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Endless Love cherish and love

Many of the lines in this movie give warning to inspire and enlighten people. Everyone has been lost and lost, walking to the crossroads of life, do not know how to choose. The road ahead is uncertain, but no one is willing to help themselves, including the director of the film, Er Dongsheng. At that time, he had reached middle age, but his career had not seen any improvement. But he never gave up until he created the script for the film. He was overjoyed, looking around for investors to let it cast this film. However, the profit-oriented investors were not willing to invest in this literary film in the environment of police, comedy and martial arts films at that time. After being rejected repeatedly, he refused to give in and sold his family’s assets, and finally managed to raise several million dollars to shoot the film.

He was gambling. If he lost, he would immediately lose all his money and start all over again. In the end, he won, a big victory. The film made 30 million Hong Kong dollars at the box office and was nominated for twelve awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards that year, winning six of them, with him winning Best Director and Best Screenplay. I think this film must have poured all the director’s heart and soul, he knew this film would determine his fate. The hero of the film, Kit, is a musician who is unsuccessful, which reminds people of the director himself, who was also unsuccessful at that time, and he understands the heartache of it better than anyone else.

He has his own insistence, for him, the music is more important than him as a person. You can say his bad, how you say he does not care, but if you make fun of his music, his mouth words will immediately like an arrow, without mercy shot at you, “there are many things in this world you do not understand, you do not understand may not be bad, may be your own stupid!” Whoever you are, there is no hint of discussion, a cut, and decided to go. Therefore, he is very poor in the circle of people, no one is willing to help him. Tracy is the opposite of him, she is smooth and sociable, singing pop songs, a big hit, surrounded by people. She told him to put up with everything, to laugh at many things, and nothing would happen, and not to be obsessive. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a step back and write songs that can be easily sung to earn money and profit?

Tracy didn’t understand him. Music was not a tool for him to make money, it was a medium to convey his inner thoughts. He is not good at talking, he likes to hide everything in his heart, bear it alone and digest it silently. He didn’t want to talk to people and tell them, so he could only write down all his joys and sorrows in music, using music to express his thoughts. But Tracy is just a mundane person, she does not know the soul contained in music, she only knows that in life, fame and fortune are the first. So they argued again. She mentioned that he had paid for the CDs himself – no one was willing to help him with the CDs, so he paid for them himself, but they all went down the drain. No one ever asked for it, and he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but he didn’t care, but she mentioned it again and again. He was very unhappy.

He couldn’t stand it any longer and moved out of her home. He knows they are two worlds of people, even though she treats him very well, but each other’s values and worldview are not the same, together either no conversation, or endless arguments. He had had enough. He moved to a shabby, small place where he could have lived with his brother, but due to his personality, he did not get along with his sister-in-law and had to fend for himself and find another place. For the CD, he used up almost all his savings, so he had to settle for this. When he first arrived here, he spent the whole day in the house composing music – the theme song of the film “New Love”, and spent his days making noodles for food, getting up late and sleeping, living a very chaotic life.

He played the saxophone to compose the song, and when Min heard the curling sound from upstairs, he thought it sounded good, but he had never heard the song. When I heard my uncle say that he was composing music, I felt admiration for him. And because of his daily “disturbance”, she has learned to hum this song. He was surprised to hear that his “forgotten” work was now in the mouth of someone else, so he picked up a stone from the ground and threw it. It was this stone that knocked on the door of her room, and also knocked on the door of their love.

Min is a cheerful and light-hearted girl, always with a smile on her face. Even when we first met with Kit, when he was down and out, he looked at her with hatred and indifference, but she still smiled at him. In her world, it seems that she does not know what sorrow is, and life is just a game, so she just play the dream of earth, happy to spend the day. It was only later that I realized there was another reason.

She was kind. She brings food to feed stray dogs every day, buy dogs to bring them, worried that someone will catch them; she and Ajay in the ground stall looking at bags of goldfish being sold, he picked up a bag of goldfish shaking, want to see its appearance, she immediately stopped him, said, goldfish will be shaken; when see Ajay working bar suddenly closed, the boss is nowhere to be found, but wages have not been paid to him, she took the initiative to him and said. “I’ll lend you money if you don’t have it,” she said, and then generously took out money to hand it to him.

She was open-minded. Every night, she and her mother, uncle, sister and a large group of accompanists formed a humble singing group in the Temple Street. But she never looked down on herself and her family because of this profession, she said, “Look at those old men, how can they have any entertainment? They just like to listen to Cantonese music. If they have money to sing, we do not have money to force them, if the typhoon came we did not open, they do not know how lost, and, at least they will not paddle here to drink.” You see, she knows that everyone lives in the world have their own value of existence, even if the profession is not so glamorous, and even in the eyes of the onlookers some embarrassment, but it brings joy and fun for many old people lonely old age. And although Ajay performed in the bar, but how many people in the stage just boxing and drinking, will not take it to heart. So yeah, the world’s profession is not divided into noble and low, even if the street singer, but also has its value of existence, is also an integral part of many people’s lives.

She is gentle. Never see her lose her temper, she is always soft and patient with people, others do not want to say things she will not force, see people’s faces difficult, will help people. Always welcome with a smile, even after the customer reward money, the money box “rudely” thrown on the ground, she did not have the slightest sense of displeasure, only a smile to pick up the money box from the ground. Ajay was amazed at the disrespect of this customer, if it were him, he would have already fought. She told him that it was called “ringing the field”, not only the flower girl is powerful, the guest is even more powerful. He just shook his head helplessly, lamenting that they are so resilient to survive in the world. She is only twenty years old, in the prime of youth, but the way to deal with people is far more mature than her age. She is the kind of person who is cheerful and calm at the same time.

To the end of her life, Min still had to tell Jie. “Jie, if the worst thing in life is death, how can there be difficulties in life that cannot be faced!” It also tells us that we will encounter many difficulties in life, but nothing is insurmountable, we have to face everything optimistically, to say out when we encounter unhappy things, to be satisfied with what we have now, not to complain about what we can’t get and the unfairness of life. Life is unpredictable, cherish the moment.

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