Love Movie

Alone Love is the hand that reaches out and withdraws

This is a Turkish movie, if I remember correctly, this is my first time watching a Turkish movie.The male protagonist has deep features and is well dressed, while the female protagonist smiles like an angel and has a slight baby fat on her face. Oh, the Turks all look like this, there is still a clear difference with the East. The hero has his own restaurant by talent, his cooking tops the list of famous food columns, born to love cooking.The heroine is a teenager bizarre clothing designer, opened a small clothing store, for children to realize their dreams he, countless partners, but no girlfriend. Meet with the heroine, because of a book. It is not difficult to know a girl’s address, tailing is good. It is not difficult to have a story with a girl, just make her feel sorry.

Then the story begins. He cooks her gourmet food, each vegetable and fruit, treats it with care, creates a miracle of food with them, and enjoys the first bite of the taster’s stunning expression. Each has a charm when he is immensely serious.

The heroine’s choice is deliberate, which probably stems from the fact that she had a failed relationship, but she chooses to listen to her heart and stay by his side. He is very jubilant to finally be with the person he likes, and she, in addition to the angelic smile on her face, also added the focus of only him in her eyes.

But the story still has to continue ah. He obviously loves her, why is it, but feel uncomfortable. He occasionally sneaks out in the middle of the night, circles around the past and sneaks back in; her eyes are too focused, he does not want to meet her gaze; he feels happy and at the same time rejects this happiness. How to get along with a close person, he did not know.

So inevitably, he seemed to be reactive, pleasant one day and doubting the next, doubting himself. She was angry from the beginning, so why could she turn so cold in an instant? He was sorry and told her he didn’t mean it. She accepted it. Still, it’s important to be pleasant.

For example, do not be overly concerned about his cold mood, for him to ask to put off the lively party, so, everything is fine ah. Not long after we met, his mother visited and she took her around the city. “You’re the first girl he introduced me to.” It was a kind mother, and they hit it off. As he was leaving, the mother told him to cherish this girl.

Sending his mother away, he returned home. He said: let’s break up. Yes, I knew it, I knew it would be like this, I knew it all along. But why did I still choose to accept you, and you knew that, why did you pursue me in the first place. Yes, that’s how he’s going to reject people, no reason, no why. He said – I don’t deserve you. She said – you’re stuck in the snow, about to freeze to death, sleep makes you feel so sweet, but you don’t realize you’re dead.

A few years later, a reunion. She was still smiling like an angel, rightfully very happy. Then, picking up a wallet on the table, God knows whose wallet it was. In the wallet was a picture of my daughter, and she described a happy picture of her and her husband. Oh yeah, that’s nice. Your daughter is very cute. She smiles, her eyes still focused, this time, on not letting it extinguish the light of happiness.

WOMAN: You know, I’ve been where you lived as a child, been in your childhood room, slept in that same bed you did as a child, smelled exactly like you, taken away an old record from your collection, and you’ll never know where it went.

No, I actually miss you, the hairpin you couldn’t find before is now in my pocket, and I often make a special detour to go outside your old store, imagining that it will be you who walks out, even though you moved away from there for years. The boy said, “I have to go back, I have an appointment with someone else.

The girl says, “Yeah, that’s great.We say goodbye and turn around. Then, in just two seconds, they turned around and hugged each other hard at the same time. Okay, I’ll see you later then. She could not hold back her tears, and then he turned away and walked straight around a corner and turned left. Then, turn back to the right, and turn back to the left again. The picture is blurred.

If there is no back ten minutes, perhaps all the front can not play it. Such a film, as if nothing was said, and as if all was said.

A person can reject the person they love the most because of their own lack of confidence, their natural sense of loneliness, and this favorite person so sweet that they would rather lie only to wish the other person not to feel guilty. In the end no one is happy in such a relationship, there are only the heartache of urging the audience to drop tears. The heartache is that the boys don’t know how to love themselves, and the heartache is that the girls know too much. Light lonely piece, let me know there are such stories in the world.

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