Love Movie

Your Bird Can Sing Youth, Hello, Youth, It’s Good

This is a fairly fast-paced film. The film does not have so many life philosophy and axioms to tell, but simply present the most real, the most natural young people’s life state. And these are decadent, cheerful, helpless, and forced to grow up memories of youth, can not help but evoke memories of their own youthful years.The plot setting of two men and one woman, I believe must have evoked many people’s youthful memories. It is friendship and love, in the ambiguous triangle relationship, flowing beyond the physical collision of souls. Years later, when the 3 people are old, the deepest memories I believe are still those times spent together.

“I”, the hero of the play, like most of the young boys, live in a realm of the most unrequited, no desire, no feeling, to life, not much pursuit, not cynical, nor want to punish evil and promote good, is that every day every day to live casually.

“I” and good friends Shizuo, rented a rental house, is the bunk brothers, Shizuo is “I” former part-time job in the factory to meet, because the character is similar, become good friends. Although they are roommates, they only share the rent and do not interfere with each other. Each other to each other, there is no demand, nor responsibility.

Such a brotherly relationship, like two parallel lines, in the university we were in, and the years at the beginning of college, is a very common thing.

“I am currently working at a bookstore, and Shizuo is temporarily unemployed.

In the bookstore, the workers who carry books and take care of customers are usually men, while the cashiers are girls. The girl, Sachiko, was working here as a cashier.

One evening, “I” and Shizuo were bored and wandering around the street. I was left alone.

At the corner, I bumped into Sachiko, who was with the owner of the bookstore, and was scolded by the owner for missing work for no reason, and then he left. Sachiko followed the boss and gently pinched “me” on the arm and left with him.

“I” originally to continue to walk forward, but somehow back to the original place, and then began to count the seconds in the heart, waiting, “I” said to myself, if the count to 120 seconds, Sachiko still not back, then leave.

Miraculously, Sachiko really came back, so the two of us arranged to go to a nearby pub for a drink at 10 p.m. “I” left a phone number for Sachiko, and then told her that I had to go home first, so we parted ways.

I went home, slept, and woke up in the middle of the night. I had no choice but to cancel the appointment, and saw Shizuo, who was still awake, so the two of us went to the main street, bought beer, and drank all night. When we saw a newly opened store with fragrant flower baskets, Shizuo and I took them back to our apartment in a slightly drunken mood.

The next day, “I” went to work at the bookstore with the smell of alcohol.

At lunchtime, I sat in the same bakery as Sachiko. I didn’t know what to say to Sachiko, but she asked me why I didn’t come yesterday, and that’s when the conversation started.

As a matter of course, two young, mutually attracted hearts collide. I” and “Sachiko” went to the apartment to let loose and enjoy the youthful love of a man and a woman.

“I never minded that Shizuo was in the middle of “me” and Sachiko.

But in some moments, Sachiko was confused. Sachiko asked “me” and Shizuo more than once why the two of you lived together and why you were so close.

The reason “I” did not have any clear explanation, but Shizuo said, because “I” is a cheerful person, what is in the heart of a person immediately let people understand, so get along very comfortable.

But Sachiko asks, “Is it really possible to see through everything?

The party and the joy cannot last forever, and to go on with life one has to face separation and pain.

Sachiko was originally the bookstore owner’s lover, and after being with “me”, Sachiko wanted to sort out her feelings and show her face to the bookstore owner.

I, however, always looked like I didn’t care. “I” said, “Why bother with a showdown, just let nature take its course and it will end.

When Sachiko was in a difficult and confusing relationship, she proposed a trip to the countryside, but “I” did not want to go with her, and Shizuo agreed to accompany her. But “I”, like a child who doesn’t understand the world, didn’t say anything about Shizuo and Sachiko’s trip alone.

After Sachiko and Shizuo returned from their trip, Sachiko approached “me” to talk. Sachiko said that she had decided to break up with me and stay with Shizuo, and I smiled and said that I had sensed a subtle change after you returned from your trip, so I wished you well. “I” response made Sachiko once again in a quandary and confused.

When the two of us were about to break up, I started counting the seconds again, and in less than 10 seconds, I suddenly turned around and ran wildly to chase after Sachiko, who was already far away, and then told her that I didn’t really want to break up with her, “I like you”.

Sachiko heard the “I” confession, the expression is full of helplessness… The plot ends.

Boys and girls are two different creatures, although they are attracted to each other to collide, but in the needs and understanding of emotions are not synchronized.

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