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The Kite Runner For you, a thousand times

In the background of Afghanistan in the 70s, the young Amir and his servant’s son Hassan are a pair of partners since childhood. He was so weak that he could not live without Hassan’s protection, and even in the kite flying competition, he was able to win the championship with the help of Hassan’s skills and his father’s affirmation.But when Hassan chased the kite for him and was sexually assaulted by Rasef, he simply hid behind and watched Hassan struggle desperately, and used the thinking that he was a lowly human species to give excuses for his own cowardice and selfishness, people are a strange animal, when we feel guilty about a thing or a person and can’t get it back, we will sinfully choose to completely destroy it to get a different kind of soul The consolation.

So then he went out of his way to stage a theft and slander Hassan because of his guilt, hoping that this would prompt his father to drive away Hassan and his son. Because he remembered his father said to him: “The greatest sin of man is to steal.” A few years later, Amir and his son were forced to leave their home in the care of his father’s friend Rahim because of the war, and left their homeland.

At the border, when his father bravely stopped the soldiers’ desire to do evil, Amir still cowardly tried to stop his father. After graduating from college, Amir chooses to be a writer, recording his childhood memories, and later marries the daughter of a general who has also settled in the United States.

Until one day he receives a phone call from his father’s best friend, Rahim. From Rahim, Amir obtained information about Hassan, Rahim left, found Hassan and continued to entrust the house to Hassan care, and then Hassan was executed with his wife for this reason, and his only son was put into an orphanage, at this time Amir still do not go willing to go to Afghanistan in person, but want to pay someone to pick up. Only then did Rahim tell him a shocking secret: Hassan is actually the illegitimate son of his father and his servant. And then Amir finally personally departed back to the war-torn hometown of long-lost, after the twists and turns to finally pick up his nephew, Hassan’s son – Sorabo.

Throughout the whole story, each person and each image has a different meaning, Rahim, Sorab, Asef, the general, Amir’s wife, and even the servant Ali. But there is one person really can not be ignored, is Amir’s father, in fact, Hassan’s identity in the beginning has been hinted at, at the same time he is also to some extent prompted Amir to Hassan betrayal of the originator, because he can not give Hassan a formal identity, so can only treat Hassan as his own, trying to create a balance between treating Hassan and Amir, which also makes Amir increasingly have a kind of to be taken away This also makes Amir more and more a sense of crisis to be taken away from his father’s love, thus making Amir from jealousy to betrayal. Amir’s father did his best to do good deeds to atone for his sins, and Hassan’s adoptive father – the servant Ali also grew up, Amir’s father’s intervention turned Amir’s atonement into two generations of atonement.

Since childhood, Hassan always bravely guarded the weak character of Amir, and made a lifelong commitment to it – for you, a thousand times. Even after Amir betrayed himself and framed himself still firmly bear all, until the end in the guardianship of Amir abandoned mansion gave his life. But this will make us in this society gradually lost in shame, doubt. Doubt that the world really exists this kind of friendship other than family, but we ignore this seemingly absurd and foolish quality is the quality we should have as human beings, so we have no reason to be more qualified to dark speculation.

For example, Hassan was born with harelip, Amir finally in the fight with Rasef was also beaten with harelip such before and after contrast; in Hassan was Rasef sexual assault, the original struggling Hassan saw Amir hiding outside, and the sexual assault process is not directly skipped like the film; and the final Sorabo because of visa issues and once again experienced suicide…

Perhaps it is based on the most primitive and beautiful human feelings, or perhaps political factors, or perhaps the director does not want to bring a thicker darkness to this already desolate society.

For me, and even for the audience or readers, it is actually very good, the original gives us more spiritual impact, so that we can understand society more correctly, look at themselves, while the film brings us better visual effects, but also more simple and intuitive to let us see the transformation of a soul.

At the end of the film, Amir tells Sorab, “Your father is a master of kite chasing, he doesn’t have to look at the sky to know where the kite is flying, some people say he is just chasing the shadow of the kite, but I know otherwise, he just knows it is there”.

Yes, Hassan did not deliberately chase after the highest goodness and beauty, all of it, simply because they have never been deeply rooted in his soul.

Amir won the battle of the kites in the park with Sorab using Hasan’s skill, “Do you want me to go chasing kites for you?” When Sorabo’s face stretched into a shy smile and nodded gently, Amir ran smoothly and quickly in the direction of the falling kite: “For you, a thousand times”.

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