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101ciqiuhun1 Love and sincerity

The movie is about a construction worker who pursues a musician, Kaoru Yeh. Huang Da uses his sincerity, kindness and simplicity to impress her heart and finally obtains his happiness!The cellist of the orchestra, Ye Kaoru (Lin Zhi Ling), is hurt by the absence of her fiancé Xu Zhuo (Gao Yixiang) from the wedding due to a car accident three years ago. For three years, the beautiful and elegant woman is unable to fall in love with another person herself, although she is surrounded by suitors. But then Huang Da (Huang Bo), an ordinary, frustrated contractor, enters her life and shatters Ye Kaoru’s otherwise quiet life. The two met because Huang Da helped her to get rid of a blind date that turned into a farce, and she helped Huang Da to get back the money she was owed for the project. During the time they spent together, Huang Da was gradually attracted to Ye Kaoru’s unique temperament and recklessly launched a love attack on her. The woman is also in the process of trying to rebuff Huang Da and gradually grows attached to this man who is persistent in paying for himself. However, when she was moved by Huang Da’s true love, Xu Zhuo, who had disappeared for three years, reappeared in her life and became the biggest obstacle to their relationship…

<101ciqiuhun1>, also touched me. The loser rebellion. In fact, I do not do not believe in the so-called love, but in a very subtle state. The time to meet on a blind date, and then after various situations to know each other, love. I think there are some moments that resonate with me, and overall, this is a movie worth watching. Love to me is selfish, there is nothing to let go to make you happier such bullshit, other people’s love can not replace my love, not necessarily the right family, all things are possible

Many people must envy the love that a construction worker Huang Da has. In the modern city, many things have been marked with an obvious price.

Ye Kaoru said, “Material things don’t get you love! If material things can get everything, today you go to buy a lottery ticket, the next day the lottery you can get everything you have?” Yes, what is lost cannot come back, and what comes back is just a memory in your mind. Time is fair to everyone, and God will not favor you alone! If you had known how to cherish, would you still regret what you had done? If you had known how to cherish, you would have lost your friends and family? If you had known how to cherish, you would be very happy now!

In “101 Proposals”, she looks so thin, the wind blows up her skirt, blowing up her long hair, her face is as lifeless as a dead leaf, only despondent and bewildered, a woman who lost her lover on her wedding day should look like this, right, when she buried her lover, she also buried her heart, what lives is just a shell, what walks is just a shadow. But these can not impress me, in the text on the screen there are too many life and death, have long been used to see, if not she showed a smile ……

It was a spring smile, like a small stone wave of water, from the eyes, from the corners of the mouth spread away, at that moment she heard the vow of her dead lover, “I swear, for you 50 years later, I will still love as now.” She looked back in disbelief, first opening her mouth slightly in shock, and then, the corners of her mouth curved into a crescent, and there were tears in her eyes, a smile that was the result of countless nights of longing and waiting, a smile that could only bloom from the bottom of her heart in the face of the person she loved most, as if to say, “It’s you, it’s you.

I liked Kaoru at that moment, I was like a yellowing leaf watching the petals of spring stretch, I fell in love with that smile, my love was as hopeless as when I was young.

Subsequent viewing I was just waiting for her smile while waiting for her tears, because they always come together, and I believe the deepest joy always contains sorrow, just like the deepest love. Kaoru never hides her love, never hides her tears, she lives so capriciously like a bamboo in the bush, how few women live like this, how few women love like this, how few women have tears and smiles at the same time like this. It is her charm, that moment burst out of the sincere passion gentle efforts regardless of high or low.As in the earthly world, we are busy and anxious to run ahead, perhaps with the achievements, perhaps nothing, but all of them are only the dust of the big world.

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