Rinko both look back in their minds, how it has become like this.

I hope you will also look ahead and cheer up. Happiness is to seek benevolence, even if you can not become the ideal adult, but also to live a good scrappy life. Just like the end of Kikujiro’s summer, Ryota, Rinko, and Shingo parted at the station and went their own way. With the courage given by each other.

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