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Soul Mate sometimes July, sometimes Anson

I remember when I watched July and Anson, I was impressed with the love triangle between Jiaming, July and Anson. This indecisive man, let the same sweetness and suffering together with the best friends turned against each other, let people sigh and sigh.The classic line of He Shuhuan also comes to mind, “I’m not the only man under the sun who is attracted to two women, am I?” Although Jia Ming is not very reliable, indecisive, and not brave, it also reflects the many problems in choosing a spouse. So if we are the Jia Ming, how would we choose between July and Ansheng?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. This is already easy to see in the movie, July has a happy family, parents have a good relationship, often cooked for her full of love, which is also the most enviable point for Li Ansheng (Zhou Dongyu), because they grew up without a mother and father.

Despite the starry-eyed care July receives, she loves herself the most. She knows full well that Ansheng is leaving the country for her, but she is ruthless in not letting him stay. Ansheng suffers humiliation and hardship during his wandering life, and in the end, he does not have a fulfilling relationship. Ansheng was ridiculed by her for her frivolity when she went to fight with someone to get a bottle of wine.

Although it is true that Ansheng was with Jiaming for a while, it was not her problem alone, but Jiaming, who was not able to carry himself, was also to blame. When she quarreled with Ansheng, she said she took pity on her to be so nice to her. It’s all about breaking Ansheng’s heart. Ansheng, unrestrained, is the red rose in the hearts of all people Ansheng is the kind of unrestrained love of freedom character, she is not good at school, often have fun, hanging out in places like bars, is a “bad boy” in the mouth of others.

In a sunny afternoon, she and the sunny July met, “Let’s go play in the playground”, a simple invitation, but became the beginning of their bromance, and then followed the shadow for several years. The deepest impression I have of this girl, Anson, is that she knows how to be grateful.

Maybe it’s because when people are in trouble, they are extra grateful to those who help them. So, the young and lonely Anson took July, who was willing to be her friend, as a lifesaver. For one thing, she gave July’s mom and dad a gold chain from the grocery store to thank them for taking care of her, and July’s mom was all smiles and praised Ansheng for being more understanding than July.

The second is that Jiaming is July’s boyfriend, but he secretly follows Ansheng and has a crush on her. Ansheng chose to leave her home so as not to stir up conflicts between July and Jiaming. I remember her saying to July before she got on the train, “July, if you want me to stay, I’ll stay,” but July never said the words to stay. The human emotion, after all, is selfish, the play here, not to comment on the right or wrong.

In the bright city, in the city with no place to stay, in the night of hunger and cold, in the dark moment of betrayal of his boyfriend, Ansheng’s address changed and changed, but he never forgot to send postcards to July from different coordinates. July’s life makes Ansheng more humble in love, and she even expresses her love for Jiaming by simply saying “hello to Jiaming”.

She never thought about what she really wanted. So, women ah can not covet how good others are to you, or should be strong themselves, in order to meet better people, more trustworthy people, rather than those cloaked in sheep’s clothing wolves.

In the second half of the film, July sees through Jia Ming’s hesitation and is willing to marry her, not because he loves her, but because they have been dating for years and it’s time to put a “happy” ending to the relationship. She gave herself to Jia Ming as a tribute to this dead love. And told Jia Ming, tomorrow’s wedding, you do not come.

At this age when she should be mature, July suddenly rebelled, and she planned the “repented marriage”, so that she could finally tear off the shackles of the “good boy” for many years. After quitting her job at the bank and saying goodbye to her loving parents, she embarks on a journey of self-exile.

She began to wander the world, going to different places and seeing different landscapes. In the movie, July dies in childbirth after giving birth to a child with Jia Ming. Ansheng later tried to learn English and became quiet and well-behaved. When July finds her, she is pregnant. When July leaves the world and her baby, only Ansheng is with her, sobbing uncontrollably.

Ansheng took a pen name, July, and wrote a novel about her and July, and rewrote the ending. Ansheng raised July and Jia Ming’s child, and she did not tell Jia Ming about July’s death, but only told him that July had left. July and Ansheng are not like two styles embodied in one person. We all aspire to be that person, who has both the quietness of July and the debauchery of Ansheng.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. He is indecisive and cannot take responsibility independently, so I’m afraid that a gentle July with the bravery of Ansheng is more suitable for him.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of who is right and who is wrong, and you can’t help but feel moved by their bromance. The two of them are still the same as you and I in our youth, warming each other’s young time.

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