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Forever Young Love what you love, do what you do, listen to your heart, no questions asked.

The film is set in Tsinghua University and tells the story of four generations, with four time periods interlaced. When you taste it carefully, you can feel that they are interlinked. This film tells the fate of several generations of Tsinghua people. As it is said at the end, “If you know in advance the life you will face, I wonder if you will still have the courage to come. I. Follow your heart’s choice and face your true self.

Wu Linglan was a genius in liberal arts, but because the society at that time gave priority to practical subjects and despised liberal arts, he fell into a life of confusion. Later, under the advice of Mei Yiqi, the president of Tsinghua, he pondered whether to change his department. A speech by Rabindranath Tagore gave him an enlightenment.

People put themselves in the busy, there is a kind of blind solid, but lost the real. What is real? What you see, what you hear, what you do, who you are with, there is a peace and joy that overflows from the depths of your heart without remorse or shame. This is the dialogue between him and President Mei.

Therefore I beseech you with all my heart not to go astray, not to be perplexed, not to forget your vocation, and never to heed the temptations of evil forces, the calls of absurd giants, the fashions and unconsciousness of accumulation, the temptations of aimless profit. When I was your age, there was a time when I was away from the crowd, alone, wondering how I should spend my life. It was listening to Rabindranath Tagore’s speech that made him firm on the path he wanted to take in the future.

One day, I happened to go to the library and heard Tagore’s speech, and the people accompanying Tagore were the most distinguished group of people at that time, and these people stood there with confidence and certainty, with the kind of calmness that I envied very much.

Thereafter he taught at Southwest United University (then Tsinghua University), and before he died he passed on to his students the epiphany of the turning point in his life. He said, “Today, I introduce Tagore’s poem to you in the hope that you will not give up thinking about life and being true to yourself in the years to come.” It was his words that gave Shen Guangyao, who was in the midst of a tangle, the courage to join the army.

Secondly, to join the military, as if returning from death.

Southwest Associated University (then Tsinghua University) during the anti-Japanese period.

Shen Guangyao was the son of a rich family. He wanted to be a pilot and passed the spin test, but was opposed by his parents who were afraid that his life would be lost before he could figure out how to live his life. He also promised his mother not to become a soldier. Every time enemy planes came, they had to flee. Once they hid in a hidden place among the trees for a lesson, and their teacher, Wu Linglan, said, “Don’t give up thinking about life and being true to yourself.” The ruins left behind after the plane bombing made him firm in his conviction to join the army. After a hard training, he became an excellent pilot.

During one of his training sessions, he answered a question from his instructor by saying, “What is lacking in this era is not perfect people, what is lacking is the sincerity, justice, fearlessness, and compassion from the heart”.

Every time he came back from a flight, the children were jumping for joy; every time he came back from a flight, the children were smiling; every time he came back from a flight, the children were shouting “shake”; every time he came back from a flight, the children had food. Many children survived on this food, and Chen Peng was one of them.

He finally died for his country and rushed to the enemy without any hesitation. His deeds brought tears to the eyes of many people, and his actions saved many people in deep water and fire.

When he parted, he was like death, the day he donated his life to the rain, he left the occasion of the grief and anger of the heavens. He is a hero in people’s hearts forever!

At that moment, one of the fathers said, “Children, let’s continue to sing. Singing will help us forget hunger, cold and pain.” The children’s songs pierced the demonic hunger, drove away the nightmarish rain leak, and brought hope like spring rain.

Three: Chasing Dreams or Love.

In the Tsinghua campus in 1966, Chen Peng was a physics engineering student at Tsinghua University, orphaned from childhood and survived because of Shen Guangyao’s airdrop. He was a junior high school classmate with Wang Minjia and Li Xiang. Once gave up the opportunity to go to the Nine Institutes because of the people he could not let go of in his heart, and later decided to go to the Nine Institutes to work when he saw Wang Minjia and Liu want to practice sticking needles with their arms. Before leaving holding Wang Minjia’s hand ran through Tsinghua Park to explain what is nuclear. Research nuclear weapons, learned that Minjia was criticized news, hastily took leave to rush over, saw the face full of blood unconscious Minjia grief, intended to bury Minjia overnight. In the dark of the night, the cold wind blew the blood on Minjia’s face, but she woke up, only her face was ruined. Chen Peng placed her in his hometown.

Later he went to study nuclear weapons and sent Minjia skin care products such as snow cream in the romance of ginkgo trees. For long years thereafter, he dived into research. With the successful explosion of our first atomic bomb, he finally returned to his hometown, which he had left behind for a long time. But at this time, people went to the house empty, hair off the body weak.

He once told Liu that “the dead are gone, the living are like this, be good to the people in the future.” The cycle of cause and effect, the transmission of goodwill, may eventually benefit.

Fourth, do not forget the original intention, stick to the bottom line.

There are some babies who weigh less than four pounds and need medical expenses. Zhang Guoguo, as David’s subordinate, listened to his arrangement and supported the billion dollar milk powder company. to use milk powder for the four babies, but did not forget the original intention, but recognized them as goddaughters and tried their best to support them.

The company wanted to remove him because he was bent on the Yijia milk powder proposal. Colleagues want to get rid of competitor David and ask Gogo for evidence, but he does not compromise. In a Qingming festival, we learned that his parents had been assisted by Li, perhaps, there is an arrangement in the underworld.

V. No questions asked

The life of a person is very short, just live your true self. As Zhang Zhen’s monologue says at the end of the film, “May you remember your preciousness and resist malice when you are hit; may you believe in your preciousness when you are lost, love what you love, do what you do, listen to your heart, and ask no questions”.

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