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That Year School Ended Our Memories

The year of graduation” allows people to see these three things, the charm of youth is fascinating, let people sigh, in fact, we are unaware of the beauty will be easy to pass. The love is always so tortuous, the young we because of capricious, because stubborn, will be the original wonderful feelings, abandoned in the wasteland, a wreck. If one day, we are no longer young and frivolous, no longer capricious, no longer confused, can we pick up the love that was placed in the wasteland! The more frustrating the love is, the more beautiful it is, but how many people have had a sublimation afterwards.

The actual fact is that you can’t get a lot of people to do the job. The heart doesn’t match the love that is destined to be so bad, no need to guess and no need to think. As Ting Ting general, can not get, do everything possible to pursue, the result is counterproductive, embarrassment in the KTV, hurt is dignity. Whether it is a man or a woman, a lover or a friend, do not let a moment of displeasure, do not let the anger burn, burn each unbearable, everyone has their own dignity. Money is a topic that makes people so sensitive. It is said that love is inseparable from the material, take charge of how ridiculous it is to use money to link with love. When Ella went out with Conlin, he was silent when she gave him her bank card. When others ridicule their own soft food, the lonely heart, a heavy blow, the fist can no longer hold back.

I don’t know how many young boys and girls, had a deep dream to pursue that collective very good that he that she, the result is out of reach, or because of inferiority complex, or because of failure, at this time we have become Ting Ting. That beautiful and simple girl, bent on chasing the boy she likes, unafraid, but ignored the handsome man who really loves her around her. When the dream is no longer, the fantasy has been extinguished, looking back, the person who is still waiting for you in the same place, had made you crazy let you make a scene, how touching, how real. If you love the girl, love someone else, someone else has no intention of her, she thought you were just buddies, will you be like a roadie to hold on to, to take care of, let the beloved go capricious, to make a scene. Even if they are so lonely, the last of the last, but all the way to the flower. She tore the picture of the fantasy person and added it to his. Two hundred and one proposal, some ridiculous, capricious some hilarious, love the beauty, love the glow. It was to think if we had that kind of persistence. Love is wonderful. Let one feel that giving up the dream is also worth, but love each other are more focused on each other’s future. For the sake of Conlin, Ella gave up her dream and went to Paris with him, but he ignored the feelings of the other side, he has rejected from the bottom of his heart the idea of going abroad later, not wanting to be swayed by others because of the group of children, the sea, the sky. Ella said can you give up your dream for her is, he was silent. People are lovely because of their dreams, but when dreams meet true love, what will you do? A young man, the prince of piano. When he was forced by life to make a living in a bar, how many people cast strange glances and never understood his unyielding heart. Self-confidence, responsibility, self-reliance, how many of us do as he did. Feet on the ground, looking up at the sky, a solid, a blue, reality and the moment. No bread, how to dance; no cave, where to settle; no status, how to stand.

As the saying goes, college love is like a firework, beautiful, a flash, the results are slim, but not who knows what it’s like. Just like Liu Ruying sang in “Alone for Life”: campus love continues, do not deliberately pursue anything, grasp the present, everything follows naturally. But one day, we have a result, that you did the right thing, when one day, we have no results, you have no regrets. But when we lost love together in the year of graduation became the creed of how many people, because of the future, because of themselves, we are destined to lose some good. A person’s life is so long, many things to experience, it is impossible to do everything perfectly, leave some regrets, it is also good.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Love you, for you and think more, silent, quiet and speechless. Time is not a problem, the heart has been set, is how the years. One day, they met, he would say to him; out of school, we split, you go east, I go west, spare a circle and back to each other, how beautiful, and how ironic. Immediately after, two people, embracing each other and laughing, tightly and fondly. The last scene, Kang Lin is playing with that swarm of children when an isolated figure, as if from the sky, but he smiled like the wind, like the sky. When the children ask what happiness is, he smiles and answers tightly, happiness is to see hope!

Looking at other people’s stories, thinking about their own once, will you also raise the corners of your mouth, feel the breeze fluttering.

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