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Midnight Sun Love is the brightest sunshine

The film “Midnight Sun” tells the story of a wonderful young girl who is terminally ill, cannot be exposed to the sun, can only come out at night, loves to sing, loves life, however, she also meets the boy of her choice.This young girl is Katie. She is cheerful, lively, motivated, likes to write lyrics, likes to use a guitar to tell her life. Only, by an unlucky fate, she has an incurable disease called pigmented dry skin. Any slight ultraviolet light emitted by the sun was fatal to him she was. For years, he lived at home, never appearing during the day. That eighteen-year-old night, she asked her father’s permission, holding a guitar, sitting on the street to play a song, encountered so many years, they have been through the window crush on the hero Charlie, from then on a beautiful relationship opened the curtain.

The most heartwarming and romantic picture, all happened in the night. Charlie took her to a party of friends, to see a different group of carnival; Charlie took her on board his summer job ship, the stars twinkled, leaving their first kiss; Charlie took her on the night train, to see a super burning live concert; Charlie took her to see her favorite band mainstage, in the studio to record their own songs.

I wish that it would always be dark. The first time I found that the darkness is safe, the darkness is the happiest. In the dark, the hero and heroine tell each other their hearts and encourage each other. He encourages her to play her song boldly in the streets of a strange city; she encourages him to overcome the shadow of serious injuries and start swimming again.

The craziest episode, when the two people are most in love, Charlie looked forward to the two of them together to enjoy the upcoming sunrise, but Katie seems to have just understood what, like crazy, too late to put on their own clothes, too late to explain half a sentence, all the way to the house. The first rays of the morning sun became the killer of their love.

The sunlight irradiated Katie and it caused Katie’s skin cells to atrophy, inducing neurological damage eventually forming a malignant tumor. Happiness came too suddenly, and happiness ended too hastily. But again, the power of love is infinite. Charlie did not end love, Charlie chose to begin to give, return, and accompany Katie.

Most touching, the two sat snugly in the night. Little by little, Katie remembers the good old days when she kept watching Charlie from the window. Fourth grade, Charlie skateboarding from his window before passing; sixth grade, Charlie wearing a certain team’s clothes from her window and passed; a certain period of time, Charlie cut inch from his window past …… Charlie dress up her life. The picture is warm, the night is quiet, the music is soothing, but my tears ah, but like a tidal wave out of the gushing out …… if my daughter is beside, will certainly use her small hands one by one out of the drawer, for me to wipe tears. My daughter is sleeping soundly.

Charlie met Katie before, due to back injury surgery, can not swim in the water, and lost the opportunity to obtain a scholarship to Berkeley University. During that time, he had been depressed, once on the verge of confusion and loss, until he met Katie. Katie’s presence was like a light that illuminated his dark inner world, and for the first time, Charlie, who had been depressed, burst into a heartfelt, radiant smile in front of his friends.

Although Katie has a lot of musical talent, but has been shy to perform in front of people, and Charlie encouraged her to play guitar in a strange city, in a crowded square, Katie’s wonderful performance and like a heavenly song won the audience a piece of applause, after being recognized Katie firm her dream of music and confidence in themselves.

Knowing Charlie’s difficult experience, Katie decided to help Charlie get out of the shadow of his mind and recover his lost dream. So Katie, despite the cold, decided to go into the cold water and let Charlie teach her how to swim. Soaking in the seawater, Charlie found that he could still swim, and with Katie’s encouragement, Charlie relearned to swim from the coach and recovered his lost dream.

But at this time, Katie, the clock of life has begun to count down. In order not to hurt Charlie, Katie decided to break up with Charlie, Charlie learned of Katie’s condition, but did not break up with Katie, he said “Katie changed his life, he will not choose to give up because of Katie’s disease, he will work with Katie to overcome the disease”. Katie cried tears of joy when she heard that, and the two of them hugged each other tightly.

In the days when Katie was alive, she wrote a song about her experience with Charlie, called “Charlie’s Song”, and Charlie helped Katie to record the song, and after Katie’s death, the song hit the streets, with more than two million cycles, and Katie finally realized her dream as a singer. Charlie also won a scholarship to college for his excellent swimming performance, fulfilling his dream of college.

People say “the most beautiful love is in the old age, still can hold each other’s hands, enjoy every beautiful twilight”. The film tells us that true love is, even if you know that you are not perfect, or even defective, but still never give up; even if you can not cross the chasm of fate, but also want to enjoy the brightest sunshine with you. To make each other whole, spare no effort to help each other realize their dreams and become the best version of themselves, even if they can’t be with you, they want to leave you with their last love, so that your life can be less bumpy and less of a detour.

Love is precisely the brightest sunshine that brings hope and strength, giving people the courage to step through every thorn in life and traverse every bump in the road.

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