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Call Me Chihiro give your mood a break and be a generous woman

There is such a girl who likes to sit on her knees and chat with stray cats; she swings alone and goes for walks on the beach alone; she gives her bento to a homeless old man, eats with him, helps him take a bath and gives him clean clothes to wear; she plays with children and is full of patience, and she always has a smile on her face when she faces others.The corners of her lips rise to reveal a charming smile, something so simple and beautiful that it doesn’t require any effort at all. The most genuine smile, hidden is the most beautiful self, she is Miss Chihiro.

In today’s society, both adults and teenagers have different pressures and may have a weight that they cannot bear. In the complex and complicated life of the futile struggle and deeply tired, then like Miss Chihiro so moderate to give their mood a vacation! When a person feels tired, in fact, is his mood than his body is tired. No matter when and where, our mood is always faithful to follow us, the mood of good and bad is actually related to the mood of the person. The taut string will break, the shoes that have been worn for a long time will wear out prematurely due to overuse, and the clothes that have been worn for a long time will yellow due to excessive wear and sweating. And our life is a very long-lasting thing, for the sake of their future considerations, we must give ourselves a break from the mood when necessary.

To give their mood a vacation, then do not be calculating everything, then we will lose a lot of happiness. In fact, there are many things in life and do not have to care too much, the gains and losses in a person’s life, just like the sand held in the hands, only with a non-calculating mentality spread palms, be a tolerant and generous people, benefit greatly.

When Miss Chihiro faced with some tricky and mean customers, but also the other side of the way to flirt with him a few words, others can only laugh at it.

The beauty of the smile or not, is to be happy or not. If you have a lot of sadness in your heart, a soft smile, it is just like a sister of the forest to make people cherish. Only the happiest and most sincere smile from the heart, only the snow lotus blooming on the mountain, beautiful and moving. Miss Chihiro is such a woman. Young youth, which is never to return, why do we need to worry about it, why not take a dash.

Small-mindedness often makes people stagnant, narrow-minded, suspicious and cautious. Such people can not withstand the trials and tribulations of life, their will is extremely fragile. For example, during the Three Kingdoms period, Zhou Yu, the viceroy of Eastern Wu, was originally a brilliant man, but too proud, narrow-minded, Zhuge Liang sampled a series of brilliant plans, so much so that he issued a lament for both the yu and the Liang, and finally became depressed and died.

On the contrary, a generous person is broad-minded, the sea is wide. There is a common saying: the belly of the prime minister can hold the boat, referring to such people. They make friends with friends from all over the world and do things frankly and openly. For example, Lin Xiangru in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, because he humiliated Qin and returned the biscuit to Zhao at the same time, he became the prime minister of Zhao. The two sides made up and worked together to defend the state of Zhao against the strong Qin. Lin Xiangru’s generosity won Lian Po’s trust and respect.

As the saying goes, “If you don’t tolerate a little, you will mess up a big plan. The only way to achieve self-realization is to tolerate what ordinary people cannot. The gentleman is not a small man, these are about the attitude and way of dealing with people. Miss Qianxun do things is open and honest, not worried, not afraid, broad-minded, when facing others is also friendly, open and honest, never care about gains and losses.

As the saying goes: A step back is a step forward. Don’t lose a lot because of small things. People like Miss Chihiro who are willing to help people and have a big heart can solve people’s problems and have a strong appeal, making people happy to be close to them. She often gives great kindness and help to strangers in the smallest places within her reach. The most interesting set of character relationships in the first half of the film is the old man who was helped by Chihiro, she helped him chase away the children who bullied him, took him home to take a bath, gave him the leftover bento from the store, and after the old man disappeared, searched around and eventually found the remains of the old man who died alone. At this point, God came, Chihiro in the middle of the night wearing a head torch, digging a hole alone, the old man buried. I really admire what she did, not asking for anything in return and understanding.

Generosity is a virtue, no matter who it is for. A generous woman is full of confidence and is a very wise and attractive woman. Generosity is the metamorphosis of the mind, is the maturity of thought towards, is the cornerstone of a balanced mind. Whether it is the face of family, friendship, love, they will be open and relaxed, handled properly, smile, in the road of life ordinary and not lack of wonderful . This kind of women in the eyes of the opposite sex is different, glittering, loved, is the opposite sex in the life of a heart-warming scenery. They know how to respect others, they will not move between friends and incite people, because they know the value of friendship, just like the gentle and virtuous Princess Qing Aoi in “Starfall Condensed into Sugar”, know how to read and write, excellent medical skills, generous, kind and selfless, and get a very good popularity.

Generosity is a kind of soft beauty in wisdom, is a kind of magic treasure in life, is a kind of dash and poise in life, to be a tolerant and generous woman, to achieve a kind of perfection. No broad-mindedness and temperament, it is easy to flow into mediocrity. And when you achieve open-mindedness and tolerance, will naturally produce a relaxed and happy state of mind, thus overflowing with a charm of character.

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