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As a small budget children’s comedy film, without a superstar cast, “The Kid” became the biggest box office hit at the time with a cost of only $18 million. The film was the top grossing movie in the United States for 12 weeks. In 1990, the movie grossed $533 million, setting a new Guinness record for the highest grossing movie of the time. The then 10-year-old McCauley burst onto the scene with this film, and was the hottest child actor in Hollywood, and was the second-ranked star on VH1’s “100 Greatest Child Actors” list.

Because of the success of “The Kid 1”, Hollywood released “The Kid 2” in the 1992 Christmas season, and this sequel was also very successful and still a big hit. At the time, Trump had just acquired the New York Plaza Hotel, where the film was set. He agreed to a cameo role in the show on the condition that the crew would film on his property. Trump, who is not a big fan of theater, has made guest appearances in more than 20 films and series in this way, and has essentially done so in his own right.

Because McQuarrie starred in the “Kid 1” and “Kid 2” is too successful, he played the role of Kevin is also too deep into the hearts of people. So after the change of other small actors, the sequel and the series of “The Kid” were not well received and did not recreate the glory. By the way, I would like to mention that “The Kid 3”, the biggest supporting actress in this movie is the Black Widow Scarlett Johansson, who plays the main character’s sister. She was 13 years old at the time and she wasn’t already a standout.

For McQuarrie, the “Kids in the Hall” series not only made him a household name, but also allowed him to gain a divine best friend, which is Mike Jackson. Mike Jackson invited McCauley to appear in his own music video “Black or White”, invited McCauley to be his concert guest, and invited McCauley to his “dream manor” as a guest. The two real people also had a fight over the question “Can super power beat bats?” This issue has quarreled, but later reconciled again.

McQuarrie also became the godfather of Mike Jackson’s two children, Prizzi and Paris. When Mike Jackson was accused of “sexual assault” and became an instant target, Mike had to appear as a witness for Mike Jackson’s defense, despite strong objections from his manager. He told the jury in court that he had never been sexually assaulted by Mike Jackson and had never seen Mike Jackson act inappropriately with any other boy. Mike also attended Mike Jackson’s funeral, which was a private funeral attended only by Mike Jackson’s family and close friends.

In the movie, McCauley has a happy family with loving parents and sisters and brothers. He fought with thugs and was determined to protect his home. After unintentionally being left alone by his family, he enjoys a brief moment of freedom and then misses the time when his family was around, feeling lonely and cold. And his mother went out of her way to make it home, and the rest of the family also changed their Christmas holiday schedule and came home early.

But real life is cruel! McCauley’s family is far from the warmth of the film. In the family of many sisters and brothers, the third in line McCauley showed amazing acting talent from a young age, and began to perform on stage at the age of four. But his parents only used him as the family’s cash cow.

Although McCauley became famous after the price skyrocketed, the highest pay is comparable to a big name adult stars. But most of that hard-earned money was squandered by his parents. Mike’s father, in his capacity as an agent, has repeatedly asked for higher pay and negotiated terms when making movies, which has gradually made Mike get the cold shoulder from Hollywood producers. The parents had a long history of discord and usually rarely really cared about Mike’s upbringing, but divorced in order to fight for his custody.

The company’s first and foremost goal was to get the best out of the company. However, because he was tired of his family, McCauley announced his retirement from the film industry at a young age! Lack of family warmth, but also the desire for family integrity, he married early at the age of 16. But after all, Mike himself is still a child who has not really grown up, which has the ability to run and maintain the marriage? His marriage lasted only two years.

After that, Macaulay came back to film, but it is difficult to pick up once brilliant. The few movies he made after his comeback were not very successful and lost a lot of money. The career setback, the failure of the marriage, have hit the former child star’s confidence. He became addicted to drugs again, and in order to get clean, he became addicted to smoking again. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Most people only see his scenery no longer, indulge themselves, not enough self-love, but do not see his hard work along the way.

Fortunately, McCauley reaped a beautiful love, which also let him regain his strength! After eight years off, McCauley returned to filming and formed a band called The Pizza Underground, and appeared in several commercials and network shows. Of course, the road to his comeback did not go smoothly, he made a few films to mediocre response, live performance once there were people throwing bottles at him, but also to participate in some late-night variety shows, and his girlfriend of eight years in love still ended in a breakup. Some people even asked the question “Did Macaulay Culkin die?” on the Internet. The question was even asked on the Internet, “Did Macaulay Culkin die?” and was once a hot search.

Last Christmas, Google brought back the former child star to shoot a Google Assistant commercial featuring “adult Kevin”, a tribute to the classic “Kids in the House”. In this Google AI voice assistant commercial, an adult Kevin is once again left at home during the Christmas holidays. But this time, he can easily arrange all the things and set up all the organs with the help of using the voice assistant. When the adult Kevince, sleepily opened the bedroom door and shouted “Mum”, the fond memories of the film came back to the forefront.

The movie that made McCaw a hit is a fond childhood memory for many people, and is a classic film that many people revisit with their families during the Christmas holidays. However, for McCaw, this movie has become the most painful thing he does not want to mention, and it has become a burden that he still cannot get rid of.

During his guest appearance on “The Ellen Show”, McCaw said that Kevin in the movie had a happy childhood and could spend Christmas with his family. But he himself lost his childhood forever because of filming and acting, unable to go to school and play freely like other children, not to mention having a warm family like in the movie. He said he could not revisit the film with the same peace of mind as his fans who love him.

And Disney, after acquiring most of the assets of 21st Century Fox, will reboot many of the classic movies and TV shows that once belonged to Fox, such as “Wonderful Night at the Museum”, “A Bunch of Kids” and “Diary of a Kid” series, which also includes the “Kid in the House” movie series. And the voices questioning its reboot of “The Kid” are endless, and McQuarrie has chosen to express his displeasure on his social media with self-hatred.

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