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The Golden Era

The next day, Xiao Jun came to Xiao Hong’s hotel again. In the gray light, the two began a lingering period. The back row of the cinema seats inadvertently came out a child’s mumble – “Mom and Dad, do you sleep like this at night?” There was an uproar in the audience. Perhaps, this is called childish talk. And Xiao Hong, is such a child, until the moment of her death.Last year I saw a movie called “Xiao Hong”, the heroine was played by Xiao Song Jia. In addition to the same beauty, the memory of that Xiao Hong, more is sad. A bitter female writer who has been through the vicissitudes of life, strong, sore and painful. When I saw the beginning of “The Golden Age”, Tang Wei narrated her life in front of the screen, the black and white picture, round face, bangs and big eyes seemed closer to the image of Xiao Hong in my mind, which is the classic picture of Xiao Hong that I have seen in my childhood textbooks (i.e. the first picture shown on Baidu’s encyclopedia), so I probably had a preconception of it.

Compared to “Xiao Hong”, “The Golden Age” adds a lot of banter, or in the words of Tang Wei, “Zhang Naiying is actually quite ‘two'”. Perhaps it is these “two” elements that make the original heavy movie not too depressing, but more “bitter-sweet, bittersweet” in meaning.

She falls down on the dock, so she simply lies down on the dock with her belly and falls asleep. In the winter night, she crossed her feet on the stove to “bake a ham”. Xiao Hong in “The Golden Age” speaks straightforwardly and quickly, and from time to time, she even blurts out a little foul language, such as “fuck”, but it is not offensive, but rather cute. When she was drinking with Xiao Jun, she walked tremulously on the road, like a duckling, wobbling behind Xiao Jun, suddenly shouting, “My shoelace is broken!” Probably when you meet a man in love, women are all pampered, Xiao Jun squatted down to tie Xiao Hong’s shoelaces with such concentration that I’m afraid any woman would be intoxicated. The “drunk” is the gentle touch of a head, inadvertently revealing Xiao Hong’s affection, like a gentle little girl, good and lovely. There is another scene in “The Golden Age” that surprised me, perhaps because I had seen “Xiao Hong” before. The scene in “Xiao Hong” in which the flooding in Harbin is so tragic that it brings tears to the eyes, a step away, maybe it is a brush, a stone’s throw away, how difficult it is to meet. The same scene in “The Golden Age”, the background music is playing the childhood back garden also played the cheerful little tune, there are children in the water playfully, Xiao Hong greeted the old man to take her away, the look and language, like a naughty child …… as if all this is not a disaster, just a everyone The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it.

In fact, such Xiao Hong is more real. The writer who writes with emotion, in addition to suffering, is also a person who loves life. Unknowingly, their figures often overlap in my mind – Wang Jiazhi, Ruan Lingyu, Zhang Eiling, Xiao Hong, Wang Fei, Sansao …… live for art, die for love. Actors, not only acting, play like life, acting in other people’s tragedies, but also embodied their own lives. Tang Wei said: “I do not have any scene, the heart is not intense.” Some people say: “Tang Wei acted too hard, but affect everyone’s viewing experience, so that everyone looks and feels pain.” However, there is no extreme commitment, where to get the ultimate feeling. The woman is a strong woman, a woman who is more emotional than rational, a woman who is desperate for love, a woman who is devoted to literature, a woman who has been wandering all her life, but she is still a child who does what she wants, who has no heart and no lungs. Her love, always that hard. “When I die, perhaps no one will go to see my work, but for sure, my scandals will circulate forever.” It does hurt to hear such words, but it is true to the core. Although there were several men in Xiao Hong’s life, the only one Xiao Hong really loved was Xiao Jun.

At the same time, Xiao Hong is also a woman who makes men suffer, not because she is bad, but because she is too good, so good that it hurts. Almost all the men who appeared in Xiao Hong’s life had to shed tears for her. Sikin recalls the night of the dock send-off, he cried because they never saw each other again after that night. Luo Binji walked down the road and cried as he walked, his expression screwed up. At the wedding, Duanmu also cried, after listening to Xiao Hong’s calm and righteous speech – “Duanmu Hongliang and I don’t have any romantic love history. It was only when I decided to separate from Sanlang forever that I discovered Duanmu Hongliang. I don’t have any high hopes for Duanmu Hongliang, I just want to live a normal life as a couple. There were no quarrels, no fights, no infidelity, no ridicule, just mutual understanding, love and consideration.” Compared to the fierce love, Xiao Hong and Duanmu, perhaps only one point of respect for each other, no love marriage can also last 4, 5 years, I’m afraid because Xiao Hong said – “If the bones are painful, the skin bleeds a little, it is numb not to feel.” However, redness is like water, redness is thin.

Finally, in the war-torn, war-torn era, in everywhere is full of fleeing, everywhere is about to desert the era, Xiao Hong lonely gone …… dying before the eyes, Tang Wei acted very subtle, a bleak and bizarre smile, so that the audience shocked, slowly, the gas collapsed, really like a flower withered. The movie is so quiet that there is not a sound, the cinema is full of silence, quietly sung by the big singers outside “Invisible Wings”, the sound is very small but exists, time seems to stand still at this moment. Unwilling to give up, struggling, lonely, Xiao Hong finally quietly went.

Until it withers, Xiao Hong is still a child. The world is still bleak, but there is only a naked heart, pure and beautiful.

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